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Name: Michel  Paradis
Institution: McGill University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Quebec
Linguistic Field(s): Neurolinguistics
Specialty: bilingualism
Selected Publications: Last five years:

Paradis, M. (2000) Generalizable outcomes of bilingual aphasia research. Folia Phoniatrica et Logopaedica, 52: 54-64.
Paradis, M. (2000) Cerebral representation of bilingual concepts. Bilingualism: Language and Cognition, 3: 22-24.
Paradis, M. (2000) The neurolinguistics of bilingualism in the next decades. Brain and Language, 71: 178-180.
Paradis, M. (2000) Language lateralization in bilinguals: Enough already! In L. Wei (ed.), The Bilingualism Reader (pp.394-401). London: Routledge.
Paradis, M. (2000) Prerequisites for a study of neurolinguistic processes involved in simultaneous interpreting. A synopsis. In B. Englund Dimitrova & K. Hyltenstam (eds.), Language processing and simultaneous interpreting: Interdisciplinary perspectives (pp. 17-24). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Paradis, M. (2000) The cerebral division of labor in verbal communication (Abstract). Brain and Cognition, 43: 12.

Paradis, M. (2001) Bilingual and polyglot aphasia. Handbook of Neuropsychology (Second Edition. pp. 69-91). Oxford: Elsevier Science.
Paradis, M. (ed) (2001) Manifestations of aphasia symptoms in different languages. Oxford: Pergamon Press.
Paradis, M. (2001) The need for awareness of aphasia symptoms in different languages. Journal of Neurolinguistics, 14: 85-94.
Paradis, M. (2001) An integrated neurolinguistic theory of bilingualism (1976-2000). LACUS Forum, 27: 5-15.

Tomioka N. & Paradis, M. (2002) Cerebral processes involved in reading as a function of the structure of various writing systems. Neuroscience Research, 42: 87-89.
Paradis, M. (2002) The cerebral division of labour in verbal communication. In J. Verschueren Östman, J.-O., Blommaert, J., & Bulcaen, C. (eds.), Handbook of pragmatics (pp. 1-34). Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins.

Paradis, M. (2003). Shuangyu shiyuzheng de pinggu (The assessment of bilingual aphasia). Guangzhou: Jinan daxue chubanshe.
Paradis, M. (2003) Differential use of cerebral mechanisms in bilingual speakers. In M. Banich and M. Mack, (eds.) Mind, brain, and language: Multidisciplinary perspectives (351-370). Mahwah, NJ.: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates
Paradis, M. (2003) The Bilingual Loch Ness Monster raises its nonasymmetric head again: Or, Why bother with such cumbersome notions as validity and reliability? Comments on Evans et al. (2002). Brain and Language, 87: 441-448.

Paradis, M. (2004) A neurolinguistic theory of bilingualism. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
Paradis, M. (2004). Le componenti della communicazione verbale. Acta Phoniatrica Latina, 26: 85-104.
Paradis, M. (2005). Aspects and Implications of Bilingualism. In J. Kroll and A. de Groot (eds), Handbook of bilingualism: Psycholinguistic aspects. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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 Manifestations of Aphasia Symptoms in Different Languages
 A Neurolinguistic Theory of Bilingualism
 Declarative and Procedural Determinants of Second Languages
Academic Paper Abstract: Bilingual effects are not unique, only more salient
Late-L2 increased reliance on L1 neurocognitive substrates: A comment on Babcock, Stowe, Maloof, Brovetto & Ullman (2012)

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