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Language Planning as a Sociolinguistic Experiment

By: Ernst Jahr

Provides richly detailed insight into the uniqueness of the Norwegian language development. Marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Norwegian nation following centuries of Danish rule

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Acquiring Phonology: A Cross-Generational Case-Study

By Neil Smith

The study also highlights the constructs of current linguistic theory, arguing for distinctive features and the notion 'onset' and against some of the claims of Optimality Theory and Usage-based accounts.

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Language Production and Interpretation: Linguistics meets Cognition

By Henk Zeevat

The importance of Henk Zeevat's new monograph cannot be overstated. [...] I recommend it to anyone who combines interests in language, logic, and computation [...]. David Beaver, University of Texas at Austin

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Title: Lexis in Contrast
Subtitle: Corpus-based approaches
Series Title: Studies in Corpus Linguistics

This volume takes stock of current research in contrastive lexical studies. It reflects the growing interest in corpus-based approaches to the study of lexis, in particular the use of multilingual corpora, shared by researchers working in widely differing fields - contrastive linguistics, lexicology, lexicography, terminology, computational linguistics and machine translation. The articles in the volume, which cover a wide diversity of languages, are divided into four main sections: the exploration of cross-linguistic equivalence, contrastive lexical semantics, corpus-based multilingual lexicography, and translation and parallel concordancing. The volume also contains a lengthy introduction to recent trends in contrastive lexical studies written by the editors of the volume, Bengt Altenberg and Sylviane Granger.

Table of Contents

Preface vii
List of contributors ix
Recent trends in cross-linguistic lexical studies
Bengt Altenberg and Sylviane Granger 3
Cross-Linguistic Equivalence
Two types of translation equivalence
Raphael Salkie 51
Functionally complete units of meaning across English and Italian: Towards a corpus-driven approach
Elena Tognini-Bonelli 73
Causative constructions in English and Swedish: A corpus-based contrastive study
Bengt Altenberg 97
Contrastive Lexical Semantics
Polysemy and disambiguation cues across languages: The case of Swedish få and English get
Åke Viberg 119
A cognitive approach to Up/Down metaphors in English and Shang/Xia metaphors in Chinese
Lan Chun 151
From figures of speech to lexical units: An English-French contrastive approach to hypallage and metonymy
Michel Paillard 175
Corpus-based Bilingual Lexicography
The role of parallel corpora in translation and multilingual lexicography
Wolfgang Teubert 189
Bilingual lexicography, overlapping polysemy, and corpus use
Victória Alsina and Janet Ann DeCesaris 215
Computerised set expression dictionaries: Analysis and design
Sylvaine Cardey and Peter Greenfield 231
Making a workable glossary out of a specialised corpus: Term extraction and expert knowledge
Christine Chodkiewicz, Didier Bourigault and John Humbley 249
Translation and Parallel Concordancing
Translation alignment and lexical correspondences: A methodological reflection
Olivier Kraif 271
The use of electronic corpora and lexical frequency data in solving translation problems
François Maniez 291
Multiconcord: A computer tool for cross-linguistic research
Patrick Corness 307
General index 327
Author index 333

Publication Year: 2002
Publisher: John Benjamins
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Linguistic Field(s): Text/Corpus Linguistics
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