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Words in Time and Place: Exploring Language Through the Historical Thesaurus of the Oxford English Dictionary

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Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases

By Peter Mark Roget

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The Brill Dictionary of Ancient Greek

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Ampersand: An International Journal of General and Applied Linguistics

Edited By R. Cann, H. Pichler, K. Van De Poel, D. van Olmen, and K. Watson

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Title: Listening to Subtitles
Subtitle: Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Edited By: Anna Matamala
Pilar Orero

This book is the first monographic study on subtitles for the deaf and hard of
hearing from a multidisciplinary perspective, from engineering to philology.
The book departs from studies, analyses, tests, validations, resulting data,
and their application from the nation-wide research on accessibility and
usability of subtitles carried out in Spain.

Tests and further analysis were carried out paying attention to users' hearing
profiles, the many formal features of subtitles - size, font, colour, position,
etc. -, and the syntax of the subtitle. The book also contains articles which
discuss present and future research on subtitles for the deaf and hard of
hearing carried out in Canada and across Europe: Belgium, Denmark, Italy,
Poland, Spain, and UK. It provides an outlook for the implementation of the
European Guidelines on Media Accessibility.


Peter Olaf Looms: Prologue: Digital television for some or for all?
- Inmaculada C. Báez Montero/Ana Ma Fernández Soneira: Spanish deaf
people as recipients of closed captioning
- Carmen Cabeza-Pereiro: The development of writing and grammatisation:
The case of the deaf
- Francisco Utray/Belén Ruiz/José Antonio Moreiro: Maximum font size for
subtitles in Standard Definition Digital Television: Tests for a font magnifying
- Eduard Bartoll/Anjana Martínez Tejerina: The positioning of subtitles for the
deaf and hard of hearing
- Ana Pereira: Criteria for elaborating subtitles for deaf and hard of hearing
adults in Spain: Description of a case study
- Ana Pereira: Including Spanish Sign Language in subtitles for the deaf and
hard of hearing
- Lourdes Lorenzo: Subtitling for deaf and hard of hearing children in Spain: A
case study
- Lourdes Lorenzo: Criteria for elaborating subtitles for deaf and hard of
hearing children in Spain: A guide of good practice - Clara Civera/Pilar Orero:
Introducing icons in subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing: Optimising
- Verónica Arnáiz Uzquiza: SUBSORDIG: The need for a deep analysis of
- Pablo Romero-Fresco: D'Artagnan and the Seven Musketeers: SUBSORDIG
travels to Europe
- Gilles Boulianne/Jean-François Beaumont/Maryse Boisvert/Julie
Brousseau/Patrick Cardinal/Claude Chapdelaine/Michel Comeau/Pierre
Ouellet/Frédéric Osterrath/Pierre Dumouchel: Shadow speaking for real-time
closed-captioning of TV broadcasts in French
- Álvaro Pérez-Ugena/Ricardo Vizcaíno-Laorga/Deborah Rolph: Subtitles for
the deaf and hard of hearing within a virtual avatar environment: ULISES
- Ana Pereira/Verónica Arnáiz Uzquiza: A comprehensive bibliography on
subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing from a multidisciplinary approach.

The Editors:
Anna Matamala and Pilar Orero lecture at UAB (Spain), where they
coordinate two MA Degrees in Audiovisual Translation: and They
have a wide experience as professional translators for broadcasters such as
TVC, TVE and BBC and are authors of many publications and coordinators of
research projects regarding Media Accessibility such as the European
DTV4ALL. They belong to TransMedia and lead TransMedia Catalonia.

Publication Year: 2010
Publisher: Peter Lang AG
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Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
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Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 9783034303538
Pages: 235
Prices: U.S. $ 63.95
U.K. £ 37.10
Europe EURO 41.20