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Oxford Handbook of Corpus Phonology

Edited by Jacques Durand, Ulrike Gut, and Gjert Kristoffersen

Offers the first detailed examination of corpus phonology and serves as a practical guide for researchers interested in compiling or using phonological corpora

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The Languages of the Jews: A Sociolinguistic History

By Bernard Spolsky

A vivid commentary on Jewish survival and Jewish speech communities that will be enjoyed by the general reader, and is essential reading for students and researchers interested in the study of Middle Eastern languages, Jewish studies, and sociolinguistics.

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Indo-European Linguistics

New Open Access journal on Indo-European Linguistics is now available!


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Author Title Publication Date
Abbi, Anvita
A Grammar of the Great Andamanese Language : An Ethnolinguistic Study 2013
Adiego, I. J.
The Carian Language 2004
Aikhenvald, Alexandra (Editor)
Perception and Cognition in Language and Culture 2013
Åkesson, J.
Arabic Morphology and Phonology : Based on the Marāḥ al-arwāh by Aḥmad b. ‘Aī b. Mas‘ūd 2004
al-Sharkawi, Muhammad
The Ecology of Arabic : A Study of Arabicization 2010
Alamargot, Denis (Editor)
Learning to Write Effectively: Current Trends in European Research 2012
Alemany, A.
Sources on the Alans : A Critical Compilation 2004
Ambrazaitis, Gilbert
Scandoromani : Remnants of a Mixed Language 2014
an de Kerke, Simon (Editor)
Linguistics and Archaeology in the Americas : The Historization of Language and Society 2010
Anderl, Christoph (Editor)
Zen Buddhist Rhetoric in China, Korea, and Japan 2011
Angenent, C.
Les Rois des Tambours au Haayre : Récitée par Aamadu Baa Digi, griot des FulBe à Dalla (Mali) 2004
Arakaki, Tomoko
Evidentials in Ryukyuan: the Shuri Variety of Luchuan : A Typological and Theoretical Study of Grammatical Evidentiality 2013
Baalbaki, Ramzi
The Legacy of the Kitāb : Sībawayhi’s Analytical Methods within the Context of the Arabic Grammatical Theory 2008
Baca, Isabel (Editor)
Service-Learning and Writing: Paving the Way for Literacy(ies) through Community Engagement 2012
Bachra, B.
The Phonological Structure of the Verbal Roots in Arabic and Hebrew 2004

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