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Name: Clara  C.  Levelt
Institution: Universiteit Leiden
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: NA
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Linguistic Theories
Language Acquisition
Selected Publications: Levelt, C. (1994). On the acquisition of Place, HIL dissertations in Linguistics 8, Den Haag: HAG.
Levelt, C. (1996). Segmental structure of early words: articulatory frames or phonological constraints. In: Clark, E. (ed.) Proceedings of the Twenty-seventh Annual Child Language Research Forum.
Levelt, C. (1997). Consonant-Vowel interactions in child language. In: Proceedings of the UBC International Conference on the Acquisition of Phonology
Levelt, C., N. Schiller and W. Levelt (1999) A Developmental Grammar for Syllable Structure in the Production of Child Language. Brain and Language 68, 291-299.
Levelt, C., N. Schiller and W. Levelt (2000). The Acquisition of Syllable Types, Language Acquisition 8.3, 237-264.
Boersma, P. and C. Levelt (2000). A Gradual Constraint-Ranking Algorithm for the Acquisition of Syllable Types. In: Clark, E (ed.) Proceedings of the 30th Stanford Child Language Research Forum, CSLI.
Levelt, C. C., Fikkert, P., & Schiller, N. O. (2003). 'Metrical priming in speech production'. In M. J. Solé, D. Recasens, & J. Romero (Eds.), Proceedings of the 15th International Congress of Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS 2003), Barcelona, 3-9 August, 2003 (pp. 2481-2485).
Boersma, P. & C. Levelt (2003). Optimality Theory and phonological acquisition. Annual Review of Language Acquisition 3, 1-50.
Schiller, N., P. Fikkert & C. Levelt (2004). Stress priming in picture naming: An SOA study. Brain and Language.
Levelt, C. and R. van de Vijver (2004). Syllable Types in Cross-Linguistic- and Developmental Grammars. In: Kager, R., J. Pater & W. Zonneveld (eds.) Fixing Priorities: Constraints in Phonological Acquisition. Cambridge University Press
Announced on LINGUIST :  Annual Review of Language Acquisition
 Special Edition on Developmental Paths in Phonological Acquisition
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Annual Review of Language Acquisition

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