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Name: Charles  Joseph  Forceville
Institution: University of Amsterdam
Email: click here to access email
Homepage: AND
State and/or Country: Netherlands   
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Discourse Analysis
Ling & Literature
Cognitive Science
Specialty: Multimodal Metaphor; Multimodal Discourse & Rhetoric in Film, Cartoons, Advertising; Documentary Film; Narratology
Selected Publications: Selected, Most Recent Publications (see Google Scholar for complete list):

-- (forthc.) 'From image schema to metaphor in discourse: The FORCE schema in animation films.' In: Beate Hampe (ed.), *Metaphor: From Embodied Cognition to Discourse.* Cambridge University Press.

-- (forthc.). 'Visual and multimodal metaphor in advertising: (sub)cultural perspectives.' In: Dorota Brzozowska and Władysław Chłopicki (eds), *Proceedings Second International Conference on Communication Styles,* Krosno, Poland, 12-14 October 2015. Cambridge Scholars.

(forthc.). 'The FORCE and BALANCE schemas in JOURNEY metaphor animations.' In: Carla Fernandes (ed.), *Multimodality and Performance.* Cambridge Scholars.

-- (in press. 2016). 'Mixing in pictorial and multimodal metaphors?' In: Raymond W. Gibbs, Jr. (ed.), *Mixing Metaphor.* Benjamins, 223-239.

-- (2016). 'Theories of conceptual metaphor, blending, and other cognitivist perspectives on comics.' In: Neil Cohn (ed.), *The Visual Narrative Reader.* Bloomsbury.

-- (in press, 2016). Pictorial and Multimodal metaphor.' In: Nina-Maria Klug and Hartmut Stöckl, eds, *Handbuch Sprache im multimodalen Kontext* [The Language in Multimodal Contexts Handbook]. Linguistic Knowledge series. Mouton de Gruyter.

-- (2016). 'Visual and multimodal metaphor in film: charting the field.' In Kathrin Fahlenbrach (ed.), *Embodied Metaphors in Film, Television and Video Games: Cognitive Approaches.* Routledge, 17-32.

--, Elisabeth El Refaie, and Gert Meesters (2014). 'Stylistics and comics.' In: Michael Burke (ed.), The Routledge Handbook of Stylistics.* Routledge, 485-499.

Koetsier, Julius, and -- (2014). 'Embodied identity in werewolf films of the 1980s.' *Image [&] Narrative* 15(1): 44-55.

-- (2014). 'Relevance Theory as model for analysing multimodal communication.' In: David Machin (ed.), *Visual Communication.* Mouton de Gruyter, 51-70.

--, and Billy Clark (2014). 'Can pictures have explicatures?' *Linguagem em (Dis)curso* 14(3): 451-472

--, and Thijs Renckens (2013). 'The GOOD IS LIGHT and BAD IS DARKNESS metaphors in feature films.' *Metaphor and the Social World* 3(2): 160-179.

-- (2013). 'Metaphor and symbol: SEARCHING FOR ONE’S IDENTITY IS LOOKING FOR A HOME in animation film.' *Review of Cognitive Linguistics* 11(2): 250-268.

-- (2013). 'The strategic use of the visual mode in advertising metaphors.' In: Emilia Djonov and Sumin Zhao (eds), *Critical Multimodal Studies of Popular Culture.* Routledge, 55-70.

(2013). Kromhout, Roelf, and ---. 'LIFE IS A JOURNEY: the source-path-goal schema in the videogames Half-Life, Heavy Rain, and Grim Fandango.' *Metaphor and the Social World* 3(1): 100-116.

(2013). 'Creative visual duality in comics balloons.' In: Veale, Feyaerts, and Forceville (eds), *Creativity and the Agile Mind: A Multi-Disciplinary Exploration of a Multi-Faceted Phenomenon.* Mouton de Gruyter, 253-273.

(2012). 'Creativity in pictorial and multimodal advertising metaphors.' In: Jones (ed.), *Discourse and Creativity.* Pearson/Longman, 113-132.

(2011). --- and Marloes Jeulink. 'The flesh and blood of embodied understanding: the source-path-goal schema in animation film.' *Pragmatics & Cognition* 19(1): 37-59.

(2004-2013). *Course in Pictorial and Multimodal Metaphor.* 8/8 Lectures completed.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Pictorial Metaphor in Advertising
 Multimodal Metaphor
 Creativity and the Agile Mind
Courses Taught: Pictorial and Multimodal Metaphor
Documentary Film
Animation Film
Narration in Fiction and Film
Structure and Rhetoric of Multimodal Representations.
Narrative across Media (Amsterdam University College, 2010-2011).
Academic Paper Abstract: Bildliche und multimodale Metaphern in Werbespots
Visual Representations of the Idealized Cognitive Model of Anger in the Asterix Album 'La Zizanie'
A Course in Pictorial and Multimedial Metaphor: Lecture 1
Pictorial Runes in 'Tintin and the Picaros'
The Source-Path-Goal Schema in the Autobiographical Journey Documentary: McElwee, Van der Keuken, Cole
Addressing an Audience: Time, place, and genre in Peter Van Straaten's calendar cartoons
Multimodal Metaphor in Ten Dutch TV Commercials

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