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Name: Alexander  Th.  Bergs
Institution: Universität Osnabrück
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Germany   
Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
Subject Language(s): English
Selected Publications: Books

a. Monographs
2012 An Introduction to Synchronic English Linguistics. Frankfurt/M., New York: Peter Lang (Textbooks in English Language and Linguistics, TELL, 5)
2005d Der Ausdruck von Futurität im gegenwärtigen Englisch: Form, Funktion, Entwicklung [unpublished post doctoral thesis]. English Translation in prep.
2005c Modern Scots. 2nd edition, completely revised and updated. München, Newcastle: Lincom Europa (Languages of the World, Materials 242) (1st ed. 2001).
2005b Social Networks and Historical Sociolinguistics: Studies in Morphosyntactic Variation in the Paston Letters (1421-1503). Berlin, New York: Mouton de Gruyter. (Topics in English Linguistics, TiEL 51)
2005a Grammatik Englisch: Kurz und bündig. Stuttgart: Pons. (with Darcy B. Berry). [Reprinted in Sprachbuch Englisch, Stuttgart: Pons, 2005]

b. Edited Volumes
2012/2013 in Vorb. Cognition and Poetics. (Ed. with Peter Schneck).
2012 Historical Linguistics of English (Ed. with Laurel Brinton). Handbücher Sprache und Kommunikation (HSK). 34.1 und 34.2 (2 Bände). Berlin, New York: Mouton de Gruyter.
2009 Contexts and Constructions. (Ed. with Gabriele Diewald). Amsterdam: John Benjamins (Constructional Approaches to Language, CAL 9).
2008 Constructions and Language Change. (Ed. with Gabriele Diewald). Berlin, New York: Mouton de Gruyter (Trends in Linguistics, TiLSM 194).
2007 The Language of the Peterborough Chronicle. (Ed. with Janne Skaffari). Frankfurt/M., New York: Peter Lang (Studies in English Medieval Language and Literature 20).
2003 Holismus und Individualismus in den Wissenschaften. (Ed. with Soelve I. Curdts). Frankfurt/M., New York: Peter Lang.

2013b “Kognitive Poetik”. In: Achim Stephan & Sven Walter (eds.). Handbuch Kommunikationswissenschaft. Stuttgart: Metzler. (mit Peter Schneck). 518-522.
2013a “Writing, reading, language change - a sociohistorical perspective on scribes, readers, and networks in medieval Britain”. In: Esther-Miriam Wagner, Ben Outhwaite / Bettina Beinhoff (eds.). Scribes as Agents of Language Change. Berlin/New York: Mouton de Gruyter. 241-260.
2012e “The Uniformitarian Principle and the Risk of Anachronism”. In: Juan Manuel Hernández-Campoy & Juan Camilo Conde-Sivestre (eds.) Handbook of Historical Sociolinguistics. Oxford: Blackwell. 80-98.
2012d “I was just reading this article – On the expression of Recentness and the English Past Progressive”. In: Aarts, Bas, Joanne Close, Geoffrey Leech and Sean Wallis (eds.). The English Verb Phrase: Corpus Methodology and Current Change. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (with Meike Pfaff und Thomas Hoffmann). 217-238.
2012c “The History of English Historical Linguistics: Overview” In: Alexander Bergs & Laurel Brinton (eds.) Handbook of the Historical Linguistics of English. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. (with Laurel Brinton). 1289-1295.
2012b “Construction Grammar”. In: Alexander Bergs & Laurel Brinton (eds.) Handbook of the Historical Linguistics of English. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. 1631-1646.
2012a “Middle English Sociolinguistics”. In: Alexander Bergs & Laurel Brinton (eds.) Handbook of the Historical Linguistics of English. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter. 534-551.
2011d/submitted “Set them free?! Investigating spelling and scribal variation in language and history.” In: Jennifer Crowell & Eitan Grossmann (eds.). Beyond free variation. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
2011c/submitted “The linguistic footprints of authors and scribes: a medieval whodunnit”. In: Richard Watts, Daniel Schreier & Anita Auer (eds.). Heterogeneity vs. homogeneity in language: Searching for a ‘standard’ in letters. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Announced on LINGUIST :  Modern Scots
 Social Networks and Historical Sociolinguistics
 Modern Scots
 Constructions and Language Change
 Contexts and Constructions
 English Historical Linguistics
 English Historical Linguistics Volume 2
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Social Networks and Historical Sociolinguistics
 English Historical Linguistics
Courses Taught: INtro to English Language and Linguistics
Theories of Grammar
Language Variation and Change
Language Evolution
and many, many more
Reviewer of: Psycholinguistics: Berg (2001) (LL Issue 12.2061)
Language Description: Börjars & Burridge (2001) (LL Issue 12.1563)
Academic Paper Abstract: Expressions of futurity in contemporary English: a Construction Grammar perspective

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