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Style, Mediation, and Change

Edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland, and Jacob Thogersen

Style, Mediation, and Change "Offers a coherent view of style as a unifying concept for the sociolinguistics of talking media."

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Intonation and Prosodic Structure

By Caroline Féry

Intonation and Prosodic Structure "provides a state-of-the-art survey of intonation and prosodic structure."

Book Information

Title: Speech Acoustics and Phonetics
Subtitle: Selected Writings
Written By: Gunnar Fant
Series Title: Text, Speech and Language Technology

The first volume to bring together Gunnar Fant's major publications on
speech production and phonetics and more recent work on speech prosody.

The overall aim of the book is to provide an integrated view of the
separate stages of the speech chain, covering the production process,
speech data analysis and speech perception. Analysis of information bearing
elements of the speech signal have found applications in linguistic theory
and in the knowledge base of speech technology with special reference to
speech synthesis.

The book contains 19 selected articles organized in 6 chapters:

- Speech research overview with a historical outline,
- Speech production and synthesis,
- The voice source,
- Speech analysis and features,
- Speech perception,
- Prosody.

Each chapter is preceded by an introduction including suggestions for
additional reading. (7) A list of all publications of the author since 1945
is included. It is supplemented by an ordering in categories. The articles
have been selected to ensure a representative coverage of the field. Some
of them, primarily those on speech acoustics and the human voice source
were published earlier.

During the last 15 years a major emphasis has been on speech prosody with
several novel approaches. A recent major article provides a broad frame
starting with aerodynamics and voice source properties, leading up to
intonation analysis, prosodic grouping and rules for text-to-speech
synthesis. These are illustrated in an audio file. A novel feature
introduced in analysis as well as synthesis is a parameter of perceived
syllable and word prominence with acoustical correlates and ties to lexical
The author was involved in early developments of distinctive feature theory
together with Roman Jakobson and Morris Halle. Applications to Swedish are
contained in the book.

A major issue in current phonology and phonetics has been the search for
absolute invariance of speech features. However, with the growing insight
in contextual variability this remains a pseudo problem. In order to
approach the essence of the speech code we need to structure variability
with respect to all possible contextual factors. As claimed by the author,
this is not only a requirement for a sound development of general phonetics
and phonology. It is also a fundament for realizing advanced aims of speech
technology. Computer power can not substitute fundamental knowledge of the
human speech communication process.

The book should accordingly be of interest for several disciplines, not
only speech technology, linguistics, phonetics and acoustics, but also for
psychology and physiology of speech and hearing with applications in
medical science.

Publication Year: 2006
Publisher: Springer
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