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Language Planning as a Sociolinguistic Experiment

By: Ernst Jahr

Provides richly detailed insight into the uniqueness of the Norwegian language development. Marks the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Norwegian nation following centuries of Danish rule

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Acquiring Phonology: A Cross-Generational Case-Study

By Neil Smith

The study also highlights the constructs of current linguistic theory, arguing for distinctive features and the notion 'onset' and against some of the claims of Optimality Theory and Usage-based accounts.

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Language Production and Interpretation: Linguistics meets Cognition

By Henk Zeevat

The importance of Henk Zeevat's new monograph cannot be overstated. [...] I recommend it to anyone who combines interests in language, logic, and computation [...]. David Beaver, University of Texas at Austin

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Title: North East Indian Linguistics - Volume 5
Edited By: MarkW.Post
Series Title: North East Indian Linguistics

North East Indian Linguistics Volume 5 presents the latest in descriptive and anthropological linguistic research into the languages of the North East Indian region. Long acknowledged to be among the culturally and linguistically richest and most diverse regions of all Asia, North East India needs to be well-studied and well-understood to underscore its potential.

This volume advances the understanding of North East Indian languages and cultures through analyses of a wide variety of topics in a range of regional languages. The themes discussed in this volume include language contact and genetic linguistics in the languages of Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and neighbouring Bhutan, historical grammar within the Bodo-Garo and Mizo-Kuki-Chin branches of Tibeto-Burman, nominalization and the relational marking of noun phrases in North East Indian languages, and new advances in the study of Bodo-Garo phonology – in addition to contributions to the analysis of Eastern Indo-Aryan grammar and the song language of the Pangwa Tangsa.

This book will be of interest to linguists, anthropologists, sociologists, and anyone with an abiding interest in the languages and cultures of this fascinating and understudied region.

About the Contributors
Foreword by Kazuyuki Kiryu
A Note from the Editors

Contact and genetic linguistics
1. Koch dialects of Meghalaya and Assam: A sociolinguistic survey
2. The Siyom River Valley: An essay on intra-subgroup convergence in Tibeto-Burman
3. On the internal phylogeny of East Bodish

Historical-comparative Tibeto-Burman grammar
4. Proto-Bodo-Garo verbal elements
5. Verb agreement suffixes in Mizo-Kuki-Chin
6. Towards deciphering the linguistic content of an age-old Dimasa narrative

The North East Indian noun phrase
7. The marking of noun phrases: Some observations on the languages of North East India
8. Deverbal nominals in Sumi

Assamese grammar
9. Reciprocal constructions in Asamiya
10. Question formation in Asamiya (Assamese)

Advances in Boro-Garo phonology
11. Tiwa tones in monosyllables
12. The ‘sixth’ vowel in the Boro-Garo languages

Poetics and text
13. Wihu song of the Pangwa Tangsa: Poetry and linguistic forms, meaning and the transformation into a symbol of identity

Publication Year: 2013
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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Linguistic Field(s): General Linguistics
Language Documentation
Anthropological Linguistics
Subject Language(s): Assamese
Language Family(ies): Indo-Aryan
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Format: Hardback
ISBN-13: 9789382264729
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