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Style, Mediation, and Change

Edited by Janus Mortensen, Nikolas Coupland, and Jacob Thogersen

Style, Mediation, and Change "Offers a coherent view of style as a unifying concept for the sociolinguistics of talking media."

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Intonation and Prosodic Structure

By Caroline Féry

Intonation and Prosodic Structure "provides a state-of-the-art survey of intonation and prosodic structure."

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Dissertation Title [L] Author Date Posted Asc/Desc
Linguistic Variation in Damascus Arabic: A quantitative analysis of men's and women's speech Jamil Daher 01-Aug-2001
Lexical Semantics and Linking in the Hierarchical Lexicon Anthony R. Davis 01-Aug-2001
Languages in Contact: Vietnamese-English code-switching in Melbourne Tuc Ho-Dac 09-Aug-2001
Language Law and Development in the Third World Countries Alexander Raymond Makasa Kasonde 04-Sep-2001
Locality in A-Movement Martha J. McGinnis 06-Sep-2001
Linguistic Features of Disagreement in Face-to-face Encounters in University Settings Janie Rees-Miller 06-Sep-2001
La citation mode d'emploi Ulla Susanna Tuomarla 06-Sep-2001
Language Choice in Early Bilingual Development Suzanne Quay 06-Sep-2001
Le sujet nul à travers les langues : pour une catégorie vide unique Ora Matushansky 06-Sep-2001
Language Contact and Language Change in the Faetar Speech community Naomi G. Nagy 07-Sep-2001
Logic, Information and Conversation Paul L.A. Piwek 07-Sep-2001
Lexical Africanisms in American (Black) English: An empirical study. Das Vorkommen lexikalischer Afrikanismen im amerikanischen (Black) Englisch. Eine empirische Untersuchung; Harald J. Schneider 07-Sep-2001
Locally Organized Text Generation Penelope Sibun 07-Sep-2001
Lexical Variation in Discourse: Socio-racial terms and identity in an Afromexican community Chege J. Githiora 14-Sep-2001
Language Contact, Convergence, and Attitudes: The case of English in Germany Suzanne K Hilgendorf 14-Sep-2001
Lemmazeichentypen für deutsche Verben. Eine Lexikologische und Metalexikographische Untersuchung Matthias Kammerer 17-Sep-2001
Lexically Triggered Unbounded Discontinuities in English: An indexed phrase structure grammar approach Hee-Rahk Chae 17-Sep-2001
Lenition in Germanic: Prosodic templates in sound change David J. Holsinger 17-Sep-2001
Looking for Better Chinese Indexes: A corpus-based approach to base NP detection and indexing Hongbiao Chen 17-Sep-2001
L'amenagement linguistique : problématiques et perspectives (Language Planning : Problems and perspectives) Didier deRobillard 17-Sep-2001
Language Processes in Family Krassimira S Aleksova 19-Sep-2001
Le role des interruptions dans la conversation Natalie M.J. Melanson 19-Sep-2001
Lissabon und der Norden: die Entstehung der Portugiesischen Sprache Marma Bello 25-Sep-2001
Latin and Romance in Portuguese Notarial Documents from the Second Half of the 11th Century Antonio H. A. Emiliano 25-Sep-2001
Linguistic Convergence: Konkani - Malayalam contact situation Thekkanath Sreevalsan 28-Sep-2001
Language, Gender, and Power in Fraternity Men's Discourse Scott Fabius Kiesling 28-Sep-2001
La Portée des Negations en Français Contemporain Pierre Larrivée 28-Sep-2001
La Estructura del Copretérito Rosa Junia García Barragán Córdova 26-Feb-2002
Linguistic Politic and Linguistic Conflict in Belarus. Statistical and Historical Approach 1984-1998 Jean-Pierre Jeantheau 26-Feb-2002
Language Planning and Social Change: A study of linguistic exclusion and the legislative process in Malawi Alfred J. Matiki 26-Feb-2002
Linguistic Politeness in British English and Thai: A Comparative analysis of three expressive speech acts Songthama Intachakra 18-Mar-2002
Language Acquisition by Japanese Speakers: Explaining the why, how and when of adult learners' segmental success Jenifer Larson-Hall 01-Apr-2002
L'Intensité en français contemporain : analyse sémantique et pragmatique Clara Romero 17-Jun-2002
Le concept de paradigme et la morphologie verbale Mihaela Pirvulescu 17-Jun-2002
Lexical Borrowings as Sociolinguistic Variables in Saint-Louis, Senegal Fallou Ngom 10-Jul-2002
Language Impairments in Schizophrenia: A neurolinguistic approach Giancarlo Buoiano 21-Jul-2002
Language Transfer and the Acquisition of the English Dative Alternation by Native Speakers of Arabic Jihad M. Hamdan 14-Aug-2002
Linguistic Approaches to the Analysis of Humour in Modern English Dramatic Comedy Moeko Okada 15-Aug-2002
Language Ideologies in Languages Laws: The protection of regional or minority languages and the construction of French and European identity Simo K. Määttä 19-Sep-2002
Lexical, Pragmatic and Positional Effects on Prosody in Two Dialects of Croatian and Serbian: An acoustic study Rajka Smiljanic 02-Oct-2002
Language and Discrimination: A study of gender and discourse in workplaces in Kenya Felicia Arudo Yieke 07-Nov-2002
La expresión de la opinión en el discurso argumentativo escrito: un estudio de la estructura textual de la argumentación en el periodismo de opinión en inglés Isabel Alonso 21-Nov-2002
Light Verb Constructions in Romance: A syntactic analysis Josep Alba-Salas 23-Nov-2002
Lexical Access & Prototypicality in the English of Maltese Bilingual Speakers Roberta Dandria 10-Jan-2003
Long-Distance Reflexives in Norwegian Tania E. Strahan 14-Jan-2003
Language Acquisition Anita Claire 15-Jan-2003
Locality, Self-Ascription, Discourse Prominence, and Mandarin Reflexives Haihua Pan 15-Jan-2003
Language in Culture: The conceptualization of health in Russian language and culture Troy B. Williams 21-Jan-2003
Linguistic and Extratextual Variation in Medical English Writings: A comparative genre analysis Lisa Russell-Pinson 05-Feb-2003
Language and Identity: L2 acquisition in post-Soviet Moldova Matthew H. Ciscel 02-Apr-2003
Lexical Access and Language Proficiency of Trilingual Speakers Mira Goral 04-Apr-2003
Learning Efficiencies for Different Orthographies: A comparative study of Han characters and Vietnamese romanization Wi-vun Taiffalo Chiung 16-Apr-2003
LOVEscapes: Changes in prototypical senses and cognitive metaphors since 1500 Heli Tissari 02-May-2003
Language and Elementary Education in Morocco: A sociolinguistic approach Youssef Tamer 08-May-2003
Linguistic Purism in the History of England and Germany Maria Geers 12-Jun-2003
Learning Style and Identity: A sociolinguistic analysis of a Bolton High School Emma Moore 16-Sep-2003
Listening Comprehension Problems and Strategy Use by Secondary Learners of English (FL) in Korea Myung-Hee Hwang 02-Oct-2003
Lexikalische Variation am Beispiel dynamischer Verben des Deutschen und des Portugiesischen Leonel Figueiredo de Alencar 04-Dec-2003
La notion de programme en didactique de la traduction professionnelle : le cas du Canada [The Notion of Curriculum in the Didactics of Professional Translation: The case of Canada] Marco André Fiola 05-Dec-2003
La construcción de la identidad masculina en el discurso de la sección de consulta de las revistas de interés general para hombres en el Reino Unido (The Construction of Masculine Identity in the Discourse of Men's Magazines' Problem Pages in Britain) Eduardo de Gregorio-Godeo 10-Dec-2003
Language Means of Reflecting a Mythic Picture of the World in Old English Epic Poems and Modern British Fantasy Novels: Linguocognitive aspect Oleksandr S. Kolesnyk 16-Jan-2004
Linguistic Proficiency of the Deaf Bilingual Child in French Sign Language and Written French: What is the relation between the two? / Capacités langagières en langue des signes française et en français écrit chez l’enfant sourd bilingue : quelles relations ? Nathalie Niederberger 24-Feb-2004
Linguistic Validation of Automatic Subtopic Segmetation Aisha F. Saidi 09-Apr-2004
La enseñanza-aprendizaje del inglés asistido por ordenador: la red Internet como herramienta pedagógica Carmen Pinilla Padilla 16-Apr-2004
Lahu Writing and Writing Lahu: An inquiry into the value of literacy Judith M.S. Pine 19-Apr-2004
Linguistic Dimensions of Crisis Talk. Formalising structures in a controlled language. Claudia Sassen 30-Jun-2004
Linguistic Experience and the Perceptual Classification of Dialect Variation Cynthia G. Clopper 01-Sep-2004
La hierarchisation des constituants discursifs dans un corpus d'anglais oral spontane (On the Hierarchical Structure of Conversational English) Frédérique Passot-Boeuf 15-Sep-2004
Language Choice, Code-switching and Language Shift in Antakya, Turkey Joan Smith/Kocamahhul 23-Sep-2004
Language-Specificity in Auditory Perception of Chinese Tones Tsan Huang 28-Sep-2004
Linguistic Knowledge and Word Sense Disambiguation Tanja Gaustad 11-Oct-2004
Limonese Creole: A case of contact-induced language change Elizabeth Grace Winkler 19-Oct-2004
Lexical Vagueness in Student Writing Candice Caldwell 06-Dec-2004
Lexical Quantity in Japanese and Finnish Toshiko Isei Jaakkola 01-Jan-2005
La dynamique du contact quichua-espagnol dans la communauté de Peguche (Équateur) [The Dynamics of Quichua-Spanish Contact in the Community of Peguche, Ecuador] Lise Bouchard 23-Feb-2005
Linguistic Coping Strategies of Sign Language Interpreters Jemina M. Napier 10-Mar-2005
Language Awareness bei bilingual und monolingual unterrichteten Schülerinnen und Schülern: Eine komparative Studie. (Language Awareness and Content and Language Integrated Learning: A comparative study) Sylvia Fehling 15-Mar-2005
Liberating Silent Voices: Sociolinguistic expressions of identity in Dominican female second language learners' online communication Carolyn Dawn Sterling-Deer 01-Apr-2005
Lexical Production Phenomena as Evidence for Activation and Control Processes in Trilingual Lexical Retrieval Julia Festman 02-May-2005
La prononciation du français contemporain en Belgique. Variation, normes et identités / The pronunciation of contemporary French in Belgium. Variation, norms and identities Philippe Hambye 09-May-2005
Les prépositions de la trajectoire en français et en roumain. Etude synchronique et diachronique Cristiana Papahagi 17-Jul-2005
Lexical Study of the Matis Language - Subsidies for a bilingual dictionary Vitória Regina S Ferreira 23-Aug-2005
Like: Syntax and Development Alexandra D'Arcy 03-Sep-2005
La Syntaxe Comparée du Breton Mélanie Jouitteau 12-Sep-2005
Learning Thematic Role Relations for Lexical Semantic Nets Andreas Wagner 18-Oct-2005
Language and Education in Mali: A consideration of two approaches Maggie Canvin 25-Oct-2005
Localising Objects and Events: Discoursal applicability conditions for spatiotemporal expressions in English and German Thora Tenbrink 09-Nov-2005
Linguistic Side Effects Chung-Chieh Shan 18-Nov-2005
La Dynamique des Langues Camerounaises en Contact avec le Français Zachée Denis Bitjaa Kody 09-Dec-2005
Les voies de l’appropriation discursive en langue étrangère : élaboration de concepts didactiques communs pour l’apprentissage de l’anglais chez des apprenants avancés. Pascale Gouteraux 07-Jan-2006
Loanword Adaptation in Mandarin Chinese: Perceptual, phonological and sociolinguistic factors Ruiqin Miao 08-Jan-2006
Les constructions à attribut de l'objet et le marquage de la prédication seconde (French object complement constructions and the marking of secondary predication) Els Lieve Tobback 11-Jan-2006
Linguistics Realizations of Predicates of Property Attribution in Modern Turkish Language Arsun Uras Yilmaz 10-Mar-2006
La Bible traduite en français contemporain. Étude des équivalents du participe grec dans sept traductions du récit de la Passion dans les quatre Évangiles : forme, signification et sens. Elisabeth Bladh 04-Apr-2006
Localization and Internationalization of Driver Information Systems Cristina Olaverri 26-Sep-2006
Lexical Patterns in the Reading Comprehension Section of the TOEFL(r) Test Fabiana MacMillan 19-Jan-2007
La connotation à l'épreuve de la traduction littéraire. Une oeuvre romanesque de N.Kazantzaki et ses autres versants. Essai de sémantique textuelle Maria Constantinou 06-Feb-2007
La Reconstruction à l'interface entre syntaxe et sémantique Nicolas Guilliot 12-Feb-2007
Language and Legitimisation: Political discourse analysis in Northern Ireland after the Agreement, 1998-2004 Laura Filardo-Llamas 25-Feb-2007
La Generación de Tiempo y Aspecto en Inglés y Español: Un estudio funcional-contrastivo general [Generating Tense and Aspect in English and Spanish: A functional-contrastive analysis] Juan Rafael Zamorano 01-Mar-2007
L'oral comme fiction / Orality as fiction Mathilde Dargnat 18-Mar-2007
Language Contact and Children's Bilingual Acquisition: Learning a mixed language and Warlpiri in northern Australia Carmel O'Shannessy 01-Apr-2007
Learning the Language: International, national & local dimensions of regional-language education in Estonia Kara Brown 23-Apr-2007
LINGUINI - Acquiring Individual Interest Profiles by Means of Adaptive Natural Language Dialog Rosmary Stegmann 08-Jun-2007
Language desire: A critical ethnography of Japanese women learning English in Australia Kimie Takahashi 20-Jun-2007
Linguistic Analysis of Aeronautical Institutional Interaction in Bonaerense Spanish Lorena Marta Amalia de- Matteis 24-Jun-2007
Learning About the Structure of Scales: Adverbial modification and the acquisition of the semantics of gradable adjectives Kristen Syrett 26-Aug-2007
Language Policy and Nation-building in Post-Apartheid South Africa Jon Orman 07-Sep-2007
Lotos, Hand und zweimal Mond - zu Kardinalzahlen und ihren Systemen in afroasiatischen Sprachen Barbara Wenger 27-Sep-2007
Les Influences de l’Apprentissage de la Première Langue Etrangère (Anglais/L2) sur l’Apprentissage de la Deuxième Langue Etrangère (Français/L3) chez les Apprenants Persanophones Leila Farkamekh 30-Oct-2007
Les Anaphoriques "celui-ci" et "il". Etude des facteurs qui déterminent leur choix Annemie Demol 05-Nov-2007
Language Maintenance and Shift in Sardinia: A case study of Sardinian and Italian in Cagliari Maria Antonietta Marongiu 24-Jan-2008
Lexical Tone Perception and Production: The role of language and musical background Barbara Schwanhaeusser 13-Feb-2008
Linguistic Coding of the Concept of Motion: Literal and metaphorical expressions in adult and child Greek Stathis Selimis 29-Feb-2008
Linguistic Change and Stabilization in the Transition from Adolescence to Adulthood Suzanne Evans Wagner 08-May-2008
Logical Structure and Relevance Stavros Assimakopoulos 13-May-2008
Language Ideologies on Display: Local, regional & (trans)national identities in Taipei's linguistic landscape Melissa L. Curtin 18-May-2008
Los sintagmas nominales extensos especializados en inglés y en español: descripción y clasificación en un corpus de genoma Gabriel Quiroz 25-May-2008
Linearizing Structure with Silence: A Minimalist theory of syntax-phonology interface Hisao Tokizaki 06-Jul-2008
Lexical Processing in Typically and Atypically Developing Toddlers: Insights from event-related brain potentials Janne von Koss Torkildsen 13-Aug-2008
Linguophilosophic Parameters of English Innovations in the Sphere of New Technologies Rusudan Makhachashvili 24-Sep-2008
La formation agentive en français : les composés [VN/A/Adv/P]N/A et les dérivés V-ant, V-eur et V-oir(e) Maria Rosenberg 14-Oct-2008
Language Use and Maintenance among the Moroccan Minority in Britain Abdeslam Jamai 27-Oct-2008
L'orthographe du ton en kabiyè au banc d'essai David Roberts 06-Nov-2008
Língua e Poder em Cabo Verde: a Situação de Diglossia nas Escolas Primárias Ana Cristina Neves 12-Nov-2008
Langue et production de récits d'une communauté bajo des îles Kangean, Indonésie/Language and Oral Literature of a Bajo Community of the Kangean Islands (Indonesia) Chandra Nuraini 16-Feb-2009
La place des connaissances lexicales face aux connaissances du monde dans le processus d'interprétation des énoncés/Study of the Role of Lexical Knowledge versus World Knowledge in the Process of Interpretation of Statements Kornel Bangha 02-Mar-2009
Language Exchanges: The value of Spanish in Los Angeles A. Michael Vermy 04-Mar-2009
Lexical Variation of Chiangmai Dialect in Chiangmai Province in Thailand Sudarat Hatfield 21-Mar-2009
Language, Gender, and Power: Analysis of theme and topic management in Arabic conversational discourse Ibrahim Ali Haji-Hassan 31-Mar-2009
Learning the Sounds of Standard Jamaican English: Variationist, phonological and pedagogical perspectives on 7-year-old children's classroom speech Véronique Lacoste 02-May-2009
Language of Mass Media: A study based on Malayalam Radio Broadcasts Parameswaran Krishna 18-Jun-2009
Language and Thought: A linguistic and non-linguistic comparison between English and Italian in the domain of manner of motion Filippo-Enrico Cardini 05-Jul-2009
Lenition Processes in Cypriot Greek Eftychia Eftychiou 26-Jul-2009
Language Contacts in the Age of Global Communication: English and international lexical borrowing Zsuzsa Hoffmann 13-Aug-2009
Linguistic Cohesion in Texts: Theory and Description Jin Soon Cha 05-Oct-2009
Les Localisateurs Dans Les Constructions Existentielles: Approche comparée en espagnol, en français et en italien Machteld Claire Meulleman 08-Dec-2009
Lexical Base of Ukrainian Language: Selection and System-Structural Organization Solomiya Buk 15-Dec-2009
La Lingüística de Corpus y El Análisis Gramatical del Español: Propuesta de tratamiento de las preposiciones del español como especificadores semánticos Jose Maria Rodrigues Rodrigues 10-Jan-2010
Los tiempos del pasado del indicativo en español y en griego moderno Eleni Leontaridi 04-Feb-2010
Language Shift and the Speech Community: Sociolinguistic change in a Garifuna community in Belize Maya Ravindranath 10-Feb-2010
Language Choice in Interracial Marriages: The case of Filipino-Malaysian couples Francisco Perlas Dumanig 20-Apr-2010
L2 Acquisition of Russian Aspect Larissa Nossalik 10-May-2010
Lexical Encoding of Verbs in English and Bulgarian Rositsa Panayotova Dekova 30-May-2010
Literacy and Identities in a Multilingual Town in Southeast of Paraná State (Brazil) Jakeline Semechechem 25-Oct-2010
La Politique Linguistique de l'Etat de New York/The Language Policy of New York Ghislain Potriquet 05-Jan-2011
Lexical Variation and the Negotiation of Linguistic Style in a Long Island Middle School Maryam Bakht 01-Mar-2011
Learning a Foreign Language with a Collaborative Web-Based Task: Processes and performances Frédérique Penilla 15-May-2011
Linguistic Negotiations of Sexual Agency in Sexuality Education Brian W. King 30-Jul-2011
Linguistisch Unterstütztes Redigieren: Konzept und exemplarische Umsetzung basierend auf interaktiven computerlinguistischen Ressourcen / Linguistically Supported Editing and Revising: Concept and prototypical implementation based on interactive NLP resources Cerstin Mahlow 05-Aug-2011
La Relativisation Prénominale/Prenominal Relativisation Tong Wu 11-Nov-2011
Lindley Murray (1745-1826), Quaker and Grammarian Lyda Fens-de Zeeuw 28-Nov-2011
Leadership as Social Practice: The discursive construction of leadership and team identity in a New Zealand rugby team Nick Wilson 13-Dec-2011
Learning, Following and Disseminating Language Rules as a Topic in the Metalinguistic Knowledge of Students and Their Teachers Tamás Péter Szabó 02-Jan-2012
Lexical Aspect and Lexical Saliency in Acquisition of Tense-aspect Morphology among Ibibio ESL Learners Willie U. Willie 18-Jan-2012
Language Teaching in Compulsory Education: Communicative competence and written speech Konstantinos Garaverlas 07-Feb-2012
Language Universals and Linguistic Complexity : Three case studies in core argument marking Kaius Sinnemäki 19-Mar-2012
Language Policy and Planning for The 2008 Beijing Olympics: An investigation of the discursive construction of an Olympic city and a global population Jie Zhang 27-Mar-2012
Los principios de oposición y neutralización en Lingüística Álvaro Arias 29-Mar-2012
Language Planning and Terminology Management: Assessment and dissemination of medical terminology in Jordan Hussein Abdo Rababah 29-Jun-2012
Language Contact through Translation: The impact of English modal system on Persian scientific genre Shadi Shanaseri 01-Jul-2012
Linguistic peculiarities of communication in Internet Elena Gheorghita 16-Aug-2012
La costruzione di un corpus d'italiano giudiziario parlato: questioni teoriche e di metodo nel trattamento informatico di strutture conversazionali Maria Eleonora Sciubba 18-Oct-2012
Linguistic Rhythm and Sentence Comprehension in Reading Gerrit Kentner 25-Oct-2012
Language, Politics and Identity: The Making of a Taiwanese Language Loretta Chung-Wing Tam 15-Nov-2012
Locative Predication in Nigerian Pidgin and Ghanaian Pidgin English Micah Corum 14-Mar-2013
Linguistics Disorders Caused by the Cleft Palate Memdjokam Koagne Victoire 20-May-2013
La frase relativa in greco antico. Analisi sintattica basata sul dialetto attico di Platone. Elena Perna 09-Jun-2013
Linguistic Markers of Stance in Latvian Parliamentary Debates Joanna Chojnicka 21-Jun-2013
Les diatopismes du français en Vendée et leur utilisation dans la littérature: l’œuvre contemporaine d’Yves Viollier Inka Wissner 24-Jun-2013
Language Use amongst the Qaqet Baining: A sociolinguistic study of language choices in an ethnolinguistic minority in Papua New Guinea Alexandra Marley 13-Nov-2013
Los problemas de las teorias representacionales de la conciencia Juan J Colomina 14-Dec-2013
Logic and Grammar in Child Language: How children acquire the semantics of polarity sensitivity Lyn Tieu 14-Jan-2014
Linguistic Identifiers of L1 Persian Speakers Writing in English. NLID for Authorship Analysis. Ria Perkins 10-Mar-2014
Learning and Unlearning Object Drop in Anaphoric and Non-anaphoric Contexts in L2 English Chi-wai Patrick Lee 05-Feb-2015
Language Ideologies, Public Discourses, and Ethnonationalism in the Balkans: A Corpus-Based Study Adnan Ajsic 14-Jul-2015
Las fórmulas pronominales de tratamiento en español y en portugués Juli Kim 20-Oct-2015
Language Development and Socialisation in Sherpa Sara Ciesielski 28-Dec-2015
L1 English Vocalic Transfer in L2 Japanese Ken Knight 13-Jan-2016
La representación de la variación contextual mediante definiciones terminológicas flexibles Antonio San Martín Pizarro 05-Feb-2016
Little kids, big verbs: The acquisition of Murrinhpatha bipartite stem verbs William Forshaw 08-Nov-2016
Language Evolution as a Constraint on Conceptions of a Minimalist Language Faculty Andrew Feeney 02-Feb-2017
La atrición en las lenguas de contacto: el caso de los inmigrantes españoles en Brasil María Carolina Calvo Capilla 12-Mar-2017