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Name: Beatrice  Szczepek Reed
Institution: University of York
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: United Kingdom   
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Discourse Analysis
Specialty: Conversation Analysis, Phonetics/Phonology, Intercultural Communication, TESOL
Selected Publications: Books
• Szczepek Reed, B. & Raymond, G. (Eds.) (2013): Units of Talk – Units of Action. Amsterdam: Benjamins.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2010a): Analysing Conversation: An Introduction to Prosody. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2006a): Prosodic Orientation in English Conversation. Basingstoke: Palgrave.

Selected publications in refereed journals and edited volumes:

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2013) Glottal stops and word linking as resources for multi-unit turn construction in German talk-in-interaction: Initial observations. Gesprächsforschung 14, 8-30.

• Szczepek Reed, B. and Reed, D. (2013): Building an instructional project: Actions as components of music masterclasses. In: B. Szczepek Reed and G. Raymond (Eds.) Units of Talk – Units of Action. Amsterdam: Benjamins. Pp. 313-341.

• Szczepek Reed, B., Reed, D. and Haddon, E. (2013): NOW or NOT NOW: Coordinating restarts in the pursuit of learnables in musical masterclasses. Research on Language and Social Interaction. 46(1), 22-46.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2012a): Beyond the particular: Prosody and the coordination of actions. Language and Speech. 55(1), 12-33.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2012b): A conversation analytic perspective on teaching English pronunciation: The case of speech rhythm. International Journal of Applied Linguistics. 22(1), 67-87.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2012c): “Prosody, syntax and action formation: intonation phrases as ‘action components’”, in Bermann, P., Brenning, J., Pfeiffer, M. and Reber, E. (eds.) Prosody and Embodiment in Interactional Grammar, Berlin: de Gruyter, 142-169.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2012d): Prosody in conversation: Implications for teaching English pronunciation. In: Romero-Trillo, J. (Ed.) Pragmatics, Prosody and English Language Teaching. London: Springer. 147-168.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2012e): Conversation Analysis: Conversation Analysis and prosody. In: Carol A. Chapelle, (Ed.) The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2012f): Phonetics and Phonology: Suprasegmentals: Prosody in discourse. In: Carol A. Chapelle, (Ed.) The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2012g): Analysis of Discourse and Interaction: Rhythm and timing in interaction. In: Carol A. Chapelle, (Ed.) The Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.

• Hughes, R. & Szczepek Reed, B. (2011): Learning about speech by experiment: Issues in the investigation of spontaneous talk within the experimental research paradigm. Applied Linguistics. 32(2), 197-214.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2010b): Speech rhythm across turn transitions in cross-cultural talk-in-interaction. Journal of Pragmatics. 42(4), 1037-59.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2010c): Prosody and alignment: A sequential perspective. Cultural Studies of Science Education 5(4). 859-867.

• Szczepek Reed, B. (2010d): Intonation phrases in natural conversation: A participants’ category? In: Barth-Weingarten, D., Reber, E. and Selting, M. (Eds.) Prosody in Interaction. Amsterdam: Benjamins. Pp. 191-212.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Prosodic Orientation in English Conversation
 Analysing Conversation
 Units of Talk – Units of Action
Courses Taught: - Conversation Analysis
- Interactional Linguistics
- Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Language and Discourse
- Prosody in Conversation
- Practical Phonetics and Phonology
- Phonetic Transcription
- Spoken English: Form and Function
- Teaching and Assessing Speaking Skills
- Approaches to English Language Teaching
- Teaching World English
- Introduction to Linguistics
- English Linguistics
- Planning and Communicating Research
- Speaking Skills for Language Professionals
Reviewer of: Review: Phonetics: Canepari (2007) (LL Issue 19.437)
Conversation Analysis and Language for Specific Purposes (LL Issue 19.2188)
Practical Phonetics and Phonology (LL Issue 19.3803)
English Pronunciation Models: A Changing Scene (LL Issue 21.2408)
Talk in Action (LL Issue 21.4627)
Researching English Language: A Resource Book for Students (LL Issue 22.2546)
The Handbook of Conversation Analysis (LL Issue 24.2865)

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