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Name: Tista  Bagchi
Institution: University of Delhi
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: India   
Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories
Cognitive Science
Specialty: The Interfaces between Language, Cognition, Ethics, Law, and Action
Selected Publications: 1993a. Clausal subordination in Bangla: a cross-modular approach. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Chicago. (Circulated in the series: University of Chicago Occasional Papers in Linguistics.)

1993b. Control, reflexives, and automodularity in Bangla imperfective participial complements. CLS 29.1: 17-32.

1994. Bangla correlative pronouns, relative clause order, and D-linking. In Miriam Butt, Tracy H. King, and Gillian Ramchand, eds, Theoretical Perspectives on Word Order in South Asian Languages, 13-29. Stanford: CSLI.

1996. Bengali writing. In Peter T. Daniels and William Bright, eds., The World's Writing Systems, 399-403. New York: Oxford University Press.

1999. Generic sentences, social kinds, and stereotypes. In Rajeev Bhargava et al., eds., Multiculturalism, Liberalism, and Democracy, 308-322. New Delhi: Oxford University Press.

2000a. Turing's 'Computing Machinery and Intelligence' revisited: cognition from a linguistic perspective. In J. R. Isaac and Karuna Batra, eds., Cognitive Systems: Reviews & Previews, 728-733. New Delhi: NIIT & Phoenix.

2000b. English Syntax (Textbook and Manual). New Delhi: IGNOU.

2000c. Annotated English translation of Gopal Haldar, _Languages of India_ (original in Bangla). New Delhi: National Book Trust.

2002. The active pattern comes full circle? Early Proto-Indo-European to Modern Bangla. Journal of the Asiatic Society 44.1: 31-42.

2005. Causation and tense in subordinate clauses: Conjunctive participles and conditionals in Bangla and Hindi. In Salikoko S. Mufwene, Elaine J. Francis, and Rebecca S. Wheeler, eds. Polymorphous Linguistics: Jim McCawley's Legacy, 109-134. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press.

2006a. The sentence in computation and cognition. In R. C. Pradhan, ed., Language and Mind, vol. 1: A Western Perspective, 86-101. New Delhi: Decent Books.

2006b. Morally right action under silence and disempowerment. In Stephen Voss, ed., XXIst World Congress of Philosophy Proceedings, vol. 9: Philosophical Anthropology, 161-166. Istanbul: Philosophical Society of Turkey and Bogazici University.

2007. On theta role assignment by feature checking. In Eric Reuland, Tanmoy Bhattacharya, and Giorgos Spathas, eds., Linguistik Aktuell 108: Argument Structure, 159-173. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

2008. The Sentence in Language and Cognition. Lanham, MD: Lexington Books [Rowman & Littlefield].

2009a (with Pangersenla). Respecting the 'Other': Binding and the benefactive marker in Ao-Mongsen. Indian Linguistics 70.1-4: 47-54.

2009b. A reflective polyglot: Sir William Jones and his contributions to linguistic studies. Journal of the Asiatic Society 51.1: 17-32.

2010. The signing system of Mudra in traditional Indian dance. Paragrana: Internationale Zeitschrift fur Historische Anthropologie 19.1: 259-266.

2011a. Towards an intonational-illocutionary interface. In Yuasa, Bagchi, and Beals, eds. (2011b), 107-122.

2011b. Yuasa, Etsuyo, Tista Bagchi, and Katharine Beals, eds., Pragmatics and Autolexical Grammar: In Honor of Jerry Sadock. Amsterdam/ Philadelphia: John Benjamins.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Pragmatics and Autolexical Grammar
Courses Taught: Semantics
Linguistic Logic & Structural Semantics
Introduction to Linguistics
Introductory Syntax
Topics in Syntax and Semantics
Meaning and Cognition: Current Trends
Field Methods in Linguistics
Introductory Bangla (Bengali)
Intermediate Bangla
Advanced Readings in Bangla

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