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Personal Directory Information

Name: Robert  E.  Vann
Institution: Western Michigan University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: MI
Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics
Specialty: The Spanish of Catalonia
Subject Language(s): Spanish
Selected Publications: In press. ''Language ideology in public practice: Civic movements in Catalonia.'' Actas/Proceedings. II Simposio Internacional sobre o Bilingüismo/Second International Symposium on Bilingualism
(Univ. Vigo, outubro/October 2002). Vigo: Servicio de Publicacións da Universidade de Vigo.

(2004). ''The construction of Catalanist identities: Group history and individual practice.'' In A. Lorenzo Suárez, C. Cabeza Pereiro e X.P. Rodriguez-Yanez (eds.), Actas/Proceedings. I Simposio Internacional sobre o Bilingüismo/First International Symposium on Bilingualism (Univ. Vigo, outubro/October 1997). Vigo: Servicio de Publicacións da Universidade de Vigo.

(2003). ''Digitizing and transcribing field recordings of Catalonian Spanish.'' [Invited paper for the Electronic Metastructure for Endangered Languages Data Project, sponsored by the National Science Foundation]. Published at

(2002). ''Card carrying Catalans and las diez normas que hay que seguir para ser un buen catalán.''
Catalan Review 16(1-2), pp. 207-219.

(2002). ''Linguistic ideology in Spain's ivory tower: (Not) Analyzing Catalan Spanish.'' Multilingua 21(2/3), pp. 227-246.

(2002). ''Spanish no, s’: A particle of politeness.'' Jointly authored with D. Koike & J. Busquets. In J. Gutiérrez-Rexach (ed.) From Words to Discourse. Trends in Spanish Semantics and Pragmatics (337-350). Oxford: Elsevier Science.

(2002). ''El castellà catalanitzat a Barcelona: Perspectives lingüístiques i culturals.'' Catalan Review. 15(1), pp. 117-131.

(2001). ''Spanish no, sí: Reactive moves to perceived face threatening acts, Part II.'' Jointly authored with D. Koike & J. Busquets. Journal of Pragmatics 33(6), pp. 879-899.

(2001). ''Spanish no, sí: Reactive moves to perceived face threatening acts, Part I. Discourse relations and cognitive states'' Jointly authored with D. Koike & J. Busquets. Journal of Pragmatics 33(5), pp. 701-723.

(2000). ''Constructing reality in bicultural communication: Catalan ways of speaking Spanish.'' Intercultural Communication Studies 10(1), pp. 113-124.

(1999). ''Language exposure in Catalonia: An example of indoctrinating linguistic ideology.''
WORD 50(2), pp. 191-209.

(1999). ''Reversal of linguistic fortune: Dimensions of language conflict in autonomous Catalonia.''
Language and Communication 19(4), pp. 317-327

(1999). ''An empirical perspective on practice: Operationalizing Bourdieu's notions of linguistic habitus.'' In M. Grenfell and M. Kelly (eds.), Pierre Bourdieu: Language, Culture and Education. Theory into Practice (73-82). Bern & London: Peter Lang.

Idem: (2000). In D. Robbins (ed.), Masters of Contemporary Social Thought: Pierre Bourdieu.
Selected (from Grenfell and Kelly volume) for republication with permission in limited-edition boxed set of works honoring Pierre Bourdieu. London: Sage.

(1999, volume listed as 1998). ''Aspects of Spanish deictic expressions in Barcelona: A quantitative examination.'' Language Variation and Change 10, pp. 263-288.

(1998). ''Pragmatic transfer from less developed to more developed systems: Spanish deictic terms
in Barcelona.'' In A. Schwegler, B. Tranel and M. Uribe-Etxebarria (eds.), Romance Linguistics: Theoretical Perspectives (307-317). Amsterdam: J. Benjamins.

(1998). Review of Spanish in Contact: Issues in Bilingualism, Ana Roca and John Jensen (eds.). Language in Society 27(4), pp. 548-552.

(1997). ''Pragmatic and sociolinguistic aspects of Spanish deictic expressions in Barcelona.'' In C. Pye (ed.), 1996 Mid-America linguistics conference papers (pp. 478-484). Lawrence, KS: Department of Linguistics, The University of Kansas.

(1995). ''Constructing Catalanism: Motion verbs, demonstratives, and locatives in the Spanish of Barcelona.'' Catalan Review 9(2), pp. 253-274.

Announced on LINGUIST :  Materials for the Sociolinguistic Description and Corpus-Based Study of Spanish in Barcelona
Courses Taught: Spanish 640, Topics in Spanish Linguistics

Spanish 490, Studies in Spanish Linguistics

Spanish 324, Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
Dissertation Abstract: Pragmatic and Cultural Aspects of an Emergent Language Variety: The construction of Catalan Spanish deictic expressions
Dissertation Director * of: Social networks, L2 pragmatics, and Spanish hasta as an aspectual marker with and without negation: Student understandings, judgments, and uses
(Mikela Zhezha-Thaumanavar, Author)

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