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Style, Mediation, and Change

Edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland, and Jacob Thogersen

Style, Mediation, and Change "Offers a coherent view of style as a unifying concept for the sociolinguistics of talking media."

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Intonation and Prosodic Structure

By Caroline Féry

Intonation and Prosodic Structure "provides a state-of-the-art survey of intonation and prosodic structure."

Book Information

Title: The Atlas of North American English
Subtitle: Phonetics, Phonology and Sound Change. A Multimedia Reference Tool
Written By: William Labov
Sharon Ash
Charles Boberg

The Atlas of North American English provides the first overall view of the
pronunciation and vowel systems of the dialects of the U.S. and Canada. The
Atlas redefines the regional dialects of American English on the basis of
sound changes active in the 1990s and draws new boundaries reflecting those
changes. It is based on a telephone survey of 762 local speakers,
representing all the urbanized areas of North America. It has been
developed by Bill Labov, one of the world's leading sociolinguists,
together with his colleagues Sharon Ash and Charles Boberg.

The Atlas consists of a book accompanied by a multimedia CD-ROM. Starting
in January 2006, the content of the book and the multimedia CD-ROM along
with additional data will also be available online.

The book contains
* 23 chapters that re-define the geographic boundaries of North American
dialects and trace the influence of gender, age, education, and city size
on the progress of sound change.
* findings that show a dramatic and increasing divergence of English
dialects as vowels in different regions are rotated in opposite directions
by the Northern Cities Shift, the Southern Shift, the Canadian Shift, and
other sweeping changes that are affecting the North American continent as a
* 139 four color maps that illustrate the regional distribution of
phonological and phonetic variables across North America;
* 120 four color vowel charts of individual speakers.

The multimedia CD-ROM supplements the articles and maps by providing
* a data base with measurements of more than 100,000 vowels and mean values
for 439 speakers;
* extended sound samples of all North American dialects;
* multimedia material for further study;
* interactive applications to enhance classroom presentations.

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Publication Year: 2005
Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton
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Linguistic Field(s): Historical Linguistics
Language Documentation
Subject Language(s): English
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