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Title: Linguistics in the Netherlands 2005
Edited By: Jenny Doetjes
Jeroen van de Weijer
Series Title: Linguistics in the Netherlands 22

This volume contains a selection of papers presented at the thirty-sixth
annual meeting of the Linguistic Society of the Netherlands, which took
place in Utrecht on January 29th, 2005. The aim of the annual meetings is
to provide members with the opportunity to report on their ongoing
research. At this year's meeting, 78 papers were presented, of which 19 are
published in this volume. Together they present an overview of research in
different fields of linguistics in the Netherlands.

Table of contents

Preface v

Contributors vii–viii

Doing the Split-S in Klon
Louise Baird 1–12

How easy is it for speakers of Dutch to understand Frisian and Afrikaans,
and why?
Renée van Bezooijen and Charlotte Gooskens 13–24

Linguistic variation in the subjuntivo imperfecto in Spanish America in the
16th century
Mircea Branza and Vincent J. van Heuven 25–36

Auxiliary drop as subordination marking
Anne Breitbarth 37–47

Locative inversion in English
Hans Broekhuis 49–60

Modifiable and intensifier self in Dutch and Sign Language of the Netherlands
Liesbeth De Clerck and Els van der Kooij 61–72

Low Saxon possessive pronominals: Syntax and phonology
Norbert Corver and Marc van Oostendorp 73–86

Why there is(n't) wh-movement in there-constructions
Jutta M. Hartmann 87–98

Subject–Object ambiguities in spoken and written Dutch
Frank Jansen 99–109

Quantification and learnability: Early mastery of the weak–strong distinction
Irene Krämer 111–123

Phonetic and phonological processing of pitch levels: A perception study of
Chinese (aphasic) speakers
Jie Liang and Vincent J. van Heuven 125–137

The perception of interrogativity by Japanese speakers of Dutch as a second
Yuki Niioka, Johanneke Caspers and Vincent J. van Heuven 139–150

Weak and weaker prepositional complements
Eddy Ruys 151–163

The phonological bootstrapping of determiners
Raquel S. Santos and Ester M. Scarpa 165–178

Classifying Dutch dialects using a syntactic measure: The perceptual Daan
and Blok dialect map revisited
Marco René Spruit 179–190

Cross-modularity in active to passive alternations
Peter Swart, de 191–202

A note on the scope of adverbs in Malagasy
Craig Thiersch 203–218

Merge: Properties and boundary conditions
Mark de Vries 219–230

Some notes on coordination in head-final languages
C. Jan-Wouter Zwart 231–242

Publication Year: 2005
Publisher: John Benjamins
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Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Subject Language(s): Afrikaans
Dutch Sign Language
Frisian, Northern
Saxon, Low
Malagasy, Plateau
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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 9027231656
ISBN-13: N/A
Pages: viii, 243
Prices: U.S. $ 114.00
Europe EURO 95.00