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Name: Keith  Johnson
Institution: University of California, Berkeley
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: CA
Linguistic Field(s): Linguistic Theories
Selected Publications:
Announced on LINGUIST :  Language Teaching and Skill Learning
 An Introduction to Foreign Language Learning and Teaching
 The Role of Speech Perception in Phonology
 Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics
 The Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Linguistics
 Designing LanguageTeaching Tasks
 Designing Language Teaching Tasks
 Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics
 Expertise in Second Language Learning and Teaching
 Expertise in Second Language Learning and Teaching
 Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics, 3rd Edition
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Expertise in Second Language Learning and Teaching
 An Introduction to Foreign Language Learning and Teaching
 The Role of Speech Perception in Phonology
 Acoustic and Auditory Phonetics
Dissertation Director * of: The Role of Perception in Defining Tonal Targets and Their Alignment
(Mariapaola D'Imperio, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: Working Memory in Sentence Comprehension: Processing Hindi center embeddings
(Shravan Vasishth, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: Individual Differences in Speech and Non-Speech Perception of Frequency and Duration
(Matthew Makashay, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: Language-Specificity in Auditory Perception of Chinese Tones
(Tsan Huang, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: Perceptual Processing of Variable Input in Spanish: An exemplar based approach to speech perception
(Amanda Boomershine, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: The Phonetics and Phonology of San Martín Itunyoso Trique
(Christian DiCanio, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: Constructing Knowledge in SLA: The impact of timing in form-oriented intervention
(Junko Hondo, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: Task-Based Computer-Mediated Communication and Negotiated Interaction in an EFL Context
(Ali AlBulushi, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: Phonology Shaped by Phonetics: The case of intervocalic lenition
(Abby Kaplan, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: First Language Phonetic Drift During Second Language Acquisition
(Charles Chang, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: Grounding Ju|'hoansi Root Phonotactics: The phonetics of the guttural OCP and other acoustic modulations
(Amanda Miller, Author)
Dissertation Director * of: Deriving Natural Classes: The Phonology and Typology of Post-Velar Consonants
(John Sylak-Glassman, Author)

* This information has been submitted by the dissertation author.

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