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Name: Paul  James  Sidwell (IPA: poːl sɪdwɛl)
Institution: Australian National University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: ACT
Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
Forensic Linguistics
Selected Publications: 2003 (with Pascale Jacq). A Handbook of Comparative Bahnaric: volume 1 — West Bahnaric, Canberra, Pacific Linguistics 551.
in press (with Greg Aumann) Subgrouping of Mienic Languages: some observations. Papers from the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society: SEALS XI.

2004 A note on the reconstruction of Proto West Bahnaric and investigation of early West Bahnaric-Katuic contact. Mon-Khmer Studies,33:159-166.

2002 Classification of the Bahnaric Languages: a comprehensive review. Mon-Khmer Studies, Vol. 32. Mahidol University, Thailand.

2000 Proto South Bahnaric: a reconstruction of a Mon-Khmer language of Indo-China. Canberra, Pacific Linguistics (501).

2000 (with Pascale Jacq) A Comparative West Bahnaric Dictionary. Munich, Lincom Europa.

1999 (with Pascale Jacq) Sapuan (Sepuar). Munich, Lincom Europa.

1999 (with Pascale Jacq) Loven (Jruq) Consolidated Lexicon. Munich, Lincom Europa.
Announced on LINGUIST :  A Comparative West Bahnaric Dictionary
 Sapuan (Sapuar)
 A handbook of comparative Bahnaric
 The Katuic Languages
 Chamic and Beyond
 A Mon-Khmer comparative dictionary
 Classifying the Austroasiatic languages
 Old Khmer Grammar
 The Handbook of Austroasiatic Languages
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Classifying the Austroasiatic languages
Courses Taught: Indroduction to Linguistics
Phonetics & Phonology
Historical Linguistics
Language Planning
Indroduction to the study of a language family - Austroasiatic
Reviewer of: Review of Trask for LList (LL Issue 8.671)

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