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Style, Mediation, and Change

Edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland, and Jacob Thogersen

Style, Mediation, and Change "Offers a coherent view of style as a unifying concept for the sociolinguistics of talking media."

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Intonation and Prosodic Structure

By Caroline Féry

Intonation and Prosodic Structure "provides a state-of-the-art survey of intonation and prosodic structure."

Book Information

Title: A Practical Guide to Lexicography
Edited By: Piet van Sterkenburg
Series Title: Terminology and Lexicography Research and Practice 6

This is a state-of-the-art Guide to the fascinating world of the lexicon and its description in various types of dictionaries.
A team of experts brings together a solid Introduction to Lexicography and leads you through decision-making processes step-by-step to compile and design dictionaries for general and specific purposes. The domains of lexicography are outlined and its specific terminology is explained in the Glossary. Each chapter provides ample suggestions for further reading. Naturally, electronic dictionaries, corpus analysis, and database management are central themes throughout the book.
The book also "introduces" questions about the many types of definition, meaning, sense relations, and stylistics. And that is not all: those afraid to embark on a dictionary adventure will find out all about the pitfalls in the chapters on Design.

Table of contents

Preface ix
I. The forms, contents and uses of dictionaries
Chapter 1. Foundations
1.1 ‘The’ dictionary: Definition and history
Piet van Sterkenburg 3–17
1.2 Source materials for dictionaries
František Cermák 18–25
1.3 Uses and users of dictionaries
Paul Bogaards 26–33
1.4 Types of articles, their structure and different types of lemmata
Rufus Gouws 34–43
1.5 Dictionary typologies: A pragmatic approach
Piet Swanepoel 44–69
Chapter 2. Descriptive lexicography
2.1 Phonological, morphological and syntactic specifications in monolingual dictionaries
Johan De Caluwe and Ariane van Santen 71–82
2.2 Meaning and definition
Dirk Geeraerts 83–93
2.3 Dictionaries of proverbs
Stanislaw Predota 94–101
2.4 Pragmatic specifications: Usage indications, labels, examples; dictionaries of style, dictionaries of collocations
Igor Burkhanov 102–113
2.5 Morphology in dictionaries
Johan De Caluwe and Johan Taeldeman 114–126
2.6 Onomasiological specifications and a concise history of onomasiological ictionaries
Piet van Sterkenburg 127–143
Chapter 3. Special types of dictionaries
3.1 Types of bilingual dictionaries
Mike Hannay 145–153
3.2 Specialized lexicography and specialized dictionaries
Lynne Bowker 154–164
II. Linguistic corpora (databases) and the compilation of dictionaries
Chapter 4. Corpora for dictionaries
4.1 Corpora for lexicography
John Sinclair 167–178
4.2 Corpus processing
John Sinclair 179–193
4.3 Multifunctional linguistic databases: Their multiple use
Truus Kruyt 194–203
4.4 Lexicographic workbench: A case history
Daniel Ridings 204–214
Chapter 5. Design of dictionaries
5.1 Developments in electronic dictionary design
Lineke Oppentocht and Rik Schutz 215–227
5.2 Linguistic corpora (databases) and the compilation of dictionaries
Krista Varantola 228–239
5.3 The design of online lexicons
Sean Michael Burke 240–249
Chapter 6. Realisation of dictionaries
6.1 The codification of phonological, morphological, and syntactic information
Geert Booij 251–259
6.2 The production and use of occurrence examples
John Simpson 260–272
6.3 The codification of semantic information
Fons Moerdijk 273–296
6.4 The codification of usage by labels
Henk Verkuyl, Maarten Janssen and Frank Jansen 297–311
6.5 The codification of etymological information
Nicoline van der Sijs 314–321
Chapter 7. Examples of design and production criteria for major dictionaries
7.1 Examples of design and production criteria for bilingual dictionaries
Wim Honselaar 323–332
7.2 Design and production of terminological dictionaries
Willy Martin and Hennie van der Vliet 333–349
7.3 Design and production of monolingual dictionaries
Ferenc Kiefer and Piet van Sterkenburg 350–365
7.4 Towards an ‘ideal’ Dictionary of English Collocations
Stefania Nuccorini 366–387
Glossary 389–419
Bibliography 421–442
General index 443–459

Publication Year: 2003
Publisher: John Benjamins
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Linguistic Field(s): Lexicography
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