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Personal Directory Information

Name: Steven  Gross
Institution: Johns Hopkins University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: USA   
Linguistic Field(s): Philosophy of Language
Specialty: Philosophy of Language
Selected Publications: Essays on Linguistic Context Sensitivity: Philosophical Significance.
'Can One Sincerely Say What One Doesn't Believe?' Mind & Language 20, 2006
'Can Empirical Theories of Semantic Competence Really Help Limn the Structure of Reality?' Nous 40, 2006
'Trivalent Semantics and the Vaguely Vague' Synthese (forthcoming)
'The Nature of Semantics: On Jackendoff's Arguments' The Linguistic Review 22, 2005
'The Biconditional Doctrine; Contra Kolbel on a 'Dogma' of Davidsonian Semantics' Erkenntnis 62, 2005
'Context-Sensitive Truth-Theoretic Accounts of Semantic Competence' Mind & Language 20, 2005
'Linguistic Understanding and Belief' Mind 114, 2005
'Putnam, Context, and Ontology' Canadian Journal of Philosophy 34, 2004
'Vagueness, Indirect Speech Reports, and the World' Protosociology 17, 2002
'Is Context-Sensitivity Eliminable? Some Remarks' The Dialogue 2, 2002
'Putnam, Kontext, und Ontologie' Hilary Putnam und die Tradition des Pragmatismus, eds. Marie-Luise Raters and Marcus Willaschek
'Vagueness, Indeterminacy, and Uncertainty' MIT Press (forthcoming)
'Vagueness in Context' in Proceedings of the Twenty-Second Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society (Lawrence Erlbaum, 2000)
'Natural Kind Terms' Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics (Elsevier, 2006)
'Normality' Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics (Elsevier, 2006)
Review of Jerry Fodor's 'Concepts' Mind 110, 2001
Review of Robert Brandom's 'Articulating Reasons' Philosophical Review 111 (2002)
Review of Fiona Cowie's 'What's Within? Nativism Reconsidered' The Philosophical Review 110 (2001)
'What is a Hole?' The Harvard Review of Philosophy IV, 1994
'An Interview with Henry Allison' the Harvard Review of Philosophy VI, 1996
Announced on LINGUIST :  Essays on Linguistic Context Sensitivity: Philosopical Significance
Reviewer of: Socioling/Anthro Ling: Farr (2004) (LL Issue 15.2040)
A History of the English Language (LL Issue 18.867)
Academic Paper Abstract: A response to MacSwan (2005): Keeping the Matrix Language

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