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Title: The Kifuliiru Language volume 1: Phonology, Tone, and Morphology Derivation
Written By: Karen Van Otterloo
Series Title: Publications in Linguistics

This volume on Kifuliiru, a Bantu (J) language of the Democratic Republic of
Congo, and its companion volume, The Kifuliiru Language: Volume 2: A
Descriptive Grammar, is one of the most thorough and yet readable Bantu
grammars available. Designed primarily as language documentation rather
than as theoretical analysis, these volumes aim at a thorough presentation of
the many interesting features found in a typical Interlacustrine Bantu (J)

A special highlight of this first volume is an unusually detailed and thorough
autosegmental analysis of Kifuliiru tone, with emphasis on the realization of
tone in an extensive variety of verbal forms and constructions, with and
without various object prefixes and including passive and causative variations
of most forms. This allows clear evaluation of the concomitant tonal
changes. Whereas in most Bantu languages a high tone seems to contrast
only with its absence, this thorough analysis of Kifuliiru indicates a
synchronic three-way distinction in verbs between high (H), low (L), and
toneless (0). Verbs of all three classes are used to illustrate each different
grammatical tone pattern.

One chapter is dedicated to a detailed presentation of the morphology and
morphophonology of derivation in Kifuliiru. Discussion of the verbal
extensions includes the morphophonological and syntactic aspects as well as
the semantic nuances of each extension. An exhaustive treatment of the
formation of the resultative (often called perfective) form of the verb stem is
also included.

Karen Van Otterloo received a master's degree in linguistics from the
University of Texas at Arlington in 1977. She and her husband, Roger (author
of Volume 2), lived with their family in the Kifuliiru-speaking area of what was
then Zaire from 1980-1996, and still continue contact and involvement today.

Publication Year: 2011
Publisher: SIL International Publications
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Linguistic Field(s): Discourse Analysis
Language Documentation
Subject Language(s): Fuliiru
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Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781556712616
Pages: 516
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