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Name: Jacques  T  Arends
Linguistic Field(s): Language Documentation
Specialty: Surinam creoles, diachronic development of creole syntax, analysis of early creole texts, sociohistorical context of creolization, Negerhollands, Lingua Franca
Subject Language(s): Negerhollands
Sranan Tongo
Selected Publications: Syntactic developments in Sranan: Creolization as a gradual process, Diss. U Nijmegen (1989)
Early Suriname Creole texts: A collection of early Sranan and Saramaccan texts. Arends & Perl, eds. Frankfurt: Vervuert (1994)
Pidgins and creoles: An introduction. Edited by Arends, Muysken & Smith. Amsterdam: Benjamins (1995)
The early stages of creolization. Edited by Arends. Amsterdam: Benjamins (1995)
Genesis and development of the equative copula in Sranan. Muysken & Smith, eds, Substrata versus universals in creole genesis, pp. 103-27. Amsterdam: Benjamins (1986)
Towards a gradualist model of creolization. Byrne & Holm, eds, Atlantic meets Pacific, pp. 371-80. Amsterdam: Benjamins (1993)
Demographic factors in the formation of Sranan. Arends, ed., The early stagesof creolization, pp. 233-85. Amsterdam: Benjamins (1995)
The origin of the Portuguese element in the Surinam creoles. Huber & Parkvall, eds, Spreading the word. London: University of Westminster Press (in press) Social stratification and network relations as factors in the formation of Sranan. Smith & Veenstra, eds, Creolization and language contact. Amsterdam: Benjamins (in press)
Announced on LINGUIST :  The Early Stages of Creolization
 Atlas of the languages of Suriname
Courses Taught: Relationship between creole genesis and `normal' language change
Creole genesis as a language contact phenomenon the role of external (sociohistorical, demographic) factors in creole genesis
the role of Lingua Franca in the formation of `colonial' Creoles introduction to pidgins and creoles, advanced course on pidgins and creoles, creole genesis and language contact, Caribbean creoles

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