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Oxford Handbook of Corpus Phonology

Edited by Jacques Durand, Ulrike Gut, and Gjert Kristoffersen

Offers the first detailed examination of corpus phonology and serves as a practical guide for researchers interested in compiling or using phonological corpora

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The Languages of the Jews: A Sociolinguistic History

By Bernard Spolsky

A vivid commentary on Jewish survival and Jewish speech communities that will be enjoyed by the general reader, and is essential reading for students and researchers interested in the study of Middle Eastern languages, Jewish studies, and sociolinguistics.

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Indo-European Linguistics

New Open Access journal on Indo-European Linguistics is now available!

Finno-Ugrian Society

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Author Title Publication Date
Aasmäe, Niina
Erzya prosody 2003
Bartens, Raija
Permiläisten Kielten Rakenne ja Kehitys 2001
Capdeville, Sophie
Le Fonds Lapponica Des Fellman 2001
Carpelan, Christian (Editor)
Early Contacts between Uralic and Indo-European: Linguistic and Archaeological Considerations 2001
Estill, Dennis
Diachronic Change in Erzya Word Stress 2004
Grünthal, Riho
Finnic adpositions and cases in change 2003
Itkonen-Isakov, Terhi-Maija
Muuttuva Sankarimyytti 1800-Luvun Unkarilisissa Maalauksissa 2000
Keresztes, Laszlo
Development of Mordvin Definite Conjugation 1999
Kilpiv, Arto (Editor)
1000-Vuotias Unkari 2000
Koskikallio, Petteri (Editor)
Early Contacts between Uralic and Indo-European: Linguistic and Archaeological Considerations 2001
Laakso, Johanna (Editor)
Facing Finnic: Some Challenges to Historical and Contact Linguistics 2000
Lehiste, Ilse
Erzya prosody 2003
Lehtinen, Ildikó
Publications of the Finno-Ugrian Society 1885-2000: VIII 2001
Martin, Maisa (Editor)
Proceedings of the Fenno-Ugric Languages As Second and Foreign Language Symposium 1996
Meister, Einar
Erzya prosody 2003


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