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Name: Gary  H.  Toops
Institution: Wichita State University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: KS
Linguistic Field(s): Morphology
Ling & Literature
Subject Language(s): Bulgarian
Sorbian, Upper
Language Family(ies): Baltic
Slavic Subgroup
Selected Publications: • “Causativity in Bulgarian” (Die Welt der Slaven, 1984);
• “Vocative Forms and Vowel Reduction in Bulgarian” (Die Welt der Slaven, 1986);
• “Russian Contextual Causatives” (Slavic and East European Journal, 1987);
• “The Syntax and Semantics of Lithuanian Curative Constructions” (The Non-Slavic Languages of the USSR, 1989 [ISBN 0-914203-34-7]);
• “Russian да(ва)ть + Infinitive: ‘To Give’, ‘To Let’, or ‘To Have’?” (Russian Language Journal, 1991);
• “Causativity in Czech: The Verbs _dá(va)t_ and _nech(áv)at_” (Canadian Slavonic Papers, 1992);
• “Upper Sorbian Prefixal Derivatives and the Question of German Loan Translations” (Slavic and East European Journal, 1992);
• “Lexicalization of Upper Sorbian Preverbs: Temporal-Aspectual Ramifications and the Delimitation of German Influence” (Germano-Slavica, 1992/1993);
• “Causative Constructions in the Upper Sorbian Literary Language” (Die Welt der Slaven, 1993);
• “Notes on Causativity and Reflexivity in Lithuanian” (Journal of Baltic Studies, 1994);
• “A Contrastive Survey of the German Konjunktiv and Bulgarian преизказно наклонение” (Balkanistica, 1996);
• _Grammar of the Upper Sorbian Language. Phonology and Morphology_ (glossed translation/revision of H. Schuster-Šewc, _Gramatika hornjoserbskeje rěče_)(LINCOM Europa, 1996/1999);
• “Aspectual Morphology and Morphosyntactic Disparity in Contemporary Upper Sorbian Usage” (Lětopis, 1997);
• “On the Functional Status of Derived Imperfectives in Contemporary Upper Sorbian” (Slavic and East European Journal, 1998);
• “The Scope of ‘Secondary’ Imperfectivization in Bulgarian, Russian, and Upper Sorbian” (American Contributions to the XII International Congress of Slavists, 1998);
• “Syntactic Calquing: Reflections of German Verb Governance in Czech and Upper Sorbian” (Die Welt der Slaven, 1999);
• “Iterativity and Contemporary Aspect Selection in Upper Sorbian” (Slavonic and East European Review, 2001);
• “The Grammar of ‘Paraphrastic Imperfectives’ in Latvian and Upper Sorbian” (Slavic and East European Journal, 2001);
• “Aspectual Competition and Iterative Contexts in Contemporary Upper Sorbian” (Journal of Slavic Linguistics, 2001);
• “Pushkin in Sorbian: A Contrastive Look at Aspect Use in Literary Upper Sorbian and Russian” (American Contributions to the XIII International Congress of Slavists, 2003);
• “К проблематике английских эквивалентов русских интонационных конструкций” (Слово. Грамматика. Речь, 2004 [ISBN 5-211-05031-2]);
• “Puškin in Sorbian (II): A Further Look at Aspect Use in Literary Upper Sorbian and Russian” (Die Welt der Slaven, 2005);
• “A Contrastive Analysis of the Imperfective General-Factual in Russian and Upper Sorbian” (Morava viděna z vnějšku I, 2006 [ISBN 80-7329-129-0]);
• “A Contrastive Perspective on Several Morphosyntactic Features of Upper Sorbian” (Canadian Slavonic Papers, 2006);
• “On the Linguistic Status of Several Obscure Features of Upper Sorbian Morphosyntax” (Slavonic and East European Review, 2008);
• “On Contrasting the Use of Tense and Aspect in Upper and Lower Sorbian” (Von Zuständen, Dynamik und Veränderung bei Pygmäen und Giganten, 2009);
• “Causative Constructions in Colloquial vs. Literary Upper Sorbian” (Die Welt der Slaven, 2012);
• “The Morphosyntax of Causative Relations in Czech and Upper Sorbian: A Contrastive, Descriptive Analysis” (Slavonic and East European Review, 2013).
Courses Taught: Russian language; 19th-century Russian literature; Russian phonology; general and Romance linguistics; advanced-level German; French phonetics (as needed). To view selected publications, visit

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