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Name: Mark  R. V.  Southern (IPA: ma˞:k sʌ∂ən)
Institution: Middlebury College
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: VT
Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
Anthropological Linguistics
Subject Language(s): English
Greek, Ancient
Hebrew, Ancient
Language Family(ies): Altaic
Latin Subgroup
New English
Selected Publications: •• BOOKS
• Contagious Couplings: Yiddish shm- and the contact-driven transmission of expressives. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Heinemann / Harcourt Inc.
• Sub-grammatical Survival: Indo-European movable s and its Regeneration in Germanic. Journal of Indo-European Studies Monograph 34 (1999). Series eds. Richard Diebold and Edgar Polomé. Washington DC: Institute for the Study of Man.
• Indo-European Perspectives. Journal of Indo-European Studies Monograph Series 43 (2002). Series ed. Richard Diebold. Washington DC: Institute for the Study of Man.
History of the German Language. Cambridge Language Histories Series. Cambridge: Cambridge UP.
“Identity and contact in three Jewish languages.” Archaeology, Language and History: Essays on culture and ethnicity, ch. 11. Ed. John E. Terrell. Scientific Archaeology for the Third Millennium Series. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood (2001): 223-255.
• “Grain, the staff of life: Indo-European *(h2)yéw-os.” Münchener Studien zur Sprachwissenschaft 62 (2005): 164-207.
• “Hittite Tah-purili-, the Hittite Purulli- and Semitic Purim festivals, and Vedic Pushan: Anatolian sacral-social terms and neighboring cultural counterparts.” Münchener Studien zur Sprachwissenschaft 62 (2005): 208-247.
• “Some zero-grade Indo-European compositional elements in Italic, Sanskrit and Greek: Latin amicus and ‘face/eye’, Greek Té˜lephos, Hattic Telibinu and folk-morphology.” Münchener Studien zur Sprachwissenschaft 63 (2005) (accepted for publication).
• “Tabula rasa: The “tablet” word in Italic, and its Indo-European relatives.” Münchener Studien zur Sprachwissenschaft 60 (2000): 89-133.
• “Formulaic binomials, morphosymbolism and Behaghel’s Law: The grammatical status of expressive iconicity.” American Journal of Germanic Linguistics and Literatures 12/2 (2000) (Germanic language and culture in historical perspective: Studies in memory of Edgar C. Polomé): 251-279.
• “Caribbean creoles as a convergence conduit: English boss and overseer, Ndjuká basía, Sranan basja, Jamaican busha, Dutch baas(-je).” Folia Linguistica Historica 21/1-2 (2000): 189-246 (Societas Linguistica Europaea).
• “The road to Czernowitz and the Yiddish Golden Age: A sociolinguistic exploration.” Yiddish 12/1 (2000) (25th anniversary issue, on the Yiddish language): 228-254.
• “Where have all the nasals gone?: nC > CC in North Semitic.” Journal of Semitic Studies 42/2 (1997): 263-282. Co-authored with Andrew Vaughn.
• “The Problem of the s-mobile in Indo-European.” Penn Review of Linguistics 16 (Spring 1992) 166-180.
“War and captivity in the Greco-Anatolian Bronze Age: Hittite zahh- ‘fight’, Homeric daï´, Indo-Iranian dasa- ‘enemy, slave’, Mycenaean do-e-ro ‘captive’.” Historische Sprachforschung. (Accepted for publication; under revision.)
• “The linguistic edge: Vital tools from Linguistics for enriching Classical teaching.” Papers from “Using linguistic evidence to enrich the teaching of Classical languages and cultures,” Panel (Section 31), American Philological Association Annual Meeting (APA), Boston, January 2005. Classical World: special “Paedagogus” dedicated-section.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Contagious Couplings
 Contagious Couplings
Courses Taught: • Linguistic Evolution of Greek & Latin
• Diachronic Linguistics
• Evolution of Language
• Indo-European: Comparative and Historical Introduction
• Linguistic Perpectives on English and German
• Comparative Linguistics: Old English, Norse, & their relatives
• Older Germanic Languages
• History of the German Language
• Sanskrit of the Vedas
• Hittite
• Pre-Islamic Middle Eastern Civilizations
• Languages & Cultures of Pre-Islamic Persia: Avestan, Old Persian, Pahlavi;
• Heroic Cultures of Europe and the Middle East;
• Comparative Celtic Languages;
• Old Irish Linguistics;
• The German Language: Historical Perspectives;
• German and English: Historical Perspectives;
• Perspectives on the German Language for English-Speakers.
Dissertation Abstract: The Wandering S: The problem of the s-mobile in Germanic and Indo-European

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