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Name: Gréte  Anna  Dalmi (IPA: gre:te anna dalmi)
Institution: Eszterházy College, Eger
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State and/or Country: Hungary   
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Specialty: Comparative Syntax, Generative Linguistics
Selected Publications: Monographs

The role of agreement in non-finite predication. Linguistik Aktuell 90. 1-221. Amsterdam: Benjamins 2005.
Copular sentences, predication and cyclic agree. A comparative approach. 1-172. Saarbruecken: Lambert Academic Publishing (VDM) 2010.
Chapters of books
The left periphery of Hungarian polarity and non-polarity questions. Helland, H. P. & C. Meklenborg Salvesen (eds): Challenging clitics. 1-23. Amsterdam: Benjamins. 2013. The meaning of the zero copula in multiple BE-system languages. Bondaruk, A. (ed.): SLAM 6: Ambiguities. 1-20. Lublin: John Paul II Catholic University Press 2013. Hungarian vajon: whether a complementizer or a scope-marker? Bloch-Rozmej, A. & M. Bloch-Trojnar (eds): SLAM 5: Modules and interfaces. 1-19. Lublin: John Paul II Catholic University Press 2012.
The meaning of the zero copula in Jamaican Creole. Festschrift for Prof. Lehel Vadon’s 70th birthday. Vol. 2: 771-790. Eger: Líceum Kiadó 2012.

Papers published in national journals

A case of re-analysis in a ‘topic-prominent’ language. Acta Linguistica 31:57-85. 1981. Object agreement in Hungarian. Working Papers in the Theory of Grammar 5.2: 91-119. Eötvös Loránd University Budapest.Department of Theoretical Linguistics. 1998. PF-incorporation by Last Resort. Working Papers in the Theory of Grammar. 6.3: 51-83. Eötvös Loránd University Budapest. Department of Theoretical Linguistics.1999.Experiencer subjects and psych-impersonal predicates. Papers in Modern Philology 2.2: 94-118. Miskolc University 1999 (2000).

Papers published in proceedings of international conferences

Wackernagel-effect in the Hungarian focus field. Proceedings of ConSole 8: 61-75. Vienna. 1999. The structure of psych-impersonal predicates. Holmer & Svantesson & Viberg (eds): Proceedings of the 18th Scandinavian Conference in Linguistics. 193-207. Lund 2000.
Wackernagel and his cousins: PF-Syntax interface phenomena. Proceedings of AAI-IP03 249-255. Nantes. 2003.
Dative causatives in Hungarian. Proceedings of the Analytic Causatives Workshop of SCL-22. 1-15. Aalborg 2006. Reprinted in Roczniki Humanistyczne [Humanities Yearly] LIX.5: 55-78. Catholic University of Lublin 2011.

Coursebook translations

Ian Roberts: Összehasonlító mondattan. Tankönyv. [Comparative syntax. Coursebook.] Hungarian translation with Ádám Szalontai. 1-410. Eger: Líceum Kiadó 2012.
Henk van Riemsdijk & Edwin Williams: Introduction to the theory of grammar. Hungarian translation with A. Szabolcsi and P. Siptár. Antal, L.(ed.): Modern Nyelvelméleti Szöveggyűjtemény 6.2.2: 51-174. Budapest: Tankönyvkiadó. 1986.McCawley’s Review of Chomsky & Halle’s The sound pattern of English. Hungarian translation. Siptár, P. (ed.): Modern Fonológiai Szöveggyűtemény. 1-80. Budapest: Tankönyvkiadó 1988.
Announced on LINGUIST :  The Role of Agreement in Non-Finite Predication
 Advances in the Syntax of DPs
Courses Taught: Introduction to Linguistics, Syntax: Non-finite Predication, The Argument Structure of Causative vs. Perception Verbs, The Syntax and Semantics of Copular Sentences, Current Trends in Linguistic Theory,Comparative Syntax
Dissertation Abstract: The Role of AgrP in Non-finite Predication

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