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Personal Directory Information

Name: Liss Kerstin  Sylvén
Institution: Göteborg University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Sweden   
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Language Acquisition
Specialty: Content and language integrated learning
Subject Language(s): English
Selected Publications: Sylvén, Liss Kerstin och Pia Sundqvist. (forthcoming). Similarities between playing World of Warcraft and CLIL. APPLES International Journal of Applied Linguistics.
Sylvén, Liss Kerstin.(2012). Review of Immersion Teaching. Linguist List 23:1100.
Sundqvist, Pia och Liss Kerstin Sylvén. (2012). Ämnesdidaktiska utmaningar i det heterogena engelsk-klassrummet: En jämförelse mellan elever med stor respektive liten mängd extramural engelska. . In: Gericke, Niklas och Bengt Schüllerqvist (red) Ämnesdidaktisk komparation - länder, ämnen, teorier, metoder, frågor och resultat (pp. 121-136). Karlstad: Karlstad University Press.
Sylvén, Liss Kerstin och Pia Sundqvist. (2012). Gaming as extramural English L2 learning and L2 proficiency. ReCALL Journal, special issue, 'Digital games for language learning: Challenges and opportunities' edited by Frederik Cornillie, Piet Desmet and Stephen L. Thorne. 302-321.
Sundqvist, Pia och Liss Kerstin Sylvén. (2012). World of VocCraft: Computer games and Swedish learners’ L2 English vocabulary. In: Reinders, Hayo (ed) Digital Games in Language Learning and Teaching (pp.189-208). Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillan.
Sylvén, Liss Kerstin och Pia Sundqvist. (accepted for publication). Extramural English in relation to CLIL: Focus on young language learners in Sweden. I: M.L. Pérez Cañado (ed). Spanish CLIL in action: Voices from the classroom. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.
Sundqvist, P., & Sylvén, L. K. (2011). Fritidssspråk i femman - framtidens studenter formas. In A. Ylikiiskilä & M. Westman (Eds.), Språk för framtiden. Rapport från ASLA:s höstsymposium, Falun, 12-13 november, 2010. Language for the future. Papers from the ASLA Symposium in Falun, 12-13 November, 2010 (pp. 186-198). Uppsala: Swedish Research Press.
Sylvén, Liss Kerstin. 2010. Teaching in English or English teaching? Gothenburg Studies in English 97. Göteborg: Acta Universitatis Gothoburgensis
Sylvén, Liss Kerstin. 2007a. Are the Simpsons Welcome in the CLIL Classroom? VIEWS. 16:3. 53-60.
Sylvén, Liss Kerstin. 2007b. Swedish CLIL students' extracurricular contact with English and its relation to classroom activities. In D. Marsh and D. Wolff (eds), Diverse Contexts - Converging Goals. CLIL in Europe 237-252.
Sylvén, Liss Kerstin. 2007c. Review of Teaching Other Subjects through English. Moderna Språk. CI:2. 173-175.
Sylvén, Liss Kerstin. 2006a. Extramural exposure to English. VIEWS. 16:3. 47-53.
Sylvén, Liss Kerstin. 2006b. Lokalisering av Emil. En studie av hur svenska företeelser ser ut i engelsk språkdräkt. In B. Englund Dimitrova and H. Landqvist (eds), Svenska som källspråk och målspråk 141-159.
Sylvén, Liss Kerstin. 2005. Review of Språksociologi. Moderna Språk. XCIX:1. 115-117.
Sylvén, Liss Kerstin. 2005. Extramural exposure to English among Swedish school students. In J. Einarsson, E. Larsson Ringqvist and M. Lindgren (eds), Språkforskning på didaktisk grund / Approaches to teaching and learning in linguistic research. Papers from the ASLA symposium in Växjö, 10-11 November 2005 252-260.
Sylvén, Liss Kerstin. 2004. Visionen om att lära eleverna engelska under mattelektionen - hur fungerar den i verkligheten? In B. Ryder Liljegren (ed), Vision och verklighet 283-290.
Sylvén, Liss Kerstin. 2002. What do vocabulary tests measure? Moderna Språk. XCVI:1. 14-24.
Dissertation Abstract: Teaching in English or English Teaching? On the effects of content and language integrated learning on Swedish learners' incidental vocabulary acquisition
Reviewer of: Immersion Education (LL Issue 23.1100)
Academic Paper Abstract: Gaming as extramural English L2 learning and L2 proficiency among young learners
Language-related computer use: Focus on young L2 English learners in Sweden

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