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Name: Matthias  Gerner
Institution: City University of Hong Kong
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Hong Kong   
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Historical Linguistics
Language Documentation
Linguistic Theories
Anthropological Linguistics
Selected Publications: Gerner, Matthias (2010a). “Compositional and constructional reduplication in Kam-Tai languages.” Folia Linguistica 44(2), 267-337.

Gerner, Matthias (2010b). “The fuzzy logic of socialized attitudes in Liangshan Nuosu.” Journal of Pragmatics 42(11), 3031-3046.

Gerner, Matthias & Walter Bisang (2010). “Classifier declinations in an isolating language: On a rarity in Weining Ahmao.” Language and Linguistics 11(3), 576-623.

Gerner, Matthias (2009a). “Deictic features of demonstratives: A typological survey with special reference to the Miao group.” Canadian Journal of Linguistics 54(1), 43-90.

Gerner, Matthias (2009b). “Assessing the modality particles of the Yi group in fuzzy possible-worlds semantics.” Linguistics & Philosophy 32(2), 143-184.

Gerner, Matthias (2009c). “Instruments as verb classifiers in Kam (Dong).” Linguistics 47(3), 697-742.

Gerner, Matthias & Walter Bisang (2009). “Inflectional classifiers in Weining Ahmao: Mirror of the history of a people.” Folia Linguistica Historica 30(1/2), 183-218.

Gerner, Matthias (2008). “Ambiguity-Driven Differential Object Marking in Yongren Lolo.” Lingua, 118(3), 296-331.

Gerner, Matthias & Walter Bisang (2008). “Inflectional Speaker-Role Classifiers in Weining Ahmao.” Journal of Pragmatics, 40(4), 719-732.

Gerner, Matthias (2007a). “The exhaustion particles in the Yi group: A unified approach to all, the completive and the superlative.” Journal of Semantics 24(1), 27-72.

Gerner, Matthias (2007b). “The lexicalization of causative verbs in the Yi Group.” Folia Linguistica Historica 28(1/2), 145-185.

Gerner, Matthias (2006). “Noun classifiers in Kam and Chinese Kam-Tai languages: Their morphosyntax, semantics and history.” Journal of Chinese Linguistics, 34(2), 237-305.

Gerner, Matthias (2005a). “Expressives in Kam (Dong): A study in sign typology – Part II.” Cahiers de Linguistique–Asie Orientale 34(1), 25-67.

Gerner, Matthias (2005b). “The zoom-on-possessee construction in Kam (Dong): The anatomy of a new construction type.” Journal of Linguistics 41(2), 307-352.

Gerner, Matthias (2004a). “On a partial, strictly word-order based definition of grammatical relations in Liangshan Nuosu.” Linguistics, 42(1), 109-154.

Gerner, Matthias (2004b). “Occurrence particles in the Yi group and their interaction with the occurrence type of a situation.” Lingua, 114(11), 1331-1366.

Gerner, Matthias (2004c). “Expressives in Kam (Dong): A study in sign typology – Part I.” Cahiers de Linguistique–Asie Orientale 33(2), 159-202.

Gerner, Matthias (2003a). “Demonstratives, articles and topic markers in the Yi group.” Journal of Pragmatics, 35(7), 947-998.

Gerner, Matthias (2003b). “Passive of affect in Kam (Dong) and other Kadai languages: The missing link from synchrony.” Australian Journal of Linguistics 23(1), 35-70.

Gerner, Matthias (2002a). Predicate Compounding in the Yi Group: The Continuum of Grammaticalization. Berlin: Akademie Verlag. ISBN: 3-05-003664-8.

Gerner, Matthias (2002b). “Perfect in the Yi group: Stative and dynamic information management.” Studies in Language 26(2), 337-368.

Gerner, Matthias & René Guitart (1997). “The locally free relatively filtered diagram as an inductive completion of a system of choice.” Applied Categorical Structures 5(1), 59-73.
Announced on LINGUIST :  A Grammar of Nuosu
Courses Taught: Semantics, Syntax, Pragmatics, Typology, Historical Linguistics, Grammar of Chinese, Fieldwork
Academic Paper Abstract: The zoom-on-possessee construction in Kam (Dong): the anatomy of a new construction type

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