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Name: Felicity  Meakins
Institution: The University of Queensland
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Australia   
Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation
Subject Language(s): Gurinji
Language Family(ies): Ngumbin
Selected Publications: Jones, Caroline, Felicity Meakins & Shujau Muawiyath. 2012. Learning vowel categories from maternal speech in Gurindji Kriol. Language Learning 62.4: 997–1260.
Meakins, Felicity. 2011. Case marking in contact: The development and function of case morphology in Gurindji Kriol. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

2012. Which Mix? - Code-switching or a mixed language - Gurindji Kriol. Journal of Pidgin and Creole Languages 27.1: 105-40.

Meakins, Felicity & Carmel O'Shannessy. 2012. Typological constraints on verb integration in two Australian mixed languages. Journal of Language Contact 5.2: 216-46.

Jones, Caroline, Felicity Meakins & Heather Buchan. 2011. Citation-speech vowels in Gurindji Kriol and local Australian English. Australian Journal of Linguistics 31.3: 305-27.

2011. Spaced out: Inter-generational changes in the expression of spatial relations by Gurindji people. Australian Journal of Linguistics 31.1: 43-78.

2011. Borrowing contextual inflection: Evidence from northern Australia. Morphology 21.1: 57-87.

2010. The development of asymmetrical serial verb constructions in an Australian mixed language. Linguistic Typology 14.1: 1-38.

2010. The Importance of understanding language ecologies for revitalisation In John Hobson, Kevin Lowe, Susan Poetsch & Michael Walsh (eds.), Reawakening languages: Theory and practice in the revitalisation of Australia's Indigenous languages. Sydney: Sydney University Press. 225-39.

2010. with Carmel O'Shannessy. Ordering arguments about: Word order and discourse motivations in the development and use of the ergative marker in two Australian mixed languages. Lingua 120.7: 1693–713.

2009. The case of the shifty ergative marker: A pragmatic shift in the ergative marker in one Australian mixed language [pdf]. In J. Barddal & S. Chelliah (Eds.), The Role of Semantics and Pragmatics in the Development of Case. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

2008. Unraveling languages: Multilingualism and language contact in Kalkaringi [pdf]. In J. Simpson & G. Wigglesworth (Eds.), Children's language and multilingualism: Indigenous language use at home and school. New York: Continuum. pp. 247-64.

2008. Land, language and identity: The socio-political origins of Gurindji Kriol. In M. Meyerhoff and N. Nagy. Social Lives in Language. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

2005. with C. O'Shannessy. 'Possessing Variation: Inalienability and age-related factors in the possessive constructions of two Australian mixed languages.' Monash University Linguistics Papers. 4.2: 43-63.

2005. with McConvell, Patrick. Gurindji Kriol: A Mixed Language Emerges from Code- Switching [pdf]. Australian Journal of Linguistics. 25.1.

(to appear). Language contact varieties. In Harold Koch & Rachel Nordlinger (eds.), The Languages and Linguistics of Australia: A comprehensive guide. Berlin: Mouton.

(forthcoming). Mixed languages. In Y. Matras and P. Bakker. Contact languages. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyer.

(forthcoming). Gurindji Kriol. In S. Michaelis, P. Maurer, M. Haspelmath and M. Huber (Eds). Atlas of Pidgin and Creole Structures, vol II: The language surveys. Oxford: OUP.

(forthcoming). with E. Schultze-Berndt. Kriol. In S. Michaelis, P. Maurer, M. Haspelmath and M. Huber (Eds). Atlas of Pidgin and Creole Structures, vol II: The language surveys. Oxford: OUP.

(forthcoming). Gurindji Kriol language structure subdatabase. In S. Michaelis, P. Maurer, M. Haspelmath and M. Huber (Eds). Atlas of Pidgin and Creole Structures Online. Munich: Max Planck Digital Library.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Case-Marking in Contact
 A Grammar of Bilinarra
Courses Taught: LING2040 Morphology
LING3100 Language Contact
Dissertation Abstract: Case-Marking in Contact: The development and function of case morphology in Gurindji Kriol, an Australian mixed language
Reviewer of: Socioling/Typology: Matras & Bakker (2003) (LL Issue 15.2736)
The Genesis of Sri Lanka Malay (LL Issue 25.939)
Deconstructing Creole (LL Issue 20.2373)
Academic Paper Abstract: Comprehension of competing argument marking systems in two Australian mixed languages

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