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Personal Directory Information

Name: Brigitte  L.M.  Bauer
Institution: University of Texas at Austin
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: TX
Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
Specialty: Historical (Indo-European) linguistics/L/ Romance linguistics/L/ Latin linguistics/L/ French linguistics/L//L/ Historical syntax/L/ Historical morphology/L/ Diachronic linguistics/ L/ Grammaticalization/L/ Language change and language acquisition
Subject Language(s): Dutch
Language Family(ies): Romance
Latin Subgroup
Selected Publications: Books
Bauer, Brigitte L.M. 2000. Archaic Syntax in Indo-European. The
Spread of Transitivity in Latin and French. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter.
394 pp.
-----. 1995. The Emergence and Development of SVO Patterning in
Latin and French. Diachronic and Psycholinguistic Perspectives. Oxford and
New York: Oxford University Press. 242 pp.
-----. 1992. Du latin au français: le passage d'une langue SOV à
une langue SVO. Ph.D. Dissertation. University of Nijmegen, The
Netherlands. 344 pp.

Books, Co-editor:
Bauer, Brigitte L.M. and Georges-Jean Pinault, eds. 2003. Language in Time and Space. A Festschrift for Wener Winter on the Occasion of his 80th Birthday. Berlin / New York: Mouton de Gruyter. Pp. xxv + 443.

Refereed articles
Bauer, Brigitte L.M. 2004. “Vigesimal Numerals in Romance: An Indo-European
Perspective.” Indo-European Language and Culture in Historical
Perspective: Essays in Memory of Edgar C. Polomé. Bridget Drinka, ed. General Linguistics 42. 21-46.
-----. 2003. “The Adverbial Formation in mente in Vulgar and Late Latin. A Problem in Grammaticalization.” In: Latin tardif et latin vulgaire VI. Heikki Solin, Martti Leiwo, and Hilla-Halla-aho, eds. Hildesheim: Olms. Pp. 439-457.
-----. 2002. 'Variability in Word Order: Adjectives
and Comparatives in Latin, Romance, and Germanic.' Southwest Journal of
Linguistics 20. 19-50.
-----. 2001. 'Syntactic Innovation in Latin Poetry? The Origins of
the Romance Adverbial Formation in -Ment(e).' Ad Litteras. Studies in
Honour of J.H. Brouwers. M.G.M. van der Poel and A.P. Orbán, eds. Nijmegen
(NL): Nijmegen University Press. Pp. 29-43.
-----. 1999. 'Impersonal Habet Constructions: At the Cross-Roads of
Indo-European Innovation.' Language Change and Typological Variation: In
Honor of Winfred P. Lehmann on the Occasion of his 83rd Birthday. Vol II.
Grammatical Universals and Typology. Edgar Polomé and Carol Justus, eds.
Journal of Indo-European Studies. Monograph 31. Pp. 590-612.
-----. 1998. 'Impersonal Verbs in Italic. Their Development from an
Indo-European Perspective.' Journal of Indo-European Studies 26. 91-120.
-----. 1998. 'Language Loss in Gaul: Socio-Historical and
Linguistic Factors in Language Conflict.' Southwest Journal of Linguistics
15. 23-44.
-----. 1997. 'The Adjective in Italic and Romance: Genetic or Areal
Factors Affecting Word Order Patterns?' Proceedings of LP'96. B. Palek, ed.
Prague: Charles University Press. Pp. 295-306.
-----. 1997. 'Nominal Syntax in Italic: A Diachronic Perspective.'
Language Change and Functional Explanations. Jadranka Gvozdanovic, ed.
Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. Pp. 273-301.
----- 1996. 'Residues of Non-Nominative Syntax in Latin: The Mihi
Est Construction.' Historische Sprachforschung 109. 242-57.
-----. 1996. 'The Verb in Indirect Speech in Old French.' Reported
Speech. Theo Janssen and Wim van der Wurff, eds. Amsterdam and
Philadelphia: Benjamins. Pp. 75-96.
-----. 1994. 'The Development of Latin Absolute Constructions: From
Stative to Transitive Structures.' General Linguistics 33. 64-83.
-----. 1993. 'The Coalescence of the Participle and the
Gerund/Gerundive: An Integrated Change.' Proceedings of the 9th
International Conference on Historical Linguistics. Robert Jeffers and Henk
Aertsen, eds. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: Benjamins. Pp. 59-71.
-----. 1993. 'The Tendency towards Right Branching in the
Development and Acquisition of Latin and French.' Historical Linguistics
1991. Papers of the 10th International Conference on Historical
Linguistics. Jaap van Marle, ed. Amsterdam and Philadelphia: Benjamins. Pp.
-----. 1987. 'L'évolution des structures morphologiques et
syntaxiques du latin au français.' Travaux de linguistique 14-15. 95-107.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Archaic Syntax in Indo-European: The Spread of Transitivity in Latin and French
Courses Taught: --Romance linguistics, Graduates: Various topics in Romance linguistics & Romance diachronic linguistics, Grammmaticalization

--French linguistics, Undergraduates: various topics, among them, Language Policy, Varieties of French,
Comparative Stylistics;
--French linguistics, Graduates: Various topics synchronic and diachronic French linguistics

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