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Name: Anne  Abeillé
Institution: Université Paris Diderot - Paris 7
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: France   
Linguistic Field(s): Syntax
Specialty: Computational linguistics
Selected Publications: Les nouvelles syntaxes : grammaires d'unification et analyse du français, Armand Colin, Paris, 1993.

''Syntax or semantics? Handling nonlocal Dependencies with Synchronous TAG versus MC-TAG'', Computational Intelligence, 10:4, 1994 (pp. 471-486).

(with D. Godard, P. Miller) ''Les constructions causatives en français : un cas de compétition syntaxique'', Langue française, 115, Larousse, 1997 (pp. 62-74).

''The Flexibility of French Idioms'', in Idioms: structural and psychological Perspectives, M. Everaert, A. Schenk, E- J. van der Linden (eds), L. Erlbaum Ass., 1995 (pp. 15-42).

(with D. Godard) ''The Complementation of tense Auxiliaries in French'', Proceedings 13rd West Coast Conference of Formal Linguistics, R. Aranovich, W. Byrne (eds), San Diego, 1994 (pp. 157-172).

(with Y. Schabes) ''Non compositional discontinuous Constituents in a Tree Adjoining Grammar'', in Discontinuous Constituency, A. van Horck et H. Bunt (eds), Mouton De Gruyter, 1996 (pp.113-140).

(with D. Godard): ''The Syntax of French negative Adverbs'', in D. Forget, P. Hirschbuhler, F. Martineau, M-L. Rivero (eds), Negation: Syntax and Semantics, J. Benjamins, 1997.

(with D. Godard, P. Miller, I. Sag) : ''French bounded Dependencies'', in Romance in HPSG , S. Balari, L Dini (eds), CSLI, Stanford, 1997.

(with D. Godard) ''La complimentation des auxiliaires en français'', Langages, 122, Larousse, 1996 (pp 32-61).
Announced on LINGUIST :  Semantics for Description
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Treebanks
Courses Taught: French syntax Computational linguistics (parsing, corpus annotation...)Romance languages New grammatical formalisms (seminar)

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