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The Social Origins of Language

By Daniel Dor

Presents a new theoretical framework for the origins of human language and sets key issues in language evolution in their wider context within biological and cultural evolution

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Preposition Placement in English: A Usage-Based Approach

By Thomas Hoffmann

This is the first study that empirically investigates preposition placement across all clause types. The study compares first-language (British English) and second-language (Kenyan English) data and will therefore appeal to readers interested in world Englishes. Over 100 authentic corpus examples are discussed in the text, which will appeal to those who want to see 'real data'

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Free access to several Brill linguistics journals, such as Journal of Jewish Languages, Language Dynamics and Change, and Brill’s Annual of Afroasiatic Languages and Linguistics.

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Termcraft : The emergence of terminology science from the Vinčans and Sumerians to Aristotle
Discontinuity in Second Language Acquisition : The Switch between Statistical and Grammatical Learning
LarysaShotropa (Editor)
From Language to Discourse : Selected Papers of VII Linguistic Sharing Forum
Language Myths, Mysteries and Magic
José-LuisMendívil-Giró (Editor)
To be or not to be a Word : New Reflections on the Definition of Word
ManelLacorte (Editor)
The Routledge Handbook of Hispanic Applied Linguistics
True Emotions
A New English Grammar: Volume 1 : Logical and Historical
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A New English Grammar: Volume 2 : Logical and Historical
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Dictionary of Obsolete and Provincial English: Volume 1 : Containing Words from the English Writers Previous to the Nineteenth Century Which are No Longer in Use, or Are Not Used in the Same Sense; and Words Which Are Now Used Only in Provincial Dialects
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Dictionary of Obsolete and Provincial English: Volume 2 : Containing Words from the English Writers Previous to the Nineteenth Century Which are No Longer in Use, or Are Not Used in the Same Sense; and Words Which Are Now Used Only in Provincial Dialects
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Roger D.Sell (Editor)
Literature as Dialogue : Invitations offered and negotiated
HeikoNarrog (Editor)
Perspectives on Semantic Roles
Yuri A.Kleiner (Editor)
History of Linguistics 2011 : Selected Papers from the 12th International Conference on the History of the Language Sciences (ICHoLS XII), Saint Petersburg, 28 August - 2 September 2011
LieselotteBrems (Editor)
Intersubjectivity and Intersubjectification in Grammar and Discourse : Theoretical and descriptive advances
SamiraFarwaneh (Editor)
Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXIV-XXV : Papers from the annual symposia on Arabic Linguistics. Texas, 2010 and Arizona, 2011
BarbaraDe Cock
Profiling Discourse Participants : Forms and functions in Spanish conversation and debates
FranciscoGonzálvez-García (Editor)
Romance Perspectives on Construction Grammar
The Evaluation of Language Regimes : Theory and application to multilingual patent organisations
TomGüldemann (Editor)
Beyond 'Khoisan' : Historical relations in the Kalahari Basin
MarianneHundt (Editor)
English in the Indian Diaspora
Exploring Functional-Cognitive Space
MandanaSeyfeddinipur (Editor)
From Gesture in Conversation to Visible Action as Utterance : Essays in honor of Adam Kendon
Kommunikative Routinen : Formen, Formeln, Forschungsbereiche Festschrift zum 65. Geburtstag von Prof. Dr. Irma Hyvärinen
Komplexe deutsche Nominalphrasen und ihre polnischen Entsprechungen : Eine konfrontative Studie
Einführung in die germanistische Linguistik
DerekOfford (Editor)
European Francophonie : The Social, Political and Cultural History of an International Prestige Language
Le sens absent : Approche microstructurale et interprétative du virtuel sémantique
Pragmantax II : Zum aktuellen Stand der Linguistik und ihrer Teildisziplinen Akten des 43. Linguistischen Kolloquiums in Magdeburg 2008 The Present State of Linguistics and its Sub-Disciplines Proceedings of the 43rd Linguistics Colloquium, Magdeburg 2008
IrisForster (Editor)
Skandal im Sprachbezirk
Teaching English Pronunciation at the Secondary School Level
A History of English Sounds from the Earliest Period : With Full Word-Lists
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Die Validität der Skalen des Gemeinsamen europäischen Referenzrahmens für Sprachen : Eine empirische Untersuchung der Flüssigkeits- und Wortschatzskalen des GeRS am Beispiel des Italienischen und des Deutschen
Language and Power : 3rd Edition
Learner corpus profiles : The case of Romanian Learner English
RobertNicolaï (Editor)
Questioning Language Contact : Limits of Contact, Contact at its Limits
Theoretical and Experimental Aspects of Syntax-Discourse Interface in Heritage Grammars
KateBeeching (Editor)
Discourse Functions at the Left and Right Periphery : Crosslinguistic Investigations of Language Use and Language Change
Morphosyntax of the Noun Phrase in Hieroglyphic Luwian
Slavic Nominal Word-Formation : Proto-Indo-European Origins and Historical Development
Testing ESL Sociopragmatics : Development and Validation of a Web-based Test Battery
The Impact of Study Abroad on the Acquisition of Sociopragmatic Variation Patterns : The Case of Non-Native Speaker English Teachers
Tra romanistica e germanistica: lingua, testo, cognizione e cultura Between Romance and Germanic: Language, text, cognition and culture
Der politische Diskurs als Gegenstand der linguistischen Analyse am Beispiel der Integrationsdebatte in Deutschland 2006-2010
Langue et identité dans l'espace digital
Sprachminderheiten: gestern, heute, morgen/Minoranze linguistiche: ieri, oggi, domani
Sprechwissenschaft: Bestand, Prognose, Perspektive
KataCsizér (Editor)
The Impact of Self-Concept on Language Learning
Wörterbücher der Deutschen Gebärdensprache : Sprachspezifische Besonderheiten und deren Bearbeitung in ausgewählten Wörterbüchern
Compositional Semantics : An Introduction to the Syntax/Semantics Interface
ManuelCasado-Velarde (Editor)
Language Use in the Public Sphere : Methodological Perspectives and Empirical Applications
KatalinKiss (Editor)
The Evolution of Functional Left Peripheries in Hungarian Syntax
MarthaBigelow (Editor)
The Routledge Handbook of Educational Linguistics
The Unspeakable: Narratives of Trauma
GerhardStickel (Editor)
Translation and Interpretation in Europe : Contributions to the Annual Conference 2013 of EFNIL in Vilnius
A Meskwaki-English and English Meskwaki Dictionary Based on Early Twentieth-Century Writings by Native Speakers
Russian : From Intermediate to Advanced
Understanding Syntax : 4th Edition
Diskursdynamiken [Discourse Dynamics: Metaphorical Patterns for the Discursive Object “Virus”] : Metaphorische Muster zum Diskursobjekt Virus
La liturgia del «trobar» [The Liturgy of the Troubadours: Assimilation and Reuse of Elements of Christian Ritual in Occitan Songs] : Assimilazione e riuso di elementi del rito cristiano nelle canzoni occitane medievali
HéctorHernández Arocha
Las familias de palabras [Word Families: Relationships Between Morphology, Semantics, and Argument Structure in Verbs Derived from “decir” and “sagen”] : Relaciones entre morfología, semántica y estructura argumental en las raíces «dec(ir)» y «sag(en)»
Phonotaktisches Wissen [Phonotactic Knowledge: Pre-attentive Processing of Phonological Illegality] : Zur prä-attentiven Verarbeitung phonotaktischer Illegalität
English as a Lingua Franca in Wider Networking : Blogging Practices
Expletive and Referential Subject Pronouns in Medieval French
Making New Words : Morphological Derivation in English
AndreKlump (Editor)
Manuel des langues romanes [Manual of the Romance Languages]
JannisAndroutsopoulos (Editor)
Mediatization and Sociolinguistic Change
MartinaNied Curcio (Editor)
Zweisprachige Lexikographie zwischen Translation und Didaktik [Bilingual lexicography between translation and didactics]
NormaSchifano (Translator)
Latin: A Linguistic Introduction
Syntactic Reconstruction and Proto-Germanic
WaltraudWeidenbusch (Editor)
Diskursmarker, Konnektoren, Modalwörter | Marqueurs du discours, connecteurs, averbes modaux et particules modales
MichaelHaugh (Editor)
Best Practices for Spoken Corpora in Linguistic Research
GalinaPolenova (Editor)
Collected Articles of the 3rd International Linguistics Conference (Taganrog, Russia)
Jeong-BaeSon (Editor)
Computer-Assisted Language Learning : Learners, Teachers and Tools
EugeniuszCyran (Editor)
Crossing Phonetics-Phonology Lines
Pre-Greek : Phonology, Morphology, Lexicon
The Cognitive Perspective on the Polysemy of the English Spatial Preposition Over
Global Englishes : A Resource Book for Students, 3rd Edition
MariaSabaté i Dalmau
Migrant Communication Enterprises : Regimentation and Resistance
Audiovisual Translation : Theories, Methods and Issues
From Utterances to Speech Acts
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
MartaGonzález-Lloret (Editor)
Technology-mediated TBLT : Researching Technology and Tasks
FranciscoGonzálvez García (Editor)
Theory and Practice in Functional-Cognitive Space
GeertJacobs (Editor)
Trust and Discourse : Organizational perspectives
Ferdinandvon Mengden (Editor)
Usage-Based Approaches to Language Change
CédrickFairon (Editor)
SMS Communication : A linguistic approach
LinnaeaStockall (Editor)
Structuring the Argument : Multidisciplinary research on verb argument structure
AdelheidHu (Editor)
Plurilingual Education : Policies – practices – language development
Old Northumbrian Verbal Morphosyntax and the (Northern) Subject Rule
Leah S.Bauke
Symmetry Breaking in Syntax and the Lexicon
Phraseological Substitutions in Newspaper Headlines : “More than Meats the Eye”
MarciaVeirano Pinto (Editor)
Multi-Dimensional Analysis, 25 years on : A tribute to Douglas Biber
Multimodality, Interaction and Turn-taking in Mandarin Conversation
DavidLasagabaster (Editor)
Motivation and Foreign Language Learning : From theory to practice
Literary Conceptualizations of Growth : Metaphors and cognition in adolescent literature
Álvaro S.Octavio de Toledo (Editor)
Left Sentence Peripheries in Spanish : Diachronic, Variationist and Comparative Perspectives
AnjaLowit (Editor)
Motor Speech Disorders : A Cross-Language Perspective
ChigusaKurumada (Editor)
Language in Interaction : Studies in honor of Eve V. Clark
AndyHancock (Editor)
Learning Chinese in Diasporic Communities : Many pathways to being Chinese
CarmenPérez-Vidal (Editor)
Language Acquisition in Study Abroad and Formal Instruction Contexts
Korean English : A corpus-driven study of a new English
CarmenSoler-Monreal (Editor)
Dialogicity in Written Specialised Genres
SaraRubinelli (Editor)
Argumentation and Health
James P.Allen
Middle Egyptian : An Introduction to the Language and Culture of Hieroglyphs
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Quantity Implicatures
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
EricPederson (Editor)
Event Representation in Language and Cognition
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Language, Migration, and Identity : Neighborhood Talk in Indonesia
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Preposition Placement in English : A Usage-based Approach
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
KristinDenham (Editor)
Linguistics at School : Language Awareness in Primary and Secondary Education
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
How Children Learn to Write Words
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Norton R.Tempest
The Rhythm of English Prose : A Manual for Students
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
G. E.Fuhrken
Standard English Speech : A Compendium of English Phonetics for Foreign Students
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Adjunct Adverbials in English
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
John FrederickBailyn
The Syntax of Russian
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
PieraMolinelli (Editor)
Discourse and Pragmatic Markers from Latin to the Romance Languages
Understanding the Chinese Language : A Comprehensive Linguistic Introduction
Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar Workbook : 2nd Edition
Translation and Language Education : Pedagogic Approaches Explored
Teenage Talk : From General Characteristics to the Use of Pragmatic Markers in a Contrastive Perspective
MatthiasBrenzinger (Editor)
The Body in Language : Comparative Studies of Linguistic Embodiment
M.Picallo (Editor)
Linguistic Variation in the Minimalist Framework
The Grammar of Names in Anglo-Saxon England : The Linguistics and Culture of the Old English Onomasticon
Introduction to Instructed Second Language Acquisition
Vietnam War Slang : A Dictionary on Historical Principles
SueGarton (Editor)
International Perspectives on Materials in ELT
Interpreter-mediated Police Interviews : A Discourse-Pragmatic Approach
TorkildThellefsen (Editor)
Charles Sanders Peirce in His Own Words : 100 Years of Semiotics, Communication and Cognition
OttoWinkelmann (Editor)
Zur Lexikographie der romanischen Sprachen : Romanistisches Kolloquium XXVIII
Scrambling ohne Informationsstruktur? [Scrambling without Information Structure? Prosodic, Semantic, and Syntactic Factors in German Word Order] : Prosodische, semantische und syntaktische Faktoren der deutschen Wortstellung
Die allmähliche Verfertigung der Diagnose im Reden [The Gradual Emergence of a Diagnosis in Discourse: Pre-Diagnostic Statements in Doctor-Patient Interaction] : Prädiagnostische Mitteilungen im Gespräch zwischen Arzt und Patient
KnutLundby (Editor)
Mediatization of Communication
Sprache, Literatur und nationale Identität [Language, Literature, and National Identity: Debates on the Universal and the Particular in France and Germany] : Die Debatten über das Universelle und das Partikuläre in Frankreich und Deutschland
InezDe Florio-Hansen
Fremdsprachenunterricht lernwirksam gestalten : Mit Beispielen für Englisch, Französisch und Spanisch
AlbrechtGreule (Editor)
Atlas der deutschen Mundarten in Tschechien, Band 6 : Lexik 1: Pflanzen und Tiere
MarcoGarcía García
Differentielle Objektmarkierung bei unbelebten Objekten im Spanischen [Differential Object Marking with Inanimate Objects in Spanish]
MojmírMuzikant (Editor)
Atlas der deutschen Mundarten in Tschechien, Band 2 : Lautlehre 1: Kurzvokale
Sprachwissenschaft für Skandinavisten : Eine Einführung
ChristianeFäcke (Editor)
Manual of Language Acquisition
A Grammar of Kulina
Contrastive Linguistics : History, Philosophy and Methodology
LievenVandelanotte (Editor)
Recent Advances in Corpus Linguistics : Developing and Exploiting Corpora
NathalieGontier (Editor)
The Evolution of Social Communication in Primates
Data Structure in Cognitive Metaphor Research : Series: Metalinguistica - Volume 26
GiudittaCaliendo (Editor)
The Language of Popularization [Die Sprache der Popularisierung] : Theoretical and Descriptive Models [Theoretische und deskriptive Modelle]
MicheleDe Gioia (Editor)
Pratiques communicatives de la médiation : Actes du Colloque international (Université de Padoue, 6-7 décembre 2012)
VeljkaRuzicka Kenfel (Editor)
New Trends in Children's Literature Research : Twenty-first Century Approaches (2000-2012) from the University of Vigo (Spain)
Categorization and L2 Vocabulary Learning : A Cognitive Linguistic Perspective
CathrineFabricus-Hansen (Editor)
Psycholinguistic Approaches to Meaning and Understanding across Languages
Sarah CatherineMoore (Editor)
Language Policy Processes and Consequences : Arizona Case Studies
PascaleLeclercq (Editor)
Measuring L2 Proficiency : Perspectives from SLA
Young Children as Intercultural Mediators : Mandarin-speaking Chinese Families in Britain
Salam OmarMahmood
Ausspracheschwierigkeiten arabischer Deutschlernender aus dem Irak und didaktische Überlegungen zum Ausspracheunterricht
SalvadorValera-Hernández (Editor)
Diachrony and Synchrony in English Corpus Linguistics
Analytisch-evaluative Kritik der Übersetzung von Erzählprosa : Eine Fallstudie zu Eva Schönfelds Übersetzung von Doris Lessings Novelle The Fifth Child Unter Mitarbeit von Stephan-Alexander Ditze
Reading for Learning : Cognitive approaches to children's literature
KaoriKabata (Editor)
Usage-based Approaches to Japanese Grammar : Towards the understanding of human language
RainerSchulze (Editor)
The Expression of Inequality in Interaction : Power, dominance, and status
DanielleMatthews (Editor)
Pragmatic Development in First Language Acquisition
DominiqueMaingueneau (Editor)
The Discourse Studies Reader : Main currents in theory and analysis
Modern Mandarin Chinese Grammar : A Practical Guide, 2nd Edition
David I.Hanauer (Editor)
Language, Literacy, and Learning in STEM Education : Research Methods and Perspectives from Applied Linguistics
LunaFilipović (Editor)
Multilingual Cognition and Language Use : Processing and typological perspectives
Language Contact, Inherited Similarity and Social Difference : The story of linguistic interaction in the Maya lowlands
Future Robots : Towards a robotic science of human beings
Pragmatic Competence and Relevance
OlgaSpevak (Editor)
Noun Valency
LevMichael (Editor)
Evidentiality in Interaction
From Paris to Nuremberg : The birth of conference interpreting
ChiaraCelata (Editor)
Advances in Sociophonetics
AliciaGalera Masegosa
Cognitive Modeling : A Linguistic Perspective
DanDisney (Editor)
Exploring Second Language Creative Writing : Beyond Babel
A Corpus Linguistic Approach to Literary Language and Characterization : Virginia Woolf's The Waves
Unified Discourse Analysis : Language, Reality, Virtual Worlds and Video Games
Johann WolfgangUnger
Researching Language and Social Media : A Student Guide
San SanTun
Colloquial Burmese : The Complete Course for Beginners
The Bilingual Mind : And What It Tells Us about Language and Thought
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
BethwynEvans (Editor)
The Routledge Handbook of Historical Linguistics
The New Routledge & Van Dale Dutch Dictionary : Dutch-English and English-Dutch, 2nd Edition
UlrikeGut (Editor)
The Oxford Handbook of Corpus Phonology
ThomasRoeper (Editor)
Recursion: Complexity in Cognition
Early Modern English Dialogues : Spoken Interaction as Writing
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
JesúsRomero-Trillo (Editor)
Yearbook of Corpus Linguistics and Pragmatics 2014 : New Empirical and Theoretical Paradigms
LenkaVanková (Editor)
Fachtexte des Spätmittelalters und der Frühen Neuzeit [Scientific Texts from the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Era as Objects of Research on Scientific Language and Scientific Prose] : Tradition und Perspektiven der Fachprosa- und Fachsprachenforschung
The Crosslinguistics of Zero-Marking of Spatial Relations
Verbale Obszönität bei Francisco de Quevedo [Verbal Obscenity in the Works of Francisco de Quevedo]
AlexBoulton (Editor)
French through Corpora : Ecological and Data-Driven Perspectives in French Language Studies
Buchdruck und Sprachwandel [The Printed Book and Language Change] : Schreibsprachliche und textstrukturelle Varianz in der "Melusine" des Thüring von Ringoltingen (1473/74-1692/93) [Variance in the Written Language and Textual Structure in the “Melusine” by Thüring von Ringoltingen (1473/74–1692/93)]
PhilippeDe Brabanter (Editor)
Future Times, Future Tenses
Phrase Structure and Argument Structure : A Case Study of the Syntax-Semantics Interface
SabineAsmus (Editor)
Unity in Diversity, Volume 2: Cultural and Linguistic Markers of the Concept
The Social Origins of Language
Ingridde Saint-Georges
Multilingualism and Mobility in Europe : Policies and Practices
SylviePatron (Editor)
Toward a Poetic Theory of Narration : Essays of S.-Y. Kuroda
Mouth Actions in Sign Languages : An Empirical Study of Irish Sign Language
Annemetevon Vogel (Editor)
Beiträge zur Gabelentz-Forschung
SimonMeier (Editor)
Dialog und (Inter-)Kulturalität : Theorien, Konzepte, empirische Befunde
Lying at the Semantics-Pragmatics Interface
Henkvan Riemsdijk (Editor)
Identity Relations in Grammar
Lexical Variation and Attrition in the Scottish Fishing Communities
State Ideology and Language in Tanzania : Second and Revised Edition
AlanMaley (Editor)
Poems and Short Stories: Authentic Resources for English Language Learning
Sidaama (Sidaamu Afoo)