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Title: Some Aspects of Speech and the Brain
Written By: Susanne Fuchs
Hélène Loevenbruck
Pascal Perrier
Daniel Pape

What happens in the brain when humans are producing speech or when they are
listening to it? This is the main focus of the book, which includes a
collection of 13 articles, written by researchers at some of the foremost
European laboratories in the fields of linguistics, phonetics, psychology,
cognitive sciences, and neurosciences. The articles review progress
achieved over the last twenty years in these areas, and present recent
experimental results addressing issues of pre-lexical and semantic
processing, brain activity in the perception of voicing, pitch, prosody,
and pointing. A large part of the book deals with brain activation in
speech and language pathologies: language-related aspects in epilepsy,
Parkinson's disease, dyslexia and stuttering. Other contributions discuss
speech acquisition modelling, syllabification and lexical access, and the
specificity of speech in relation to other biological motor tasks.


Ingrid Hoonhorst, Cécile Colin, Emily Markessis, Monique Radeau, Paul
Deltenre, Willy Serniclaes: N100 component: An electrophysiological cue of
voicing perception

Grzegorz Dogil, Giuseppina Rota: Direct brain-feedback and prosody processing

Bernd J. Kröger, Jim Kannampuzha, Anja Lowit, Christiane Neuschaefer-Rube:
Phonetotopy within a neurocomputational model of speech production and
speech acquisition

Monica Baciu, Emilie Cousin: Some aspects of language plasticity in
epileptic patients as assessed by functional MRI

Serge Pinto, Gaelle Fillatre, Alain Ghio: Functional neuroimaging of speech
production in Parkinson's disease: Towards a better understanding of
dysarthria physiopathology

Sylviane Valdois, Carole Peyrin, Monica Baciu: The neurobiological
correlates of developmental dyslexia

Martin Sommer, Nicole Spindler, Kathrin Knappmeyer, Evke Jane Hunter, Veronika
Gutmann, Alexander Wolff von Gudenberg/Walter Paulus: Brain imaging and
cortical excitability in persistent developmental stuttering

Uta Noppeney: The sensory-motor theory of semantics: Evidence from
functional imaging

Hélène Loevenbruck, Marion Dohen, Coriandre Vilain: Pointing is "special"

Rudolph Sock, Béatrice Vaxelaire: How special is speech?

Georg Meyer, Sophie Wuerger, Elvira Perez: Pre-lexical speech processing in
the brain

Adriana Hanulíková: The role of syllabification in the lexical segmentation
of German and Slovak

Barbara Gili Fivela: From production to perception and back: An analysis of
two pitch accents

Publication Year: 2009
Publisher: Peter Lang AG
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Linguistic Field(s): Phonetics
Cognitive Science
Subject Language(s): None
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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 3631576307
ISBN-13: 9783631576304
Pages: 418
Prices: Europe EURO 64.00