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Oxford Handbook of Corpus Phonology

Edited by Jacques Durand, Ulrike Gut, and Gjert Kristoffersen

Offers the first detailed examination of corpus phonology and serves as a practical guide for researchers interested in compiling or using phonological corpora

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The Languages of the Jews: A Sociolinguistic History

By Bernard Spolsky

A vivid commentary on Jewish survival and Jewish speech communities that will be enjoyed by the general reader, and is essential reading for students and researchers interested in the study of Middle Eastern languages, Jewish studies, and sociolinguistics.

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Indo-European Linguistics

New Open Access journal on Indo-European Linguistics is now available!

Netherlands Graduate School of Linguistics / Landelijke (LOT)

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Author Title Publication Date
Aguilar-Guevara, Ana
Weak definites : Semantics, lexicon and pragmatics 2014
Alexander-Bakkerus, Astrid
Eighteenth-Century Cholón 2005
Amiridze, Nino
Reflexivization Strategies in Georgian 2006
Apoussidou, Diana
The Learnability of Metrical Phonology 2007
Arsenijević, Boban
Inner aspect and telicity : The decompositional and the quantificational nature of eventualities at the syntax-semantics interface 2006
Asbury, Anna
The Morphosyntax of Case and Adpositions 2008
Audring, Jenny
Reinventing Pronoun Gender 2009
Baauw, Sergio
The Acquisition of Romance Languages : Selected papers from The Romance Turn II 2008
Bahtina-Jantsikene, Daria
Mind Your Languages : Lingua Receptiva in Estonian-Russian communication 2013
Baum, Daniel
The Imperative in the Rigveda 2006
Bavant, Marc
Résultatif, diathèse et possession en basque, vieux perse et élamite 2014
Beliën, Maaike
Constructions, Constraints, and Construal : Adpositions in Dutch 2008
Berns, Janine
Friction between phonetics and phonology : The status of affricates 2013
Bexten, Birgitta
Was macht Hypertext mit Text : Textlinguistische Einsichten in das be- und entgrenzende Wirken von Paratext und Text in Hypertext 2010
Birchall, Joshua
Argument marking patterns in South American Languages 2014

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