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Linguistic Diversity and Social Justice

By Ingrid Piller

Linguistic Diversity and Social Justice "prompts thinking about linguistic disadvantage as a form of structural disadvantage that needs to be recognized and taken seriously."

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Language Evolution: The Windows Approach

By Rudolf Botha

Language Evolution: The Windows Approach addresses the question: "How can we unravel the evolution of language, given that there is no direct evidence about it?"

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Title: Studies in Chinese Phonology
Edited By: Wang Jialing
Norval Smith
Series Title: Linguistic Models

This volume contains papers covering various aspects of segmental structure as well as tone sandhi and neutral tone in the tonological area. All analyses are based on recent phonological theories such as autosegmental theory, lexical phonology, feature geometry, underspecification theory and prosodic phonology. The introduction provides background knowledge of synchronic and diachronic aspects of Chinese phonology. The contributions present analyses of dialects including the four major dialect families in Chinese: Mandarin (Beijing, Tianjin), Yue (Cantonese), Min (Fuzhou) and Wu (Shanghai, Chongming). Besides being essential to scholars and students of Chinese phonology, this book will also be found useful by phonologists and linguists in general as well as sinologists in other fields. Contents Wang Jialing and Norval Smith, Introduction * Matthew Y. Chen and Hongming Zhang, Lexical and postlexical tone sandhi in Chongming * Stuart Milliken, Zhang Guang-Ping, Zhang Xue-Yi, Li Zhi-ui and Lu Ying, Resolving the paradox of Tianjin tone sandhi * Chilin Shih, Mandarin third tone sandhi and prosodic structure * Jin Shunde, Toward a systematic account of Shanghai tonal phonology * Wang Jialing, The representation of the neutral tone in Chinese Putonghua * Edwin G. Pulleyblank, The Cantonese vowel system in historical perspective * Richard Wiese, Underspecification and the description of Chinese vowels * Moira Yip, Consonant-vowel interaction in Cantonese * Marjorie K. M. Chan, Fuzhou glottal stop: Floating segment or correlation of close contact? * List of authors and editors Robert S. Bauer and Paul K. Benedict

Publication Year: 1997
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Linguistic Field(s): Phonology
Subject Language(s): Chinese, Mandarin
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Format: Hardback
ISBN: 3110139537
ISBN-13: N/A
Pages: 295
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