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Personal Directory Information

Name: Elizabeth  Grace  Winkler
Institution: Western Kentucky University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: KY
Linguistic Field(s): Sociolinguistics
Specialty: Creole Languages: Limonese Creole
Subject Language(s): Limonese Creole
Selected Publications: (2002). A Comparison of Reduplication in Limonese Creole and Akan. With Samuel Obeng, Indiana University. In Twice as meaningful: Morphological Reduplication in Pidgins and Creoles. Kouwenberg, Silvia (Ed.). Battlebridge Press.

(2001,@2003). Limonese Creole: A Rose by Any Name. Southern Jrnl. of Ling. 25.1/2

(2001). Observations on Development, Operations, Conservation, Protection, and Management Issues at Cueva de las Maravillas, Dominican Republic. With Rickard Toomey. Report to the Ministry of Environment, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

(2000). Cambio de códigos en el criollo limonense. Revista de Filología y Lingüística. Universidad de Costa Rica. Vol. XXVI(1). pp. 189-196.

(2000). West Africanisms in Limonese Creole English. With Samuel Obeng, Indiana University. World Englishes Vol. 19, No. 2. pp. 155-171.

(1997). A Kpelle/English Dictionary with accompanying English/Kpelle glossary. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Linguistic Club Publications.

Dissertation (1998): Limonese Creole: A case of contact-induced language change.
Evidence indicates that the lexicon and morphosyntax of Limonese Creole (LC) are being affected due to contact with Costa Rican Spanish and Standard English (SE). Spanish, the prestige language of the wider community, has not altogether replaced LC resulting in a situation in which LC speakers borrow from Spanish when speaking LC. Borrowing includes not only core lexicon, but also, morphosyntactic borrowing including a shift in the word order of the NP and the addition to Spanish root morphemes of LC affixes. The study has 3 goals: 1) describe the nature and extent of borrowing, 2) evaluate Thomason and Kaufman's (T & K) 1988 framework for contact-induced language change, and 3) offer criteria for differentiating between codeswitching and borrowing.

(1995).Error correction in the language classroom. Teaching Ideas and Resources for African languages. No. 9. Bloomington: Indiana University.

(1994).Using music in the classroom. Teaching Ideas and Resources for African languages. No. 4. Bloomington: Indiana University.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Kpelle-English Dictionary with English-Kpelle Glossary
 Kpelle-English Dictionary with English-Kpelle Glossary
 Understanding Language
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Understanding Language
 Kpelle-English Dictionary with English-Kpelle Glossary
Courses Taught: Intro to Linguistics
Intro to Ling for Grads
Cross Cultural Pragmatics
Intro to Semantics and
Pragmatics for non-majors
History of English
TESL Methodology
Second Language Acquisition
Language and Culture
English Syntax
Dissertation Abstract: Limonese Creole: A case of contact-induced language change
Reviewer of: Sociolinguistics: Lakoff & Bucholtz (2004) (LL Issue 16.521)
Language Description: Heine & Nurse, eds. (2000) (LL Issue 12.1284)
Linguistic Theories: Neumann-Holzschuh & Schneider, eds. (2001) (LL Issue 12.2996)
Dialectology: Goerlach (2002) (LL Issue 13.3275)
Discoursé/Socioilinguistics: Mühleisen (2002) (LL Issue 15.724)
Historical Ling/Socioling/Creole Lang: McWhorter (2005) (LL Issue 16.1853)
Academic Paper Abstract: An introduction to Contact Linguistics

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