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Speaking American: A History of English in the United States

By Richard W. Bailey

"Takes a novel approach to the history of American English by focusing on hotbeds of linguistic activity throughout American history."

New from Cambridge University Press!


Language, Literacy, and Technology

By Richard Kern

"In this book, Richard Kern explores how technology matters to language and the ways in which we use it. Kern reveals how material, social and individual resources interact in the design of textual meaning, and how that interaction plays out across contexts of communication, different situations of technological mediation, and different moments in time."

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A History of the Irish Language : From the Norman Invasion to Independence
JohnTaylor (Editor)
The Oxford Handbook of the Word
From Words to Grammar : Discovering English Usage
PatrickHeinrich (Editor)
Globalising Sociolinguistics : Challenging and Expanding Theory
InmaculadaFortanet-Gómez (Editor)
Multimodal Analysis in Academic Settings : From Research to Teaching
Re-examining Language Testing : A Philosophical and Social Inquiry
A Guide to Doing Statistics in Second Language Research Using SPSS and R : 2nd Edition
Argumentative Strategien in deutschen und italienischen wissenschaftlichen Artikeln : Am Beispiel der Soziologie und der Sprachwissenschaft
Canadian English : A Sociolinguistic Perspective
Discursive Illusions in Public Discourse
AlisonPhipps (Editor)
Languages in Migratory Settings : Place, Politics, and Aesthetics
Translating Feminism in China : Gender, Sexuality and Censorship
Serial Verbs in White Hmong
Grammaticalization in the North : Noun phrase morphosyntax in Scandinavian vernaculars
RogerBellon (Editor)
Etudes de linguistique médiévale : Hommage à Ambroise Jean-Marc Queffélec 1
Case Alternations in Five Finnic Languages : Estonian, Finnish, Karelian, Livonian and Veps
PeterBlumenthal (Editor)
Dynamique des franais africains: entre le culturel et le linguistique : Hommage à Ambroise Jean-Marc Queffélec 2
Hybridbildungen und ihre Rezeption unter den deutschen Muttersprachlern
Andrew MilesByrd
The Indo-European Syllable
The Semiotics of Clowns and Clowning : Rituals of Transgression and the Theory of Laughter
Translating the Poetry of the Holocaust : Translation, Style and the Reader
ErikaDarics (Editor)
Digital Business Discourse
Implementing and Researching Technological Innovation in Language Teaching : The Case of Interactive Whiteboards for EFL in French Schools
GaétaneDostie (Editor)
La dia-variation en français actuel : Etudes sur corpus, approches croisées et ouvrages de référence
DominiqueKeller (Editor)
Sémiotique du mouvement : Du geste à la parole
Transdisciplinary Approach to Language Study : The Complexity Theory Perspective
Agnieszka M.Will
Verbale Indirektheiten beim Diskursdolmetschen am Beispiel des Sprachenpaars Polnisch-Deutsch
Age and Foreign Language Learning in School
Bundesdeutsches Wortgut in der österreichischen Pressesprache : Von Abitur bis Zicken-Zoff
Evolutionary Syntax
Indigenous Feminist Narratives : I/We: Wo(men) of an(Other) Way
SóniaFrota (Editor)
Intonation in Romance
L2 Pragmatic Development in Study Abroad Contexts
UrsulaStickler (Editor)
Developing Online Language Teaching : Research-Based Pedagogies and Reflective Practices
MarinaTerkourafi (Editor)
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Im/politeness
Language Learning and Study Abroad : A Critical Reading of Research
JukkaHavu (Editor)
Perspectives on Complementation : Structure, Variation and Boundaries
The Construction of English : Culture, Consumerism and Promotion in the ELT Global Coursebook
The New Cockney : New Ethnicities and Adolescent Speech in the Traditional East End of London
CarolEverhard (Editor)
Assessment and Autonomy in Language Learning
Ensnared by AIDS : Cultural Contexts of HIV and AIDS in Nepal
SimonBorg (Editor)
International Perspectives on Teacher Research
AgnieszkaLeńko-Szymańska (Editor)
Multiple Affordances of Language Corpora for Data-driven Learning
KateSturge (Translator)
The Habsburg Monarchy's Many-Languaged Soul : Translating and interpreting, 1848–1918
Theory and Concepts of English for Academic Purposes
Developing Interactional Competence in a Japanese Study Abroad Context
First-Year University Writing : A Corpus-Based Study with Implications for Pedagogy
Introduction to English Linguistics
South Pacific Englishes : A Sociolinguistic and Morphosyntactic Profile of Fiji English, Samoan English and Cook Islands English
Kasia M.Jaszczolt (Editor)
The Cambridge Handbook of Pragmatics
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Truth without Predication : The Role of Placing in the Existential There-Sentence
Grammar in Everyday Talk : Building Responsive Actions
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Linking Form and Meaning : Studies on Selected Control Patterns in Recent English
FarzanaGounder (Editor)
Narrative and Identity Construction in the Pacific Islands
FedericoZanettin (Editor)
New directions in corpus-based translation studies
Semantik [Semantics] : Eine Einführung [An Introduction]
NadeždaStojković (Editor)
Vistas of English for Specific Purposes
MartineVanhove (Editor)
Corpus-based Studies of Lesser-described Languages : The CorpAfroAs corpus of spoken AfroAsiatic languages
Framing the Rhetoric of a Leader : An Analysis of Obama's Election Campaign Speeches
Genealogical Classification of Semitic : The Lexical Isoglosses
Language, Literacy, and Technology
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Recruitment Advertising as an Instrument of Employer Branding: A Linguistic Perspective
AzamatAkbarov (Editor)
The Practice of Foreign Language Teaching: Theories and Applications
Audiovisual Translation in the Digital Age : The Italian Fansubbing Phenomenon
Maria CristinaPaganoni
City Branding and New Media : Linguistic Perspectives, Discursive Strategies and Multimodality
Diskursgrenzen [Frontiers of Discourses] : Typen und Funktionen sprachlichen Widerstands auf den Straßen der DDR [A linguistic approach of non-explicit statements of resistance on the streets in the GDR]
Harryvan der Hulst (Editor)
Features in Phonology and Phonetics : Posthumous Writings by Nick Clements and Coauthors
LauraPortolés Falomir
Multilingualism and Very Young Learners : An Analysis of Pragmatic Awareness and Language Attitudes
Translating Evidence and Interpreting Testimony at a War Crimes Tribunal : Working in a Tug-of-War
LucíaFernández-Amaya (Editor)
A Multidisciplinary Approach to Service Encounters
Colloquial Cambodian
Descriptive Grammar of Bangla
Klaus-MichaelKöpcke (Editor)
Deutsche Grammatik in Kontakt [German Grammar in Contact] : Deutsch als Zweitsprache in Schule und Unterricht [German as a Second Language in Schools and Instruction]
English Syntax in Three Dimensions : History – Synchrony – Diachrony
The Routledge Modern Greek Reader : Greek Folktales for Learning Modern Greek
Explorations in Maximizing Syntactic Minimization
Finnish: An Essential Grammar : 3rd Edition
BeverleyCurran (Editor)
Multiple Translation Communities in Contemporary Japan
The Psychology of the Language Learner Revisited
JenniferRowsell (Editor)
The Routledge Handbook of Literacy Studies
The Selected Works of Eric Partridge
The Talking Heads experiment : Origins of words and meanings
Análise sociolinguística da manutenção da língua pomerana em Santa Maria de Jetibá, Espírito Santo
Grammaire bilingue wolof-français : Une approche intersystémique
Phonological disorders in the acquisition of Farsi and Optimality Theory
The Palaungic Languages: Classification, Reconstruction and Comparative Lexicon
“No ximnasio”: análise quinésica do relato dun contacontos
A Conceptual History of Chinese -Isms : The Modernization of Ideological Discourse, 1895–1925
Le subordinate non-finite in antico e medio irlandese: il tipo DP doNV
RenateRiedner (Editor)
Linguistik und Kulturwissenschaft : Zu ihrem Verhältnis aus der Perspektive des Faches Deutsch als Fremd- und Zweitsprache und anderer Disziplinen
Performing your Communicative Competence in English
ClaudioDi Meola (Editor)
Deutsch kontrastiv aus italienischer Sicht : Phraseologie, Temporalität und Pragmatik
Eine „unbekannte“ Sprache lesen oder Von der Entdeckung des Nissart durch Interkomprehension
Frauen, Männer und alte Menschen in der Anzeigenwerbung : Die sprachliche Repräsentation sozialer Gruppen in deutschen und US-amerikanischen Zeitschriften
TeresaGuasch (Editor)
Learning and Teaching Writing Online : Strategies for Success
Perspektiven des Friaulischen : Eine soziolinguistische Untersuchung am Beispiel junger Erwachsener
ManfredGlauninger (Editor)
Standarddeutsch im 21. Jahrhundert : Theoretische und empirische Ansätze mit einem Fokus auf Österreich
A Two-Tiered Theory of Control
AnnelieKnapp (Editor)
Fremdsprachen in Studium und Lehre [Foreign Languages in Higher Education] : Chancen und Herausforderungen für den Wissenserwerb [Opportunities and Challenges for the Acquisition of Knowledge]
MarlisHellinger (Editor)
Gender Across Languages : Volume 4
Modalités et Temps : Des modèles aux données
OlgaBorik (Editor)
The Syntax and Semantics of Pseudo-Incorporation
Elizabeth M.Goering
Understanding Patients' Voices : A multi-method approach to health discourse
Agency in Arzt-Patient-Gesprächen : Zur interaktionistischen Konzeptualisierung von Agency
SéverineAdam (Editor)
Informationsstrukturen in Kontrast : Strukturen, Kompositionen und Strategien Martine Dalmas zum 60. Geburtstag
Introduction to Healthcare for Spanish-speaking Interpreters and Translators
Pidgins, Creoles and Mixed Languages : An Introduction
HagenPeukert (Editor)
Transfer Effects in Multilingual Language Development
Zum Ausdruck von Intentionen in deutschen und polnischen Geschäftsbriefen aus kontrastiver Sicht : Eine textlinguistische Untersuchung
Demonstratives and Possessives with Attitude : An intersubjectively-oriented empirical study
Emotionalität und Wertung im Diskurs : Eine kontrastive Analyse deutscher und polnischer Pressetexte zum EU-Beitritt Polens
Interactional Categorization and Gatekeeping : Institutional Encounters with Otherness
XoánMontero Domínguez
La traducción de proyectos cinematográficos : Modelo de análisis para los largometrajes de ficción gallegos
StianHårstad (Editor)
Language Variation - European Perspectives V : Selected papers from the Seventh International Conference on Language Variation in Europe (ICLaVE 7), Trondheim, June 2013
NadineRentel (Editor)
Lingüística mediática y traducción audiovisual : Estudios comparativos español-alemán
Crime and Corpus : The linguistic representation of crime in the press
Sarah G.Thomason
Endangered Languages : An Introduction
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Michał B.Paradowski (Editor)
Productive Foreign Language Skills for an Intercultural World : A Guide (not only) for Teachers
Sensory Adjectives in the Discourse of Food : A frame-semantic approach to language and perception
The Educational Potential of Texts of Culture in Teaching English to Senior Secondary School Students
The In-Situ Approach to Sluicing
HectorKamdem Fonkoua
A Dictionary of Camfranglais
Etymologisches Wörterbuch der slavischen Sprachen
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
GraemeTrousdale (Editor)
New Directions in Grammaticalization Research
CarlottaViti (Editor)
Perspectives on Historical Syntax
The Challenges of Explicit and Implicit Communication : A Relevance-Theoretic Approach
J. CésarFélix-Brasdefer
The Language of Service Encounters : A Pragmatic-Discursive Approach
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Argument Structure in Usage-Based Construction Grammar : Experimental and corpus-based perspectives
Bilingualism in the Spanish-Speaking World : Linguistic and Cognitive Perspectives
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
DanielSchreier (Editor)
Further Studies in the Lesser-Known Varieties of English
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
SandraGötz (Editor)
Learner Corpora in Language Testing and Assessment
The Indo-European Controversy : Facts and Fallacies in Historical Linguistics
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Zhisheng (Edward)Wen (Editor)
Working Memory in Second Language Acquisition and Processing
Speaking American : A History of English in the United States
The Interactive Stance : Meaning for Conversation
The Oxford Handbook of Chinese Linguistics
CeilLucas (Editor)
The Oxford Handbook of Sociolinguistics : Second Edition
Corpus Linguistics for Grammar : A guide for research
AnaDíaz Collazos
Desarrollo sociolingüístico del voseo en la región andina de Colombia (1555–1976) [Sociolinguistic Development of Voseo in the Andean Region of Colombia]
DavideSoares da Silva
I ‘Ricettari di segreti’ nel Regno di Sicilia (’400–’600) [‘Ricettari di segreti’ in the Kingdom of Sicily (15th–17th Centuries)] : La storia dello spazio comunicativo siciliano riflessa in una tradizione discorsiva plurilingue
IngoWarnke (Editor)
Koloniallinguistik [Colonial Linguistics] : Sprache in kolonialen Kontexten [Language in Colonial Contexts]
Wörterbuch historischer Berufsbezeichnungen [Historical Dictionary of Occupational Titles]
SharonArmon-Lotem (Editor)
Assessing Multilingual Children : Disentangling Bilingualism from Language Impairment
JózsefTóth (Editor)
Die Sprache und ihre Wissenschaft zwischen Tradition und Innovation / Language and its Study between Tradition and Innovation : Akten des 45. Linguistischen Kolloquiums in Veszprém 2010 Proceedings of the 45th Linguistics Colloquium, Veszprém 2010
JuttaRymarczyk (Editor)
Englischunterricht auf der Primarstufe : Neue Forschungen – weitere Entwicklungen
RobertNiemann (Editor)
Junktion in der Attribution [Junction in Attribution] : Ein Komplexitätsphänomen aus grammatischer, psycholinguistischer und praxistheoretischer Perspektive [A Grammatical, Psycholinguistic, and Applied Theoretical Perspective on a Complex Linguistic Phenomenon]
JánMacutek (Editor)
Sequences in Language and Text
Signs, Meaning and Experience : Integrational Approaches to Linguistics and Semiotics
AdrienMunyoka Mwana Cyalu
Analyse structuro-sémantique des parémies zoophytonymiques lubà : Langue, littérature, cerveau, comportement et développement Tome 1
BAG – Bay Area German Linguistic Fieldwork Project
Ensayo sobre el lenguaje ritual : La adivinación en quechua y en aimara
Participles in Rigvedic Sanskrit : The Syntax and Semantics of Adjectival Verb Forms
AgnieszkaVogelgesang-Doncer (Editor)
Texte – Textsorten – Phänomene im Text
Zwischen englischsprachigem Studium und landessprachigem Umfeld : Internationale Absolventen deutscher und dänischer Hochschulen
MichaëlAbecassis (Editor)
De la genèse de la langue à Internet : Variations dans les formes, les modalités et les langues en contact
L’ironie dans la presse satirique : Etude sémantico-pragmatique
Männerdiskurse in der deutschen und polnischen Anzeigenwerbung von 1995 bis 2009 : Eine diskurslinguistische Analyse
IsabelMolina Martos (Editor)
Patrones sociolingüísticos de Madrid
AnnetteBerndt (Editor)
Sprache als Schlüssel zur Zusammenarbeit : Status und Prestige der Nachbarsprachen im polnisch-sächsischen Grenzgebiet
The Discourse of Culture and Identity in National and Transnational Contexts
Academic Literacy and Student Diversity : The Case for Inclusive Practice
MikkoLaitinen (Editor)
Dimensions of Sociolinguistic Landscapes in Europe : Materials and Methodological Solutions
TheoHarden (Editor)
Foreign Language Learning as Intercultural Experience : The Subjective Dimension
AnthonyKunnan (Editor)
Language Testing and Assessment
Social Semiotics : Key Figures, New Directions
Translating Audio Description Scripts : Translation as a New Strategy of Creating Audio Description
Applicative Arguments : A Syntactic and Semantic Investigation of German and English
KingaRudnicka-Szozda (Editor)
Cognitive Linguistics in the Making
Corpus Linguistics for ELT : Research and Practice
Discourses of Ideology and Identity : Social Media and the Iranian Election Protests
Study Skills for Linguistics
MariaPavesi (Editor)
The Languages of Dubbing : Mainstream Audiovisual Translation in Italy
ElizabethZsiga (Editor)
Selected Proceedings of the 44th Annual Conference on African Linguistics
Die Gbaya-Sprache (Dar-Fertit)
Die türkischen Lehnwörter im Mordwinischen
Edson Rosa Franciscode Souza (Editor)
Estudos de Descrição Funcionalista: Objetos e Abordagens
Mohammed AminuMu’azu
Modern Tula-English-Hausa Dictionary : A practical dictionary of Tula with English and Hausa meanings
Jan G.Elferink
The Aztec mind : Nahuatl ethnobotany, mental health and psychoactive drugs among Ancient Mexicans
Η παγίωση των λόγιων εκφράσεων της νεοελληνικής γλώσσας : [The stabilization of the set expressions of the Modern Greek language]
Double Licensing Phonology
María SoledadFunes
Estudio del uso de la preposición de en el español de Buenos Aires : Un Acercamiento desde el Enfoque Cognitivo-Prototípico
Robert K.Bloomer
German-English Dictionary of Nominal Derivations
Mariana MorónUsandivaras
La expresión de la causa en el discurso alberdiano : Las cláusulas causales introducidas por porque, pues y como
Mónica Estela CabreraCamasca
Overgeneralized Lexical Causatives in Adult English and Spanish L2 Acquisition
Research in Tōng-Tài Dialect Phonology
An Outline of the Grammar of the Safaitic Inscriptions
Einführung in die grammatische Beschreibung des Deutschen
MarilynManley (Editor)
Quechua Expressions of Stance and Deixis
EmmanuelleLabeau (Editor)
Taming the TAME systems
Borrowed Words : A History of Loanwords in English
FriedaSteurs (Editor)
Handbook of Terminology : Volume 1
A User's Guide to Thought and Meaning
RenateHerrmann-Winter (Editor)
Pommersches Wörterbuch [Pomeranian Dictionary] : II/7 Schauhband – schnuben
Fabienne H.G.Chevalier (Editor)
Producing and Managing Restricted Activities : Avoidance and withholding in institutional interaction
The Syntax of Multiple-que Sentences in Spanish : Along the left periphery
GrevilleCorbett (Editor)
Understanding and Measuring Morphological Complexity
Word Meaning and Syntax : Approaches to the Interface
Control and Restructuring
ManuelJiménez Raya
Enhancing Autonomy in Language Education : A Case-Based Approach to Teacher and Learner Development
Good Humor, Bad Taste : A Sociology of the Joke
Languages of Governance in Conflict : Negotiating democracy in Tokelau
IngjerdHoëm (Editor)
Narrative Matters in Medical Contexts across Disciplines
The Interactional Feedback Dimension in Instructed Language Learning : Linking Theory, Research, and Practice
GüntherGrewendorf (Editor)
Remnant Movement
ArnulfDeppermann (Editor)
Temporality in Interaction
Vergleichende Grammatik der slavischen Sprachen: Volume 1
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Vergleichende Grammatik der slavischen Sprachen: Volume 2
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Vergleichende Grammatik der slavischen Sprachen: Volume 3
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Vergleichende Grammatik der slavischen Sprachen: Volume 4
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Natalya I.Stolova
Cognitive Linguistics and Lexical Change : Motion Verbs from Latin to Romance
Teacher Cognition and Language Education : Research and Practice
Vergleichende Grammatik der slavischen Sprachen: 4-Volume Set
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
BjörnRothstein (Editor)
Was tun mit dem Verb? [What Is to Be Done with the Verb?] : Über die Möglichkeit und Notwendigkeit einer didaktischen Neuerschließung des Verbs [On the Possibility and Necessity of the Didactic Reinvestigation of the Verb]
IngeborgOhnheiser (Editor)
Word-Formation Volume 1 : An International Handbook of the Languages of Europe
CatherineBoré (Editor)
Études de linguistique appliquée - Nº1/2014 : Dialogue et dialogisme dans les textes en classe: approches pluridisciplinaires
Anaphora Resolution and Text Retrieval : A Linguistic Analysis of Hypertexts
M. LynneMurphy
Antonyms in English : Construals, Constructions and Canonicity
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Deixis in der face-to-face-Interaktion [Deixis in Face-to-Face Interaction]
From Philology to English Studies : Language and Culture in the Nineteenth Century
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Language and Conflict : Selected Issues
RaymondHickey (Editor)
Standards of English : Codified Varieties around the World
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
MargjePost (Editor)
Final Particles
Grammatical Variation in British English Dialects : A Study in Corpus-Based Dialectometry
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
Kampagnen [Campaigns] : Zur sprachlichen Konstruktion von Gesellschaftsbildern
JacomineNortier (Editor)
Language, Youth and Identity in the 21st Century : Linguistic Practices across Urban Spaces
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.
BernardComrie (Editor)
Languages of Mainland Southeast Asia : The State of the Art
Wm G.Bennett
The Phonology of Consonants : Harmony, Dissimilation and Correspondence
This title features CUP Enhanced Information.