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Wiley-Blackwell LANGUAGE & Linguistics Compass Discussion Forum Panel

This international panel IS comprised OF linguists who specialize IN a wide range OF linguistic subfields. Panelists provide guidance FOR the Wiley-Blackwell LANGUAGE & Linguistics Compass Discussion Forum AND encourage discussion OF each article.

picture OF Engin Arik
Engin Arik


Engin Arik IS a psycholinguist interested IN the relationship BETWEEN LANGUAGE AND cognition IN signed AND spoken languages, including gestural productions, FROM the perspectives OF BOTH LANGUAGE typology AND cognitive science. He received his PhD IN Linguistics FROM Purdue University IN 2009, his MA IN Linguistics FROM the University OF Amsterdam IN 2003, AND his BA IN Psychology FROM Koç University, Istanbul, IN 2001 AND IS currently an assistant professor IN the Department OF Psychology AT Isik University, Istanbul. His research IS conducted BOTH IN labs AND IN the field, USING a variety OF psycholinguistic AND linguistic methodologies. He IS an active participant IN several LANGUAGE documentation projects, including projects TO document Turkish SIGN Language. He IS the author OF the book: A crosslinguistic study OF the LANGUAGE OF space: SIGN AND spoken languages (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2010).

picture OF Moses Omoniyi Ayeomoni
Moses Omoniyi Ayeomoni


Moses Omoniyi Ayeomoni IS a Senior Lecturer AT the Department OF English AT Obafemi Awolow University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He has published several articles IN the subfields OF Applied Linguistics, Stylistics, Discourse Analysis, Pragmatics, AND Sociolinguistics. Much OF his WORK also address the development OF English LANGUAGE studies IN the area OF Politics AND Stylistics. He has also published WORK regarding LANGUAGE use IN the Yoruba speech community.

picture OF Katalin Balogne Berces
Katalin Balogné Bérces


Katalin Balogné Bérces took her PhD IN English Linguistics FROM the Faculty OF Humanities, Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest, Hungary, IN 2006. Her fields OF research ARE phonological theory, Government Phonology, syllable structure AND consonantal processes, WITH special interest IN the phonology AND dialectal variation OF English. Her PhD thesis, entitled " Strict CV Phonology AND the English Cross-Word Puzzle ", was published BY VDM Verlag Dr. Müller IN 2008. She works AS a lecturer AT the English Department OF Pázmány Péter Catholic University (PPKE), Piliscsaba, Hungary, AND has taught various courses ON English linguistics, phonology, syntax AND dialectology. Her publications include " The pronunciation OF English " (Budapest: HEFOP, 2006), a textbook AND digital material, co-authored WITH Szilárd Szentgyörgyi, AND " Beginner's English Dialectology " (Budapest: Ad Librum, 2008).

picture OF Andreea Calude
Andreea Calude


Andreea Calude IS a NZFRST Research Fellow (New Zealand Foundation OF Research, Science AND Technology) working AT the University OF Reading, UK. She studied mathematics AND linguistics AT the University OF Auckland IN New Zealand. She has a PhD IN Linguistics, IN the area OF spoken grammar. She IS currently working alongside computational biologists AND computer scientists ON cross-linguistic projects focusing ON aspects OF linguistics evolution. IN her work, she aims TO develop models OF word evolution IN ORDER TO understand how it IS that SOME words become used frequently AND have a "sticky-ness" effect, while others fall back INTO the background AND become less entrenched. She has published ON various aspects OF linguistics including cognitive grammar, corpus linguistics, machine translation, AND the philosophy OF mathematics, IN journals such AS Philosophical Transactions OF the Royal Society B(iology), Studia Linguistica, English LANGUAGE AND Linguistics, AND the Annual Review OF Cognitive Linguistics.

picture OF Chiara Gianollo
Chiara Gianollo


Chiara Gianollo studied IN Pisa, Utrecht, Los Angeles, AND Trieste. She received her doctoral degree IN Linguistics FROM the University OF Pisa IN 2005. Her research interests center ON the modeling OF linguistic variation AND the dynamics OF LANGUAGE change. She has been mostly working ON the diachrony OF Latin syntax, investigating IN particular the interplay OF CASE AND word ORDER IN the nominal phrase, the system OF voice distinctions AND the category OF deponent verbs. She has taken PART IN a collaborative project AT the University OF Trieste ON the import OF parametric linguistics FOR historical AND genealogical purposes. She IS currently a postdoctoral researcher AT the University OF Konstanz / Zukunftskolleg, WHERE she IS developing a research project ON the comparative syntax OF adnominal genitive CASE IN ancient Indo-European languages.

picture OF Seetha Jayaraman
Seetha Jayaraman


Seetha Jayaraman IS currently working AS an English LANGUAGE Lecturer IN Dhofar University, Sultanate OF Oman. She joined the University IN September 2008. She holds a Ph.D. IN Acoustic Phonetics FROM Osmania University, Hyderabad, India, an M.Phil. IN Sociolinguistics FROM the Central Institute OF English AND FOREIGN Languages, Hyderabad, India, AND professional diplomas IN the teaching OF English AND French, also FROM the Central Institute OF English AND FOREIGN Languages, Hyderabad. She holds a Master's degree IN French WITH a Diploma IN Teaching French AS a FOREIGN Language. Before she began teaching Arab undergraduates IN Dhofar University, she taught French TO adult learners OF French AS a FOREIGN LANGUAGE FOR three years. She likes TO WORK ON languages AND has several publications AND conference papers TO her credit. Two OF her books, one ON Phonetics AND the other ON Sociolinguistics, were published IN January 2011. Her fields OF interest include Linguistics (Comparative Linguistics AND Sociolinguistics), Phonetics (articulatory AND acoustic) AND Phonology, LANGUAGE Teaching AND Musicology. She IS particularly interested IN working WITH speech samples OF different languages AT the segmental AND suprasegmental levels.

picture OF Eliza Kitis
Eliza Kitis


Eliza Kitis holds an MA IN Theoretical Linguistics, University OF Essex, AND a Ph.D. IN Philosophy OF Language-Linguistics, University OF Warwick, (Recipient OF DES, UK major scholarship). She IS Professor OF Linguistics AT the School OF English, Aristotle University, Thessaloniki, Greece, WHERE she introduced AND has been teaching core courses IN linguistics, such AS Linguistics I, II, Semantics, Pragmatics, Discourse Analysis, etc. Her 1982 University OF Warwick Ph.D. thesis Problems connected WITH the notion OF Implicature was one OF the FIRST major critiques OF Grice's PROGRAM OF Logic AND Conversation. Her research, which reflects her teaching (including CDA), has been published IN various journals (Journal OF Pragmatics, Pragmatics & Cognition, Word & Image, Sociolinguistica, Journal OF Applied Linguistics, etc.) AND AS book chapters. She IS also country research team leader OF COST ACTION IS0703 (genres). She sits ON the editorial boards OF the Journal OF Applied Linguistics (JAL), the International Journal OF LANGUAGE Studies (IJLS) AND the International Review OF Pragmatics (IRP), while she IS ON the international board OF reviewers FOR various journals AND conferences, (e.g. Journal OF Pragmatics, Erkenntniss, ICCLA, OR FOR EU Programs), AS well AS IN promotion review committees (internationally) She has spent quite a few semesters AND academic YEARS visiting AS a scholar various Universities, mainly IN the UK (Leeds, Cambridge, London), AND a YEAR OF graduate teaching IN Ohio, Kent State University, while AT present she divides her TIME BETWEEN London AND Thessaloniki.

picture OF Sonja Lanehart
Sonja L. Lanehart


Sonja L. Lanehart IS Professor AND Brackenridge Endowed Chair IN Literature AND the Humanities AT the University OF Texas AT San Antonio. She earned her bachelor's degree AND honors IN English FROM the University OF Texas AT Austin under the direction OF Drs. Thomas Cable AND Gary Underwood AND her master's AND doctoral DEGREES FROM the University OF Michigan AT Ann Arbor under the direction OF Dr. Richard W. Bailey. She IS author OF Sista, Speak! Black Women Kinfolk Talk about LANGUAGE AND Literacy (2002), editor OF Sociocultural AND Historical Contexts OF African American English (2001), editor OF African American Women's Language: Discourse, Education, AND IDENTITY (2009), AND co-editor OF the Oxford Handbook OF African American LANGUAGE (projected 2013). She has organized AND hosted NWAV 39 AS well AS three conferences ON African American Language. Her research interests include sociolinguistics, LANGUAGE AND uses OF literacy IN African American communities, LANGUAGE AND identity, AND the educational implications AND applications OF sociolinguistic research.

picture OF Nikolaos Lavidas
Nikolaos Lavidas


Nikolaos Lavidas IS a Lecturer IN Historical Linguistics AT the Department OF Theoretical AND Applied Linguistics, School OF English, Aristotle University OF Thessaloniki. He studied IN Athens, Rhodes, Girona, Lublin, Stuttgart, AND Boston. He has a BA AND an MA IN Linguistics (with a scholarship FROM the Greek State Scholarship Foundation) AND a PhD IN Historical Linguistics (with a scholarship FROM the A. Onassis Foundation; NATIONAL AND Kapodistrian University OF Athens). PRIOR TO his employment AT the Aristotle University, he was a postdoctoral researcher AT the University OF the Aegean (with a scholarship FROM the Greek State Scholarship Foundation), AND he taught Historical Linguistics AT the University OF Peloponnese, the University OF Patras AND the University OF the Aegean. He has published articles ON Historical Linguistics: Syntactic Change, Argument Structure IN Diachrony, Indo-European Linguistics.

picture OF Heike Pichler
Heike Pichler


Heike Pichler IS a Lecturer IN Sociolinguistics AT the University OF Salford, UK. Her research IS IN variationist sociolinguistics, WITH a special focus ON morpho-syntactic AND discourse-pragmatic variation AND change IN contemporary varieties OF English. Working within the Labovian paradigm, she believes that FULL AND accurate accounts OF linguistic variation AND change rely ON a CLOSE analysis OF social, linguistic-structural, AS well AS discourse-functional constraints. She therefore combines quantitative WITH qualitative research methods IN her endeavour TO provide principled, accountable AND theoretically relevant explanations FOR observed patterns OF variation. Heike has published articles ON patterns OF formal variation IN discourse AS well AS methods IN discourse variation analysis IN Intercultural Pragmatics AND Journal OF Sociolinguistics. Another (co-authored) article ON general extender variation AND methods FOR identifying AND tracking grammaticalization IN synchronic dialect data IS forthcoming IN English LANGUAGE AND Linguistics.

picture OF Khaled Rifaat
Khaled Rifaat


Being a graduate OF the Department OF Phonetics AT the University OF Alexandria IN Egypt (1980), Khaled Rifaat started his research career WITH digging INTO phonetic details. He investigated, IN the MA, the acoustic correlates OF stress IN Egyptian Arabic AND THEN the phonetic modeling OF Standard Arabic intonation IN the PhD. He THEN moved away FOR SOME TIME FROM an interest IN pure phonetics AND worked ON clinical phonetics AND phonology. He has finally returned back TO his original interest IN the suprasegmentals OF Arabic FROM a different viewpoint. He IS trying TO answer big theoretical, yet empirically verified, questions about the intonation OF Arabic like: What ARE the adequate representations OF pitch accents IN Arabic? ARE the theoretical models, basically Eurocentric, adequate FOR describing Arabic intonation? Typologically, what ARE the characteristics OF Arabic intonation?

picture OF Benjamin Schmeiser
Benjamin Schmeiser


Benjamin Schmeiser IS an assistant professor OF Spanish Linguistics AT Illinois State University. He earned his PhD IN Spanish Linguistics, WITH a specialization IN Phonetics AND Phonology, FROM the University OF California, Davis IN 2006. His dissertation "On the Durational Variability OF Svarabhakti Vowels IN Spanish Consonant Clusters," examines the duration OF svarabhakti vowels (i.e. vowel-like fragments) IN Spanish consonant clusters USING Articulatory Phonology AS its framework. His research interests include Phonetics AND Phonology, Pedagogy, SECOND LANGUAGE Acquisition, Sociolinguistics, Historical Linguistics, AND Romance Linguistics. His recent publications have concentrated ON consonant clusters IN Spanish, Portuguese, AND Pali; podcast USAGE IN the classroom; AND synonymy IN Contemporary United States Spanish. Since entering the teaching field IN 1994, he has taught English AND Spanish AT many levels, ranging FROM elementary, junior high, AND high school TO junior college AND the university. He has taught IN five states IN the US AND abroad IN England, Portugal, AND Spain.

picture OF Jennifer Sullivan
Jennifer Sullivan


Jennifer Sullivan recently completed a PhD IN Linguistics AT the University OF Edinburgh. Her thesis examined how measures OF segmental phonetic distance, common IN Historical Linguistics AND Dialectometry, might be adapted TO deal WITH intonation. She IS particularly interested IN the intonation OF varieties OF British AND Irish English. However, her research has covered a diverse range OF other topics, including Indo-European, the importance OF Swadesh, the application OF Phylogenetic techniques TO LANGUAGE data AND Irish English segmental phonology.

picture of Grace Zhang
Grace Zhang


Grace Zhang is an Associate Professor at Curtin University, Australia. She is a linguist by training, with a Ph.D. awarded by the University of Edinburgh in 1996 (thesis title: The Semantics of Fuzzy Quantifiers). She has published extensively, including books and journal articles particularly on pragmatics and intercultural communication. Her areas of interest/ expertise in the field are: vague language, pragmatics and intercultural communication. Grace Zhang's current research project is on vague language based on naturally occurring spoken data (Chinese and English).