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It's Been Said Before

By Orin Hargraves

It's Been Said Before "examines why certain phrases become clichés and why they should be avoided -- or why they still have life left in them."

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Sounds Fascinating

By J. C. Wells

How do you pronounce biopic, synod, and Breughel? - and why? Do our cake and archaic sound the same? Where does the stress go in stalagmite? What's odd about the word epergne? As a finale, the author writes a letter to his 16-year-old self.

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Title: Clause Structure and Adjuncts in Austronesian Languages
Edited By: Hans-Martin Gärtner
Paul Law
Joachim Sabel
Series Title: Studies in Generative Grammar 87

Clause Structure and Adjuncts in Austronesian Languages is a collection of
papers devoted to the syntactic analysis of modification and extraction
strategies in Austronesian languages such as Kavalan, Malagasy, Niuean,
Seediq, and Tagalog. Written by some of the leading scholars in the field,
it elucidates the categorial and phrase structural status as well as the
scopal behavior of sentence-level adverbs, ordering constraints on
adjectival modifiers, and the nature of unbounded dependencies in
interaction with Philippine-type voice systems. Guglielmo Cinque's
universal ordering hypothesis for adverbs and current work on remnant
movement serve as theoretical points of reference.

More particularly the book contains an analysis of lower VP-adverbs in
Kavalan as serial verbs (Chang), a defense of two types of adverbial heads
in Seediq (Holmer), an account of possible DP-internal serializations in
Niuean in terms of remnant movement (Kahnemuyipour Massam), a plea for
relative, scope-based adverb ordering in Tagalog (Kaufman), a clefting
approach to unbounded dependencies in Malagasy (Potsdam), a critical
assessment of constraints on remnant movement as applied to adverb
orderings in Malagasy (Thiersch), and an analysis of the Malagasy voice
system on the basis of clitic left-dislocation (Travis). The editors'
introduction undertakes a critical survey of the relevant empirical and
theoretical background.

A substantial part of the empirical facts are presented here for the first
time, and the book will inspire additional systematic investigation of the
often neglected aspects of modificational strategies in Austronesian languages.

The book will be of value to linguists interested in contemporary syntactic
analysis and to everyone seeking a deeper understanding of the formal
properties of Austronesian.


Hans-Martin Gärtner, Paul Law, and Joachim Sabel

Clause Structure and Adjuncts in Austronesian Languages: A Critical
Introductory Survey
Hans-Martin Gärtner, Paul Law, and Joachim Sabel

The Guest Playing Host: Adverbial Modifiers as Matrix Verbs in Kavalan
Henry Yungli Chang

Seediq – Adverbial Heads in a Formosan Language
Arthur Holmer

Patterns of Phrasal Movement: The Niuean DP
Arsalan Kahnemuyipour and Diane Massam

Rigidity versus Relativity in Adverbial Syntax: Evidence from Tagalog
Daniel Kaufman

The Cleft Structure of Malagasy Wh-Questions
Eric Potsdam

Three Systems of Remnant Movement II and Extraction from Specifier Position
Craig Thiersch

Voice Morphology in Malagasy as Clitic Left Dislocation or Through the
Looking Glass: Malagasy in Wonderland
Lisa deMena Travis

List of Contributors

Subject Index, Index of Adverbials, Adjectives, and Particles

Publication Year: 2006
Publisher: De Gruyter Mouton
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Linguistic Field(s): Syntax
Subject Language(s): Kavalan
Malagasy, Plateau
Language Family(ies): Austronesian
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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 3110190052
ISBN-13: N/A
Pages: 332
Prices: Europe EURO 78.00
U.S. $ 105.30