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Name: Anna  Feldman
Institution: Montclair State University
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: NJ
Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Computational Linguistics
General Linguistics
Linguistic Theories
Text/Corpus Linguistics
Language Acquisition
Selected Publications: Anna Feldman and Xiaofei Lu (eds.) (2007). Proceedings of the Workshop on Computational Approaches to Figurative Language. Rochester, NY: The Association for Computational Linguistics.

Anna Feldman and Katya Arshavskaya (2007). English and Russian event annotation. Annotating Variation and Change: Studies in Variation, Contacts and Change in English, Vol. 1, Meurman-Solin, Anneli and Arja Nurmi (eds.)

* Anna Feldman. Book Review. Computational Linguistics: Models, Resources, Applications. To appear in Computational Linguistics, 32(3).

* Anna Feldman, Jirka Hana, and Chris Brew. A cross-language approach to rapid creation of new morpho-syntactically annotated resources. To appear in Proceedings of the fifth international conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC 2006). Genoa, Italy.

* Jirka Hana, Anna Feldman, Luiz Amaral, and Chris Brew. Tagging Portuguese with a Spanish Tagger Using Cognates. To appear in Proceedings of the Workshop on Cross-language Knowledge Induction hosted in conjunction with the 11th Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics (EACL-2006). Trento, Italy.

* Anna Feldman, Jirka Hana, and Chris Brew. Experiments in cross-language morphological annotation transfer. In Proceedings of Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing, CICLing, A. Gelbukh (editor), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer-Verlag, 2006.


* Anna Feldman, Jirka Hana, and Chris Brew. `Buy one, get one free or what to do when your linguistic resources are limited'. To appear in the Proceedings of the third international seminar on Computer Treatment of Slavic and East-European Languages, Slovko 2005. Bratislava, Slovakia.


* Jirka Hana, Anna Feldman, and Chris Brew. A Resource-light Approach to Russian Morphology: Tagging Russian using Czech resources. In Proceedings of the 2004 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP) 2004. Barcelona. Spain.

* Jirka Hana and Anna Feldman. Portable Language Technology: Russian via Czech. In Proceedings of the 2004 Midwest Computational Linguistics Colloquium. Bloomington. Indiana.


* Stefan Dy\\l a and Anna Feldman. On Comitative Constructions in Polish and Russian. To appear in Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Formal Description of Slavic Languages. Leipzig, 2003.

* Anna Feldman. On S-Coordination and Plural Pronoun Constructions. In Balkan and Slavic Linguistics, vol.2, ed. Daniel E. Collins and Andrea D. Sims, OSU, 2003.


* Anna Feldman. Kim and Sandy, Kim with Sandy, Just Me or Both of Us? In the Proceedings of ESSLLI 2002, Trento, Italy.

* Anna Feldman. On NP-coordination. The UiL OTS Yearbook. Utrecht, the Netherlands, 2002


* Anna Feldman. Comitative and Plural Pronoun Constructions.In the Proceedings of the 17th Annual Meeting of the Israel Association of Theoretical Linguistics, held at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, June 11-12, 2001.

* Anna Feldman. Book review. Bresnan, Joan. Lexical Functional Syntax. Oxford: Balckwell Publishers. Linguist List 12.2230


* Anna Feldman. Discourse Markers - Accessing 'Hearer-Old' Information: the Case of Russian Z^e. In Proceedings of the XXVII LACUS Forum held at Rice University, Houston, Texas, July 25-29, 2000 (Speaking and Comprehending) Edited by Ruth M.Brend, Alan K.Melby and Arle R. Lommel, pp.186-201


* Anna Feldman. Discourse Markers: Codification of Hearer-Old Information. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. M.A. thesis. 1999.
Announced on LINGUIST :  A resource-light approach to morpho-syntactic tagging
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  A resource-light approach to morpho-syntactic tagging
Courses Taught: Computer Applications
Natural Language Processing
Introduction to Linguistics
Language and Computers
Language and the Mind
Reviewer of: Review of Bresnan, Lexical Functional Syntax (LL Issue 12.2230)

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