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Personal Directory Information

Name: Philippe  De Brabanter
Institution: Université Libre de Bruxelles
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Belgium   
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Linguistic Theories
Philosophy of Language
Cognitive Science
Specialty: semantics and pragmatics of quotation
Selected Publications: SOLE EDITOR
2005: Hybrid Quotations. Benjamins. (Belgian Journal of Linguistics, n° 17)
2013: P. De Brabanter, M. Kissine & S. Sharifzadeh: Future Times / Future Tenses. O.U.P
2012: P. De Brabanter & M. Kissine: special issue of the journal Synthese, vol. 184-2, on Semantic Relativism.
2011: G. Bochner, P. De Brabanter, M. Kissine & D. Rossi: Cognitive and Empirical Pragmatics: Issues and Perspectives. Benjamins. (Belgian Journal of Linguistics, n° 25)
2009: J. Léon, J.-M. Fortis & P. De Brabanter: Mathématiques et langage. (Histoire, Épistémologie, Langage, n° 31-1)
2009: D. Coltier, P. Dendale & P. De Brabanter: La notion de prise en charge en linguistique. (Langue française, n° 162).
2009: P. De Brabanter & M. Kissine: Utterance Interpretation and Cognitive Models. Emerald. (CRiSPI, n° 20)
2008: P. De Brabanter & P. Dendale: Commitment. Benjamins. (Belgian Journal of Linguistics, n° 22)
2010: “Uttering sentences made up of words and gestures” in E. Romero et B. Soria (eds) Explicit Communication: Robyn Carston’s Pragmatics, Palgrave, 199-216.
2010: “Constraints on metalinguistic anaphora” in P. Kühnlein, A. Benz & C. Sidner (eds), Constraints in Discourse 2, Benjamins, 141-162. (Pragmatics & Beyond new series, n° 194)
2009: “Quotation” in L. Cummings (ed.), The Routledge Pragmatics Encyclopedia, Routledge.
2009: D. Coltier, P. Dendale & P. De Brabanter: “La notion de prise en charge : mise en perspective” in La notion de prise en charge en linguistique, 3-27. (Langue française, n° 162; see above)
2008: P. De Brabanter & P. Dendale: “Commitment: the term and the notions” in Commitment, 1-14. (Belgian Journal of Linguistics, n° 22; see above)
2007: P. De Brabanter, D. Nicolas, I. Stojanovic, N. Villanueva Fernandez: “Les usages déférentiels” in A. Bouvier & B. Conein (eds) L’épistémologie sociale. Une théorie sociale de la connaissance, Editions de l’EHESS, 139-162. (Raisons pratiques, n° 17)
2007: “Metalinguistic demonstrations and reference” in M.J. Frapolli (ed) Saying, Meaning and Referring. Essays on François Recanati’s Philosophy of Language, Palgrave, 93-105.
2006: “Déférence sémantique” in L. Perrin (ed) Le sens et ses voix. Dialogisme et polyphonie en langue et en discours, Université de Metz, 379-406. (Recherches Linguistiques, n° 28)
2005: “Introduction” in Hybrid Quotations, pp. 1-12. (Belgian Journal of Linguistics, n° 17; see above)
2000: “A Metalinguistic view of Rushdie’s ‘stammering puns’ in The Satanic Verses”, in E. Schmatz & J.-P. van Noppen (eds), S’en sortir: Mélanges en l’honneur de Roger Goffin, Bruxelles (ISTI), pp. 57-79. (Équivalences, n° 27-2, 28-1)
Forthcoming: “François Recanati’s theory of quotation”, for publication in a special issue of the Spanish analytic philosophy journal Teorema.
2012: M. Kissine, P. De Brabanter & J. Leybaert “Compliance with requests by children with autism: the impact of sentence-type”, Autism, 16-5, 523-531.
2010: “The semantics and pragmatics of hybrid quotations”, Language and Linguistics Compass, 4-2, 107-120.
2006: “Autonymy and its impact on the lexicon”, WORD, 56-2, 171-200.
2005: “Philosophes du langage et autonymie: une déjà longue histoire”, Histoire, Épistémologie, Langage, 27-1, 9-39.
1995: “Long Walk to Freedom, or How Time Magazine manipulates Nelson Mandela into unwittingly forging his own image”, RBPH 73-3, 725-740.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Commitment
 Future Times, Future Tenses
Courses Taught: English Linguistics 1st to 3rd year of B.A.
Pragmatics M.A.1
Advanced questions seminar M.A.2
Reviewer of: Quotatives: Cross-linguistic and cross-disciplinary perspectives (LL Issue 24.1352)

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