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By Thomas Hoffmann

This is the first study that empirically investigates preposition placement across all clause types. The study compares first-language (British English) and second-language (Kenyan English) data and will therefore appeal to readers interested in world Englishes. Over 100 authentic corpus examples are discussed in the text, which will appeal to those who want to see 'real data'

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Title: Writing for Academic Purposes
Subtitle: A Handbook for Learners of English as a Second Language
Written By: María Rosa Alonso Alonso
Series Title: LINCOM Academic Reference Books 02

Writing for Academic Purposes
A Handbook for Learners of English as a Second Language

María Rosa Alonso Alonso
Universidad de Vigo

This book has been written to fill in a gap in the literature: an exercise
book for academic purposes. Students of English as a Second Language,
researchers and teachers often have problems to write in an academic
context. For five years, the author has been collecting data from the
written production of students, researchers and teachers who studied
English as a Second Language in academic contexts. The most frequent
errors, common to all of them, were analysed. The data collected have been
the source to create this book. It contains theoretical explanations and
practical exercises covering the following topics: spelling and
punctuation, pronoun agreement, verbal agreement, sequence of tenses,
dangling modifiers, infinitives and -ing form, hedging and frequently
misused words. All the activities are based on real examples produced by
students in different fields when writing in English for academic purposes.

The material has been tested in the classroom to check it applicability.
The author offered the University of Vigo a training course in academic
writing in the scientific-technological field for students, researchers and
teachers. As the course was a success, five more courses were done. For two
years, the author tested the material, added issues that the students
demanded and included several appendices.


1 Punctuation
1.1 Full stop
1.2 Comma
1.3 Semicolon
1.4 Colon
1.5 Dash
1.6 Brackets

2 Spelling
2.1 Doubling of consonants
2.2 Adding a suffix to a word
2.3 Adding suffixes to words ending in -y
2.4 Making plurals

3 Pronoun agreement
3.1 Pronoun number
3.2 Pronoun gender
3.3 Ambiguity

4 Verbal agreement
4.1 Singular Subjects
4.2 Plural subject
4.3 Singular or plural subject

5 Dangling modifiers
5.1 Placement
5.2 Correcting dangling modifiers

6 Sequence of tenses
6.1 How are tenses divided in the different sections of a paper?
6.2 What is the sequence of tenses?
6.2.1 Perfect and progressive tenses

7 Infinitive and -ing form
7.1 Uses of the infinitive
7.2 Uses of -ing form
7.3 Verbs which can be used both with infinitive or -ing
7.4 Verbs which can be used with infinitive or -ing but there is a change
in meaning

8 Hedging
8.1 How can this be done?

9 Frequently misused words

E Key to the activities

E.1 Unit 1: Punctuation
E.2 Unit 2: Spelling
E.3 Unit 3: Pronoun Agreement
E.4 Unit 4: Verbal Agreement
E.5 Unit 5: Dangling Modifiers
E.6 Unit 6: Sequence of Tenses

ISBN 9783895864391. LINCOM Academic Reference Books 02. 110pp. 2009.

Publication Year: 2009
Publisher: Lincom GmbH
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Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Anthropological Linguistics
Language Acquisition
English as a Second Language
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Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 9783895864391
Pages: 110
Prices: Europe EURO 44.50