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Personal Directory Information

Name: Halldór  Ármann  Sigurðsson
Institution: Lund University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Sweden   
Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Historical Linguistics
Language Documentation
Linguistic Theories
Philosophy of Language
Specialty: Icelandic morphosyntax, Germanic syntax, case, agreement, person
Subject Language(s): Icelandic
Language Family(ies): Germanic
Selected Publications: 1989. Verbal Syntax and Case in Icelandic. Lund [and Reykjavík 1992].
1990. Long distance reflexives and moods in Icelandic. In Modern Icelandic Syntax, 309-346.
1990. V1 declaratives and verb raising in Icelandic. In Modern Icelandic Syntax, 41-69.
1991. Icelandic case-marked PRO and the licensing of lexical arguments. NLLT 9:327-363.
1992. The case of quirky subjects. WPSS 49:1-26.
1993. Argument-drop in Old Icelandic. Lingua 89:247-280.
1993. Agreement as a head visible feature government. Studia Linguistica 47:32-56.
1993. The structure of the Icelandic NP. Studia Linguistica 47:177-197.
1994. Um frásagnarumröðun og grundvallarorðaröð í forníslensku. Reykjavík.
1996. Icelandic finite verb agreement. WPSS 57:1-46.
2000. The locus of case and agreement. WPSS 65:65-108.
2002. To be an oblique subject: Russian vs. Icelandic. NLLT 20:691-724.
2003. Case: abstract vs. morphological. In New Perspectives on Case Theory, 223-268.
2003. Grammatik i fokus / Grammar in Focus I-II. Lund [ed. with Delsing, Falk & Josefsson].
2004. Icelandic non-nominative subjects: facts and implications. In Non-nominative Subjects, 137-159.
2004. Agree and agreement: evidence from Germanic. In Focus on Germanic Typology, 61-103.
2004. The syntax of Person, Tense, and speech features. Italian Journal of Linguistics 16:219-251.
2004. Agree in syntax, agreement in signs. WPSS 74:1-42.
2005. Meaningful silence, meaningless sounds. Linguistic Variation Yearbook 4:235-259.
2005. The Nominative Puzzle and the Low Nominative Hypothesis.
2005. The Icelandic noun phrase: central traits.
2005. Accusative and the Nom/Acc variation in Germanic
Courses Taught: Syntax (Icelandic / Scandinavian / General), Diachronic Syntax, General Linguistics, Semantics, Morphology, Phonology, Typology, Icelandic language, Swedish language, Old Norse, History of Icelandic
Academic Paper Abstract: Case variation: Viruses and star wars

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