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Personal Directory Information

Name: María del Pilar  García Mayo
Institution: University of the Basque Country
Email: click here to access email
State and/or Country: Alava
Linguistic Field(s): Language Acquisition
Subject Language(s): English
Language Family(ies): Germanic
Selected Publications: García Mayo, M.P. & R. D. Hawkins (eds.) 2009. Second Language Acquisition of Articles: Empirical Findings and Theoretical Implications. Amsterdam: John Benjamins (Language Acquisition and Language Disorders Series). ISBN 978 90 272 5310 1.

García Mayo, M.P. 2009. Article choice by Spanish L2 learners of English: Evidence for full transfer of the definiteness parameter. In M.P.García Mayo and R. Hawkins (eds.) Second Language Acquisition of Articles: Empirical Findings and Theoretical Implications. (pp. 13-35). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Alcón Soler, E. & M. P. García Mayo (Guest editors.) 2009. Interaction and language learning in foreign language contexts. International Review of Applied Linguistics 47: 3. Monograph.

Alegría de la Colina, A. & M. P. García Mayo. 2009. Oral interaction in task-based EFL learning: The use of the L1 as a cognitive tool. IRAL International Review of Applied Linguistics 47(3-4): 325-345

Perales Haya, S., M. P. García Mayo & J. M. Liceras. 2009. The acquisition of L3 English negation by bilingual (Spanish/Basque) learners in an institutional setting. International Journal of Bilingualism 13(1): 3-33.

Gutierrez Mangado, J. & M.P. García Mayo. 2008. Non-adult long-distance wh-questions in L2 English. In. C. Pérez Vidal, M. Juan Garau and A. Bel i Gaya (eds.) A Portrait of the Young in the New Multilingual Spain (264-286). Clevedon: Multilingual Matters.

Dalley Benson, E. & M.P. García Mayo. 2008. Awareness of orthographic form and morphophonemic learning in EFL. M. A. Gómez González, J. Lachlan Mackenzie and E. M. González Álvarez (eds.) Languages and Cultures in Contrast and Comparison (pp. 299-326). Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Alcón Soler, E. & M. P. García Mayo. 2008. Focus on form and learning outcomes in the foreign language classroom. In J. Philp, R. Oliver and A. Mackey (eds.) Child’s play? Second Language Acquisition and the Younger Learner (pp. 173-192). Amsterdam: John Benjamins

García Mayo, M.P. (ed.) 2007. Investigating Tasks in Formal Language Learning. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. ISBN 1853599271.
García Mayo, M.P. 2006. Synthetic compounding in the English interlanguage of Basque/Spanish bilinguals. International Journal of Multilingualism 3(4): 231-257

Foster-Cohen, S. M. P. García Mayo & J. Cenoz (eds.) 2005. EUROSLA Yearbook 5. Ámsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins. ISBN: 90 272 5452 4

García Mayo, M.P., A. Lázaro Ibarrola & J. M. Liceras. 2005. Placeholders in the English interlanguage of bilingual (Basque/Spanish) children. Language Learning 55(3): 445-489

García Mayo, M.P. & M. L. García Lecumberri (eds.) 2003. Age and the Acquisition of English as a Foreign Language. Clevedon: Multilingual
Matters. ISBN 1-85359-639-6

García Mayo, M.P. & E. Alcón Soler. 2002 (Guest editors). The role of interaction in instructed language learning. International Journal of Educational Research 37 (3-4). Monograph.

García Mayo, M.P. 2000. English for Specific Purposes. Discourse Analysis andCourse Design. Bilbao: Universidad del País Vasco. ISBN: 84-8373-251-3.

García Mayo, M.P. 1994. On Certain Null Operator Constructions in English and Spanish. Bilbao: Universidad del País Vasco. ISBN: 84-7585-579-1.
Announced on LINGUIST :  Investigating Tasks in Formal Language Learning
 Second Language Acquisition of Articles
Reviewed on LINGUIST :  Second Language Acquisition of Articles
Courses Taught: English Grammar
The Acquisition of Morphosyntax

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