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Name: David  Wilmsen
Institution: American University of Sharjah
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: United Arab Emirates   
Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
Linguistic Theories
Specialty: Arabic dialectology, Historical linguistics, Comparative Semitics
Subject Language(s): Arabic, Standard
Language Family(ies): Semitic
Selected Publications: Polar interrogative –š in Maltese: Developments and antecedents, in Gilbert Puesch and Benjamin Saade (eds.), Shifts and Patterns in Maltese. Berlin: de Gruyter Mouton. September 2016, 79–102.

The Dehortative in the Spoken Arabics of the Eastern Mediterranean. Romano-Arabica XVI, 2016, 133–150.

Perfect Modality: Auxiliary verbs and finite subordinates in Levantine (and other) Arabics. Al-ʿArabiyya. 48 2015, 157–174.

Arabic Indefinites, Interrogatives and Negators: A linguistic history of western dialects. 2014 Oxford University Press.

The interrogative origin of the Arabic negator –!: Evidence from copular interrogation in Andalusi Arabic,
Maltese, and modern spoken Moroccan and Egyptian Arabic. Zeitschrift für Arabische Linguistik, Fall 2013.

“Grammaticalization of the Arabic demonstrative iyyā- as a pronominal object marker in ditransitive verbs: An answer to Bravmann.” Journal of Semitic Studies, 2013: 58/1, 149–167

''The Demonstrative iyyā-: A little-considered aspect of Arabic deixis.'' Arabica, 2013: 60/3–4, 332–358.

“The Ditransitive Dative Divide in Arabic: Grammaticality assessments and actuality’, in Reem Bassiouney and Graham Katz (eds.), Arabic Language and Arabic Linguistics. Washington: Georgetown University Press. 2012: 365—399.

On Grammaticalization Processes in Arabic, the Use of Corpora and the Limits of Theory: Claims and counter claims”, Orientalistische Literaturzeitung, 2011, 106/6: 1—9.

“Dialects of the Dative Shift: A re-examination of Sībawayhi’s dispute with the naḥwiyyūn over ditransitive verbs with two object pronouns”, in Bilal Orfali (ed.) In the Shadow of Arabic. Leiden: Brill. 2011, 299—321.

“Dialects of Written Arabic: Syntactic differences in the treatment of object pronouns in the Arabic of Egyptian and Levantine newspapers.” Arabica, 2010, 57/1: 99—128.

“Understatement, Euphemism, and Circumlocution in Egyptian Arabic: Cooperation in Conversational Dissembling,” in Owens, Jonathan, and Alaa El Gibaly editors, Information Structure in Spoken Arabic. London: Routledge. 2010: 243 — 259.

“Three texts, two authors, and an editor: A case study in authorship and the negotiation of meaning in the production of a series of translations,” in, Najma Al Zidjaly, editor, Building Bridges: Integrating Language, Linguistics, Literature and Translation in Pedagogy and Research. Sultan Qaboos University Press. 2009: 147-167.

“Regional standards and local routes in adoption techniques for specialised terminologies in the dialects of written Arabic,” with Riham Osama Youssef (United Nations). Journal of Specialized Translation, January 2009: 191—209.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Arabic Indefinites, Interrogatives, and Negators
Courses Taught: Arabic Lexicography
Introduction to Translation
Topics in Arabic/English
Beginning Arabic
Intermediate Arabic
Advanced Arabic
Arabic sociolinguistics
Reviewer of: Ingham of Arabia (LL Issue 25.2256)
Translation: Phelan (2001) (LL Issue 13.244)
Middle Arabic and Mixed Arabic: Diachrony and Synchrony (LL Issue 23.5132)

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