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Personal Directory Information

Name: Tanmoy  Bhattacharya
Institution: University of Delhi
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Saxony
Specialty: Computational Linguistics, DRT
Selected Publications: see web page

1. 2001 The Puzzle of Bangla Comp-Internal Clauses. SNIPPETS 3. Universite di Urbino, Italy
2. 2000 Gerundial Aspect and NP Movement in Yearbook of South Asian Languages and Linguistics 3, London: Sage Publication
3. 2000 Feature-Percolation, Pied Piping and Transparency. SOAS Working Papers in Linguistics and Phonetics, Vol. 9. (jointly with Andrew Simpson),
4. (In press) Obligatory Overt Wh-movement in a Wh-in-situ Language (jointly with Andrew Simpson), Proceedings of NELS 30, GLSA, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
5. (In press)Bangla; Bengali, Encyclopaedia of World's Languages, Past and Present, eds. Jane Gary and Carl Rrubino, W.W. Wilson, New York.
6. (In Press)Numeral/ Quantifier-Classifier as a Complex Head. Semi-Lexical Heads, ed. by Norbert Corver and Henk van Riemsdijk, Mouton de Gruyter
7. (im Druck)The Bangla Subjunctive, in The Syntax and Semantics of Mood and Tense, ed. by Alexandro Giorgi, James Higinbotham and Fabio Pianesi, CUP
8. (forthcoming)WH-Clausal Pied Piping in Bangla (jointly with Andrew Simpson), proceedings of NWCL Conference on Questions, Manchester.
9. (forthcoming)Auxiliaries as Light Verbs: Evidence from South Asian Languages. Symposium on Parts of Speech in and across Languages, Helsinki (Jointly with M.T. Hanybabu and Kalyanamalini Sahoo)
10. (forthcoming)Peripheral and Clause-internal Complementizers in Bangla: A Case for Remnant Movement. Proceedings of Western Conference in Linguistics 2000, Fresno, CA.
11. (forthcoming)Auxiliaries as Heavily Grammaticalized Light Verbs: Evidence from Four South Asian Languages. Proceedings of Western Conference in Linguistics 2000, Fresno, CA.(Jointly with M.T. Hanybabu and Kalyanamalini Sahoo)
12. 1999 In search of the vague 'one', CONSOLE 7, University of Leiden
13. 1999 Weak possession and deixis inside DP, (Jointly with Ara Shah), CONSOLE 7, University of Leiden
14. 1999 Specificity in the Bangla DP, in Yearbook of South Asian Languages and Linguistics 2, London: Sage Publication.
15. 1998 DP-Internal NP Movement, UCL Working Papers in Linguistics 10
16. 1998 Modality Operators in Bangla, PILC Journal of Dravidic Studies
17. 1998 Kinship Inversion in Bangla, PLUM Series 7, Univ of Manchester
18. 1998 A Review of Directionality and Logical Form by Josef Bayer, in Yearbook of South Asian Languages and Linguistics 1, London: Sage Publication.
19. 1997 Principle-Based Parsing: Its Application to MT, (jointly with P.Dasgupta) in The NLP Reader, Prentice Hall India
20. 1996 Classifiers, Word Order and Definiteness, (jointly with P.Dasgupta) in Word Order in Indian Languages, Hyderabad: Booklinks Corp.
21. 1995 Politeness as a Social Phenomenon Journal of the M. S. University of Baroda, 43:2.
22. 1995 DPs in Bangla Journal of The M. S. University of Baroda, 43:1.
23. 1994 Politeness Strategies in Korean: A Reduced Gricean Framework, PILC Journal of Dravidic Studies, vol 4:2.
24. 1994 Classifiers and the Bangla DP (jointly with P.Dasgupta) Papers from the SALA Round Table, University of Iowa, Iowa.
25. 1994 Review of Language Development and Planning: A Pluralistic Paradigm by U.N.Singh, South Asian Language Review, vol 4:1.
26. 1991 Head Internal Relative Clause Climbing in Korean, Indian Journal of Linguistics, 18
Announced on LINGUIST :  Linguistic Theory and South Asian Languages
 Argument Structure
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Linguistic Theory and South Asian Languages
 Argument Structure
Courses Taught: 1. Phonetics, Linguistic Ananlysis
2. Morphology & Syntax, Field Methods
Language Studied: Tibetan and Khasi
3. Linguistics & Dialectology
4. Advanced Phonology
5. Computational Linguistics
6. Supervised: Syntax dissertaion (MA)on Negation in Bangla
7. Introduction to Generative Grammar
8. Introduction to Syntax
9. Introduction to GB Syntax
Dissertation Abstract: A Computational Study ofTransitivity

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