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Name: Terry  Nadasdi
Institution: University of Alberta
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Alberta
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Language Documentation
Specialty: Bilingualism, Language contact, SLA
Selected Publications: ''Lexicalisation disparate en milieu minoritaire''. Exploration du lexique. Julie Auger & Yvan Rose (eds). Quebec: CIRAL.
''Left dislocation, Number Marking and Canadian French''. Probus 9.2. (To appear). [with R. King].
''The Truth about Codeswitching in Insular Acadian''. Penn Working Papers in Linguistics. (to appear). [with R. King].
''Discontinuitis sociolinguistiques inter-/intra-communautaires en Ontario franc ais''.
Revue du Nouv el Ontario 20. B. Cazabon, (ed.) 51 - 76. [with R. Mougeon].
''Sorting out Morphosyntactic Variation in Acadian French: the Importance of the Linguistic Marketplace''. 1996. Sociolinguistic Variation: Data, Theory, and Analysis. Stanford University: Center for the Study of Language and Information. 113-128. [with R. King].
''Restriction linguistique et cliticisation des pronoms indirects inanimis en frangais ontarien''. 1995. Le Frangais des Amiriques. R. Fournier and H. Wittmann (eds.). 165-180.
''Subject NP Doubling, Matching and Minority French''. 1995. Language Variation and Change 7. D. Sankoff (ed.). 1-14.
''Possession inaliinable et variation dialectale''. 1994. Linguistica Atlantica. Jim Black (ed.), vol. 15. 131-144.
''L'emprunt lexical ` la dirive: une ivolution tranquille au Quibec''. 1992. La problimatique de l'implicite. Iditions GFA: Toronto. 93-106.
''Divergence simantique des anglicismes au Quibec''. 1991. Revue quibicoise de linguistique thiorique et appliquie: recherches sur le frangais quibicois. Claude Paradis (ed.), vol. 10: 3. 173-187.
''Diviation et simplification linguistique dans le frangais bruxellois''. 1989. Journal of the Atlantic Provinces Linguistics Association. Sandra Clarke (ed.), vol. 11. 1-18.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Variation Grammaticale et Langue Minoritaire: le cas des pronoms clitiques en français ontarien
 Variation grammaticale et langue minoritaire
 The Sociolinguistic Competence of Immersion Students
Dissertation Abstract: Variation morphosyntaxique et langue minoritaire: le cas du français ontarien
Academic Paper Abstract: Contact-induced linguistic innovations on the continuum of language use: The case of French in Ontario
Factors Driving Lexical Variation in L2 French: A variationist study of automobile, auto, voiture, char and machine
The Future of Ontario French

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