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Style, Mediation, and Change

Edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland, and Jacob Thogersen

Style, Mediation, and Change "Offers a coherent view of style as a unifying concept for the sociolinguistics of talking media."

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Intonation and Prosodic Structure

By Caroline Féry

Intonation and Prosodic Structure "provides a state-of-the-art survey of intonation and prosodic structure."

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Information Structure, Judgment Forms, and the Interpretation of Indefinites in Spanish William J. Byrne 31-Jul-2001
Immigrant Identities: A discourse analysis of narratives told by Mexicans in the U.S. Anna De Fina 01-Aug-2001
In Search of Syntactic Symmetry: On the parallels between clausal and nominal hierarchical structure Denise Douglas-Brown 01-Aug-2001
Is the Language of Politology an LSP? Antonino P. Principato 06-Sep-2001
Intonation in Contact: A study of Turkish-German bilingual intonation patterns Robin Queen 06-Sep-2001
Ideology and Control in Some Speech and Newspaper Genres: A politicolinguistics approach to discourse analysis Bahaa-Eddin M. Mazid 06-Sep-2001
Interlanguage Phonology: Acquisition of timing control and perceptual categorization of durational contrast in Japanese Takako Toda 06-Sep-2001
Identity Effects and Opacity in Syrian Arabic: An Optimality Theory Analysis Mohamed Ali Adra 07-Sep-2001
Independent Personal Pronouns in Qumran Hebrew Syntax Jacobus A. Naude 07-Sep-2001
Individual Differences and the Link between Speech Perception and Speech Production Rochelle S Newman 07-Sep-2001
INFL in Child and Adult Language: Agreement, case and licensing. Carson T Schütze 07-Sep-2001
Ideology in Persian Advertising Mohammad Amouzadeh 13-Sep-2001
Intercultural Teaching and Learning: English as a foreign language education in Finland and Japan Mike D Garant 13-Sep-2001
Idiomatic Body-Part Lexemes in a Corpus of the MacNeil/Lehrer NewsHour: Approaching an applied cognitive linguistics Clifford L. Lutton 19-Sep-2001
Interactivity in ESL Text with a Focus on ESL Hypertext Haomin Wang 20-Sep-2001
Issues in the Philosophical Foundations of Lexical Semantics Brian E. Ulicny 28-Sep-2001
Identifying and Computing Temporal Locating Adverbials with a Particular Focus on Portuguese and English Telmo Móia 26-Oct-2001
Issues in the Analysis of Polycomponential Verbs in Australian Sign Language Adam C. Schembri 31-Jan-2002
Insertion des mots d'origine étrangére dans le lexique allemand contemporain Valérie Kervio-Berthou 04-Feb-2002
Input-Based Phonological Acquisition Tania S. Zamuner 09-Aug-2002
Interlanguage Variability: Studies on L2 consonant cluster simplification Yuh-Huey G. Lin 15-Nov-2002
Interlanguage Variation in Second Language Acquisition: Its relationship to field-dependence/Independence cognitive style Riyad N Zahida 02-Dec-2002
Intonation, Word Order, and Focus Projection in Serbo-Croatian Svetlana Godjevac 09-Jan-2003
Individual Differences in Speech and Non-Speech Perception of Frequency and Duration Matthew Makashay 26-Mar-2003
Informalization in UK General Election Propaganda: 1964-1997 Michael Pearce 15-Dec-2003
Invariant Patterns in Articulatory Movements Patrizia Bonaventura 02-Feb-2004
Impersonal Si Constructions. Agreement and interpretation Roberta A. G. D'Alessandro 21-Feb-2004
Inter-Tier Correspondence Theory Lian Hee Wee 01-May-2004
Individualized Writing Instruction in Southern West Virginia Colleges: A study of the acquisition of writing fluency David Harrill Roberts 12-May-2004
Issues in Comparative Uto-Aztecan Morphosyntax Jason D. Haugen 12-Oct-2004
In the Middle, Somewhat Elevated. The semantics of middles and its crosslinguistic realization Marika Lekakou 07-Mar-2005
Intensive Reflexives from Sentence to Discourse Dana Cohen 18-Mar-2005
Individual Differences in Adult Chinese Second Language Acquisition: The relationships among aptitude, memory and strategies for learning Paula Marie Winke 09-May-2005
Identifying Auxiliaries in First Language Acquisition Evidence From A New Child French Corpus Cristina Domnita Dye 09-Nov-2005
Interlanguage Pragmatic Development of German Learners of English: A longitudinal multimedia investigation Gila A. Schauer 13-Nov-2005
Ideologies of English Teaching and Learning in Taiwan Jackie Chang 03-Dec-2005
Inflection As a Marker of Language Impairment in Second Language Learners: A cross-linguistic study Madhavi Gayathri Raman 30-Jan-2006
Is Japanese Related to the Altaic Languages? Martine Irma Robbeets 30-Jan-2006
Intertextualität in linguistischen Fachaufsätzen des Englischen und Deutschen (Intertextuality in English and German Linguistic Research Articles) Thomas Griffig 16-Mar-2006
Information Highlighting and the Use of Focusing Devices in Advanced German Learner English: A study of the syntax-pragmatics interface in second language acquisition Marcus Callies 25-Jul-2006
Interphonologie et représentations orthographiques: Du rôle de l'écrit dans l'enseignement / apprentissage du français oral chez des étudiants japonais Sylvain Detey 15-Nov-2006
Ironic Responses in Cypriot Greek Talk-In-Interaction Maria Christodoulidou 29-Nov-2006
Independent and Integrated Academic Writing Tasks: A study in generalizability and test method Atta Gebril 10-Dec-2006
Individual Variation in the Structure and Distribution of Intonation Contours Olga Anufryk 10-Jan-2007
Internal Structure of Verb Meaning: A study of verbs of (change of) State in Tamazight (Berber) Karim Achab 15-Jan-2007
Indo-European Origins of the Nasal Inchoative Class in Germanic and Balto-Slav Yaroslav V. Gorbachov 01-Mar-2007
Infinitival Clauses in Ancient Greek: Overt and null subjects, the role of Case and Focus Christina Sevdali 12-Mar-2007
Impoverishment of Grammatical Features in a Non-Fluent Aphasic Speaker: The grammatical nature of minimal structures Maria Garraffa 01-May-2007
Intonational Meaning in Cameroon English Discourse: A sociolinguistic perspective Yves Talla Sando Ouafeu 14-May-2007
Integrating Deep and Shallow Natural Language Processing Components: Representations and hybrid architectures Ulrich Schaefer 23-Jul-2007
Infinitival Subordination in Spanish: A study of Control, Raising and ECM constructions in bilingual and non-native acquisition Rocio Simone Perez-Tattam 12-Aug-2007
Inductive Learning of Phonotactic Patterns Jeffrey N. Heinz 01-Oct-2007
Integrating Perceptual, Semantic, and Syntactic Information in Sentence Production Andriy Myachykov 12-Oct-2007
Indonesian Sluicing and Verb Phrase Ellipsis: description and explanation in a minimalist framework Catherine Rose Fortin 16-Nov-2007
Inflectional Morphology in Optimality Theory Zheng Xu 11-Jan-2008
Incorporating a Cognitive Linguistic Presentation of the Prepositions 'on', 'in' and 'at' in ESL Instruction: A quasi-experimental study Suzanne Matula 09-Feb-2008
Issues in Family Language Planning and Transmission Brigitte Elisabeth Lambert 05-May-2008
Indexicality, Code Choice and Cultural Identity: A study on Americans in Germany Inke C. Du Bois 11-Sep-2008
Input och output. Ordföljd i svenska barns huvudsatser och bisatser/Input and Output: Word order in Swedish children's main and embedded clauses Christian Waldmann 13-Jan-2009
Intonation Systems of Mandarin and English: A functional approach Fang Liu 22-Feb-2009
Interrogative Features Jason Ginsburg 02-Jun-2009
Investigation sociophonétique de l'anglais en Ecosse: le cas de Ayr Monika Pukli 24-Jun-2009
Individual Variation in Infant Speech Perception: Implications for language acquisition theories Alejandrina Cristia 07-Sep-2009
Implicit Aspects of Designation in Russian and Bulgarian Languages Yavor Angelov Parvanov 02-Oct-2009
Instrumental Functional Semantic Category Realization in the English Language of VII-XVII cen. Olena Andrushenko 09-Oct-2009
Intend Returning: Um estudo diacrônico de complementos indefinidos na língua inglesa, baseado em dados de corpora Heather Jean Blakemore 17-Nov-2009
Intonational and Durational Contributions to the Perception of Foreign-accented Norwegian: An experimental phonetic investigation Snefrid Holm 11-Dec-2009
Investigating L2 Idiom Instruction Methods Sophia Skoufaki 23-Feb-2010
Interlanguage Morphology: Irregular verbs in the mental lexicon of German-English interlanguage speakers Thomas Wagner 19-Jul-2010
Instructions and Participation in the Second Language Classroom Kristian Mortensen 16-Dec-2010
Identities in Transition: Changing Language Roles in the Kashmiri Speech Community Mohd Ashraf Bhat 14-Mar-2011
Iron Range English Long-Distance Reflexives Sara Schmelzer Loss 18-Jul-2011
Investments in Communities of Learners and Speakers: How African American students of Portuguese negotiate ethno-racialized, gendered, and social-classed identities in second language learning Uju Anya 10-Sep-2011
Insular Toponymies: Pristine Place-naming on Norfolk Island, South Pacific and Dudley Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, South Australia Joshua Nash 22-Sep-2011
Inimircigh agus an Ghaeilge: Idé-eolaíocht agus cleachtas teanga lucht inimirce na Gaeilge in Éirinn Justin McCubbin 09-Jan-2012
Identity and Literacy Development: Life histories of marginal adults in Mexico City Gregorio Hernandez-Zamora 14-Jan-2012
In Quest of a Vernacular Writing Style for the Rangi of Tanzania: Assumptions, processes, challenges Oliver Stegen 04-Feb-2012
Issues and arguments in the measurement of second language pronunciation Talia Isaacs 18-Mar-2012
Improving Recombination in a Linear EBMT System by Use of Constraints Monica Gavrila 30-Jul-2012
Interpreting by Design: A study of aptitude, ability and achievement in Australian sign language interpreters Karen Bontempo 17-Aug-2012
Issues in the Left Periphery of Modern Irish Kenji Oda 30-Aug-2012
Inductive inference in non-native speech processing and learning Bozena Pajak 12-Oct-2012
Irony and the Literal Versus Nonliteral Distinction: A typological approach with focus on ironic implicature strength Eleni Kapogianni 21-Jan-2013
Implicit Learning of Semantic Preferences Albertyna Paciorek 30-May-2013
Indexing Inferables and Organizational Shifts: 'No'-prefaces in English conversation Joshua Raclaw 13-Aug-2013
Interacting with Visuals in L2 Listening Tests: An eye-tracking study Ruslan Suvorov 13-Sep-2013
Issues of Modern Greek and German Compounding: A contrastive approach Maria Koliopoulou 01-Oct-2013
Information Structure in Ekegusii Evans Gesura Mecha 12-Dec-2013
Information Structure and Intonation in Hijazi Arabic Muhammad Swaileh Alzaidi 17-Jul-2014
Individual Differences in Context: A Neurolinguistic Investigation of Working Memory and L2 Development Mandy L Faretta-Stutenberg 23-Jul-2014
Investigating International Postgraduate Business Students’ Multimodal Literacy And Numeracy Practices: A Multidimensional Approach Hesham Suleiman Dawoud Alyousef 12-Nov-2014
Intervention Effects and the Acquisition of Relativization and Topicalization in Chinese Shenai Hu 17-Dec-2014
Intonational phonology and focus prosody of Bengali Sameer ud Dowla Khan 11-Jun-2015
Intertextual Media References as Resources for Managing Frames, Epistemics, and Identity in Conversation among Friends Sylvia Sierra 12-Oct-2016
Information Structure in Spoken Japanese: Particles, Word Order, and Intonation Natsuko Nakagawa 04-Jan-2017