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Name: Jeffrey  C.  Marck (IPA: mark)
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: NA
Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
Language Documentation
Anthropological Linguistics
Genetic Classification
Specialty: Interdisciplinary prehistory
Subject Language(s): Carolinian
Language Family(ies): Austronesian
Selected Publications: 2003 Matrilineality and the Melanesian origin of Polynesian Y chromosomes. Current Anthropology 44(S):S121-S127.
Bender, Rehg, Jackson, Trussel, Marck, Good, Hsu, Oda, Sohn, and Wang.
2003 Proto Micronesian Reconstructions: 1. Oceanic Linguistics 42(1):1-110.
2003 Proto Micronesian Reconstructions: 2. Oceanic Linguistics 42(2):271-358.
Hage, Per and Jeff Marck
2002 Proto-Micronesian kin terms, descent groups, and overnight voyaging. Oceanic Linguistics 41(1):159-170.
Caldwell, John C., Bruce Missingham, and Jeff Marck
2001 Oceania. Conference on: The History of World Population in the Second Millennium. IUSSP. Florence. June 28-30, 2001. Forthcoming publication.
Hage, Per and Jeff Marck
2001 The marking of sex distinctions in Polynesian kinship terminologies. Oceanic Linguistics 40(1):156-166.
Marck, Jeff
2002 On Shutler and Marck (1975). In Fifty Years in the Field: Essays in honour and celebration of Richard Shutler Jr's archaeological career. Bedford, S., D. Burley, and C. Sand, eds. New Zealand Archaeological Association.
2002 Comments on S.R. Fischer's 'Mangarevan doublets: preliminary evidence for Proto-Southeastern Polynesian'. Oceanic Linguistics 41(1):225-231.
2002 Review of 'Hawaiki, Ancestral Polynesia' by Patrick Vinton Kirch and Roger C. Green. Hawaiian Journal of History 36:185-189.
2000 Topics in Polynesian Language and Culture History. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics.
1999 Revising Polynesian subgrouping and its culture history implications. Pp. 95-122. One World Archaeology, Volume 35. London: Routledge.
1999 Long-distance truck driver sexual cultures and attempts to reduce HIV risk behaviours amongst them: a review of the African and Asian literature. In Resistances to Behavioural Change...
Mukodzani, Lucious, Karen Mupemba, and Marck Jeff
1999 All roads lead to Harare: the response of the Zimbabwe transport industry to HIV/AIDS. In The Continuing African HIV/AIDS Epidemic.
Marck, Jeff
1997 Aspects of male circumcision in sub-equatorial African culture history. Health Transition Review 7(S1):337-360.
1996 On Langdon's (1989) East Polynesian plant study. Te Reo 39:47-74.
1996 Was there an early Polynesian 'Sky Father'? Journal of Pacific History 31(1):8-26.
1996 The first order anthropomorphic gods of Polynesian. Journal of the Polynesian Society 105(2):217-258.
1996 Kin terms in the Polynesian protolanguages. Oceanic Linguistics 35(2):195-257.
1996 Eastern Polynesian subgrouping today. In Oceanic Culture History: Essays in honour of Roger Green. Pp. 491-511. Wellington: New Zealand Journal of Archaeology.
1994 Proto Micronesian terms for the physical environment. In Austronesian Terminologies: Continuity and change. Pawley, Andrew K. and Malcolm Ross, eds. Pp. 301-328. Canberra: Pacific Linguistics C-127.
Jackson, Frederick H., and Jeffrey C. Marck
1991 Carolinian Dictionary. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press.
Marck, Jeff
1986 Micronesian dialects and the overnight voyage. Journal of the Polynesian Society 95:253-258.
Shutler, Richard, Jr., and Jeffrey C. Marck
1975 On the dispersal of the Austronesian horticulturalists. Archaeology and Physical Anthropology in Oceania 10(2):81-113.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Topics in Polynesian Language and Culture History
Courses Taught: Rarely teach.

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