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Name: Istvan  Kecskes
Institution: State University of New York at Albany
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: NY
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Specialty: Second Language Acquisition, Pragmatics, Cognitive Linguistics, Bilingual Development
Subject Language(s): Russian
Selected Publications: Books:
Kecskes, I. 2002. Situation-Bound Utterances in L1 and L2.
Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter.
Kecskes, I. and T. Papp. 2000. Foreign Language and Mother Tongue. Mahwah:Lawrence Erlbaum.
Kecskes, I. 1991.
Theoretical Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Language Teaching. Budapest: TS Programiroda.

Kecskes, I. & T. Papp. 2002. How to Demonstrate the Conceptual Effect of the L2 on L1? In Vivian Cook (ed.) The Effect of L2 on L1. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters: 317-335.

Kecskes, I. 2001. The Graded Salience Hypothesis in Second Language Acquisition@. In: Martin Putz, Susanne Niemeier & Rene Dirven (Eds.) Applied Cognitive Linguistics. Vol. 1. Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter: 249-271.

Kecskes, I. 2000. A Cognitive-Pragmatic Approach to Situation-Bound Utterances@. Journal of Pragmatics. 2000. Vol. 32. No. 6: 605-625.

Kecskes, I. & T. Papp. 2000. Metaphorical Competence in Trilingual Language Production. in Cenoz, J. and U. Jessner (eds.) 2000. Acquisition of English as a Third Language@,Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. Pp. 99-120.

Kecskes, I. 2000. Conceptual Fluency and the Use of Situation-Bound Utterances in L2'. In Mia Victori (ed.) Autonomy in L2 Language Learning. Links & Letters. Issue 7: 143-158. (Special Issue).

Kecskes, I. 1998. The State of L1 Knowledge in Foreign Language Learners. WORD, Journal of the International Linguistics Association. Vol. 49. No. 3. December. 1998. 321-340.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Situation-Bound Utterances in L1 and L2
 Cognitive Aspects of Bilingualism
 Explorations in Pragmatics
 Intention, Common Ground and the Egocentric Speaker-Hearer
 Research in Chinese as a Second Language
 Research Trends in Intercultural Pragmatics
 Intercultural Pragmatics
 Pragmemes and Theories of Language Use
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Situation-Bound Utterances in L1 and L2
 Research in Chinese as a Second Language
 Research Trends in Intercultural Pragmatics
 Intercultural Pragmatics
Courses Taught: Second Language Acquisition, Cognitive Linguistics, Intercultural Pragmatics,
Corpus Linguistics
Dissertation Director * of: Pragmatic Skills as Reflected in Phone Conversations: A socio-cognitive inquiry into native non-native speaker interactions
(Saihua Xia, Author)

* This information has been submitted by the dissertation author.

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