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Edited by H. Samy Alim, John R. Rickford, and Arnetha F. Ball

Raciolinguistics "Brings together a critical mass of scholars to form a new field dedicated to theorizing and analyzing language and race together."

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Sociolinguistics from the Periphery

By Sari Pietikäinen, FinlandAlexandra Jaffe, Long BeachHelen Kelly-Holmes, and Nikolas Coupland

Sociolinguistics from the Periphery "presents a fascinating book about change: shifting political, economic and cultural conditions; ephemeral, sometimes even seasonal, multilingualism; and altered imaginaries for minority and indigenous languages and their users."

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Title: Teaching Language and Culture in an Era of Complexity
Subtitle: Interdisciplinary Approaches for an Interrelated World
Edited By: Joëlle Aden
Trevor Grimshaw
Hermine Penz
Series Title: GRAMM-R. Studies of French Linguistics - Volume 7

This book contains contributions in English and French.

The 21st century presents significant challenges for the teaching of
language and culture. More than ever before, educators are faced with a
complex and dynamic landscape of beliefs and practices, where diversity and
interculturality create constantly shifting identities. This volume offers
an interdisciplinary response to the uncertainties of our era. It takes as
its focus two key notions: interrelatedness and universes of belief and
thought. The contributors offer illuminating insights on topics such as
empathy, constructions of Self and Other, the cultivation of intercultural
awareness and the role of English as a Lingua Franca. As such, the volume
makes a significant step towards developing a theoretical and pedagogical
paradigm appropriate for our plurilingual and pluricultural world.


Claire Kramsch: Foreword - David Newby : Introduction - Joëlle Aden :
L'empathie, socle de la reliance en didactique des langues - Bérangère
Thirioux/Alain Berthoz: Phenomenology and Physiology of Empathy and
Sympathy. How Intersubjectivity is the Correlate of Objectivity -
Christiane Hoybel : De la relation altérité-mobilité-dynamique
motivationnelle - Stephen Scott Brewer : Un regard agentique sur l'anxiété
langagière - Karima Lebdiri : Faire l'expérience de l'altérité ou quand
l'interaction devient facteur de reliance - Pascale Goutéraux : L'affect,
un outil de médiation pour l'appropriation des représentations culturelles
et linguistiques en langue étrangère - Romy Sauvayre : La croyance à
l'épreuve. Une dialectique émotionnelle et cognitive - Danielle Chini :
Entre diversité et invariance. Plaidoyer pour l'énonciation comme fondement
de la reliance - Hermine Penz: Teaching Strategies for Achieving
Understanding in the Language Classroom - Anne-Marie Voise : The Garden: an
English Love Affair ou la construction d'une culture partagée - Jennifer
Fauster Schumm: Promoting Intercultural Sensitivity Through Young Adult
Literature - Françoise Bonnet-Falandry : Pour une reliance des imaginaires.
La littérature en classe de langue - Marie-Christine Deyrich : L'uvre
littéraire pour articuler les apprentissages en L1 et en L2 à l'école
primaire - Martine Jaubert/Maryse Rebière : Enseigner le français langue de
scolarisation à l'école primaire. Au carrefour de multiples univers de
croyance - Katherine Raithby/Carol Morgan: What is Giftedness in Modern
Foreign Languages? An exploration of metaphor as a means of understanding -
Boris Zhigalev: The Role of Assessment in the Competency-based Approach to
Language Teaching - Trevor Grimshaw: The Branding of English as a Lingua
Franca - Françoise Haramboure : À la recherche d'une nouvelle reliance. Le
cas de l'enseignement/apprentissage de l'anglais dans les formations en
alternance - Evelyne Glaser: Keep Those Languages in the Curriculum - But
Teach Them Differently - Laura Coroamã : Une analyse comparée des univers
de croyance des élèves roumains concernant le plurilinguisme - Claire
Tardieu : Univers de croyance et apprentissage des langues-cultures.
Déliance ou reliance ? Réflexion sur un fait de formation des maîtres -
Sandra Durand : Diglossie et alternance codique dans les représentations
des enseignants jamaïquains.

Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: Peter Lang AG
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Linguistic Field(s): Applied Linguistics
Language Acquisition
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