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Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing

By Melissa Mohr

Holy Sh*t: A Brief History of Swearing "contains original research into the history of swearing, and is scrupulous in analyzing the claims of other scholars."

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A New Manual of French Composition

By R. L. Graeme Ritchie

A New Manual of French Composition "provides a guide to French composition aimed at university students and the higher classes in schools. "

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Documentation and Grammatical Description of Komo Tesfaye Negash Bayou 24-Feb-2016
Discursive self in microblogging: speech acts, stories and self-praise Daria Dayter 11-Nov-2015
Die Entwicklung der Ergativkonstruktion im Alt- und Mitteliranischen − Eine korpusbasierte Untersuchung zu Kasus, Kongruenz und Satzbau [The Development of the Ergative Construction in Old and Middle Iranian: A Corpus-Based Approach] Thomas Jügel 17-Jul-2015
Discourses of Belonging and Resistance: Irish-language Maintenance in Ireland and the Diaspora Jill Vaughan 10-Feb-2015
Deriving Natural Classes: The Phonology and Typology of Post-Velar Consonants John Christopher Sylak-Glassman 15-Jul-2014
Dal greco antico al greco moderno: alcuni aspetti dell'evoluzione morfosintattica Mariarosaria Zinzi 02-May-2014
Descriptive and Typological Study of Jarawa Pramod Kumar 01-Oct-2013
Deriving Word Order in Code-Switching: Feature inheritance and word order Ji Young Shim 06-May-2013
Diachronic Study of Persian Verbal System (10th-16th Centuries): From a balance to another? Agnes Lenepveu-Hotz 31-Mar-2013
Dissimilation, Consonant Harmony, and Surface Correspondence William G. Bennett 10-Jan-2013
DETs in the Functional Syntax of Greek Nominals Maria Kyriakaki 02-Oct-2012
Developmental Perspectives on the Acquisition of the Passive Jean Crawford 08-Sep-2012
Die inszenierte Jugendsprache Kristina Bedijs 06-Sep-2012
Discourse-Morphosyntax Interface in Spanish non-finite Verbs: A comparison between adult and child grammars María Blume 03-Jul-2012
Discourse Prosody in Production and Perception Joseph Tyler 11-May-2012
Developments of the Lateral in Occitan Dialects and Their Romance and Cross-linguistic Context Daniela Müller 06-Mar-2012
Descriptions of Motion and Travel in Jaminjung and Kriol Dorothea Hoffmann 02-Mar-2012
Divide et Impera - separating operators from their variables Cynthia Levart Zocca DeRoma 06-Dec-2011
Diachronic Adverbial Morphosyntax: A minimalist study of lexicalization and grammaticalization James A. Berry 18-Jul-2011
Discourse, Landscape, and Directional Reference in Ahtna Andrea L. Berez 16-Jul-2011
Discours et grammaticalisation: Étude de l'adverbe 'autrement' / Discourse and Grammaticalization: A study of the adverb 'autrement' Paul Isambert 19-Feb-2011
Der i-Umlaut im Althochdeutschen. Theorie, Phonetik und Typologie sowie eine optimalitätstheoretische Analyse/The Old High German i-Umlaut: Theory, phonetics and typology as well as an Optimality Theoretic analysis Jan Henning Schulze 20-Dec-2010
Discourse Marker So in Native and Non-Native Spoken English Lieven Buysse 08-Sep-2010
Due teorie generative della forma metrica e il verso di Eugenio Montale Stefano Versace 26-Jul-2010
Das italienische Suffix -izza(re) und der linguistische Kausativitätsbegriff/The Italian Suffix -izza(re) and the Linguistic Notion of Causativity Karin M Weiss 29-Jun-2010
Dimensions of Ellipsis: Investigations in Turkish Atakan Ince 26-May-2010
Dialect Boundaries and Phonological Change in Upstate New York Aaron J. Dinkin 05-Feb-2010
Doing Referring in Murriny Patha Conversation Joe Blythe 14-Sep-2009
Denominal Verb Formation in English Carolyn Anne Gottfurcht 28-May-2009
Dynamics of Morphological Productivity: A Synchronic Analysis and Diachronic Explanation of the Productivity of Nominal Inflection Classes from Archaic Latin to Old Italian in Terms of Natural Morphology Francesco Gardani 22-May-2009
Designing, Implementing and Evaluating an Online Resource for Professional Legal Communication Skills Christoph Hafner 13-May-2009
Dynamic Two-Place Indirect Verbs in French: A synchronic and diachronic study in variation and change of valence Michelle Troberg 04-Mar-2009
Directives in Lingala: Participation and subjectivity in a Congolese women's church group Annette R. Harrison 12-Dec-2008
Dinamicas Discursivas Sara Sanchez 01-Oct-2008
De l'incomplétude lexicale en traduction automatique: vers une approche morphosémantique multilingue Bruno Cartoni 29-Sep-2008
Developing and Testing Vocabulary Training Methods and Materials for Japanese College Students Studying English as a Foreign Language John Paul Loucky 19-Aug-2008
Dialect Contact and Accommodation among Emerging Adults in a University Setting Douglas S. Bigham 14-Jul-2008
Direct and Reverse Interference: The case of English and Efik Offiong Ani Offiong 28-Jun-2008
Degree Modification in Natural Language Jessica Rett 25-May-2008
Designing a Socialisation Syllabus: An action research Kavita Kaur 23-Apr-2008
Demonstrative Clefts in Spoken English Andreea Simona Calude 06-Mar-2008
Dependent Plurals and Plural Meaning Eytan Zweig 24-Feb-2008
Demonstrative Pronouns in Spanish: A discourse-based study Iker Zulaica 02-Feb-2008
Doing Being Boricua: perceptions of national identity and the sociolinguistic distribution of liquid variables in Puerto Rican Spanish Wilfredo Valentin-Marquez 21-Dec-2007
Die Thema-Integration: Syntax und Semantik der 'gespaltenen Topikalisierung' im Deutschen Andreas Nolda 09-Nov-2007
Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation of a Plurilingual ICALL System for Romance Languages Aimed at Advanced Learners Thomas Koller 18-Oct-2007
Dialect Contact and Identity: A case study of exogamous Sui clans James N. Stanford 03-Jul-2007
Directives Usage by ITAs: An applied learner corpus analysis Jonathon Reinhardt 30-Jun-2007
Disconcordance: The syntax, semantics, and pragmatics of or- agreement Randall Eggert 29-Jun-2007
Directive Speech Acts: Theoretical analysis and applications in teaching Greek as a foreign language Evgenia Vassilaki 12-Apr-2007
Deconstructing Mock Spanish: A multidisciplinary analysis of mock Spanish as racism, humor, or insult Carla Maria Breidenbach 21-Mar-2007
Distributed Morphological Mechanisms of Labovian Variation in Morphosyntax Jeffrey K. Parrott 09-Feb-2007
Description morphosyntaxique du mot quand en français contemporain / A Corpus Based Morphosyntactic Description of Quand in Contemporary French Christophe Benzitoun 04-Dec-2006
Discontinuous Grammar: A dependency-based model of human parsing and language learning Matthias Buch-Kromann 26-Oct-2006
Doe wat je niet laten kan [Do What You Cannot Let]: A usage-base analysis of Dutch causative constructions Natalia Levshina 13-Jun-2006
Dating Victorians: An experimental approach to stylochronometry Constantina Stamou-Papastamou 29-Mar-2006
Discourse on English: A linguistic dilemma in West Bengal Anuradha De 10-Mar-2006
Die Einstellung linguistischer Laien der ersten, zweiten und dritten Latino-Generation beim spanisch-englischen Sprachkontakt in den Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika Hartmut Erland Stoesslein 16-Jan-2006
Dixi de persona i marcs participatius en català (Person Deixis and Participation Frameworks in Catalan) Neus Nogué 24-Oct-2005
Discourse and Desire in a Second Language Classroom Constance Mary Ellwood 20-Jul-2005
Description ethno-linguistique des Valangi de Tanzanie Margaret Dunham 11-Apr-2005
Discourse Markers in Colombian Spanish Catherine E. Travis 25-Feb-2005
Delayed and Incipient Actions: The discourse markers '-to' and 'so' in Russian and English conversation Galina B. Bolden 10-Feb-2005
Description and Formalization of 'DONGAN' Time Adverbial in Korean Hyunjung Son 19-Nov-2004
Developmental Trends in the Acquisition of Relative Clauses: Cross-linguistic experimental study of Tulu Shamitha Somashekar 09-Feb-2004
Dolmetschen im medizinischen Aufklärungsgespräch. Eine diskursanalytische Untersuchung zur Wissensvermittlung im mehrsprachigen Krankenhaus. Bernd Meyer 20-Jan-2004
Deriving Economy: Syncope in Optimality Theory Maria Gouskova 14-Dec-2003
Degrees of Event Elaboration: Passive constructions in Italian and Spanish Andrea Sansò 16-Oct-2003
Discourse Adjectives Gina C Taranto 09-Oct-2003
Dutch Sonorants: The role of place of articulation in phonotactics Erik Jan van der Torre 21-Sep-2003
Deixis, Anaphore, Accords, Classification: Morphogenese et Fonctionnement Pablo Isaac Kirtchuk 04-Aug-2003
Definiteness and Grammatical Relations in Estonian Katrin Hiietam 26-Jun-2003
Definiteness and Number: Determiner phrase and number phrase in the history of English Johanna L. Wood 13-May-2003
Dialect and Dichotomy: A computational and critical approach to analyzing literary representations of African American speech Lisa Cohen Minnick 20-Feb-2003
Der Erwerb der Deutschen Modalpartikeln Bok-Ja Cheon-Kostrzewa 18-Apr-2002
Development of an Italian-French Machine Translation System Alfiero Severini 03-Apr-2002
Determiners and Number in English Contrasted with Japanese, as Exemplified in Machine Translation Francis C. Bond 29-Mar-2002
Declarative Prosodic Morphology - Constraint-based analyses and computational models of Finnish and Tigrinya Markus Walther 28-Sep-2001
Dimensions of Reflexivity Jeffrey L. Lidz 28-Sep-2001
Development and Maintenance of Minority Language Literacy in Japanese/English Bilingual Children in Australia Kaya Oriyama 18-Sep-2001
Discourse and Definiteness: Synchronic and diachronic perspectives Richard L. Epstein 18-Sep-2001
Die Rolle von Kultur und Identität beim Erwerb des Deutschen als Zweitsprache: am Beispiel türkischer Arbeitnehmer in Vorarlberg Mustafa Cakir 17-Sep-2001
Decomposing Questions Paul A Hagstrom 14-Sep-2001
Determinacy and Participant Formation: De Marmore Angeli John W. Baker 13-Sep-2001
Depth of Vocabulary Knowledge: Assessing its role in adults' reading comprehension in English as a second language David D Qian 07-Sep-2001
Developing Cross-cultural Communicative Competence in Preservice ESL/EFL Teachers: A critical perspective Abdelilah S. Sehlaoui 07-Sep-2001
Distinctiveness, Coercion and Sonority: A unified theory of weight Bruce T. Moren 07-Sep-2001
Degree Modifiers of Adjectives in Spoken British English Carita Paradis 07-Sep-2001
Design of a Concept Oriented Tool for Terminology Gerardo E. Sierra 07-Sep-2001
Defining Morphology: A principled approach to determining the boundaries of compounding, derivation, and inflection Pius Ten Hacken 06-Sep-2001
Deutscher Wortakzent (German Word Accent) Andreas Mengel 06-Sep-2001
Discursive Model of Allusive Means Tatiana B. Tsyrendorjieva 06-Sep-2001
Dependent Nexus: Subordinate predication structures in English and the Scandinavian languages Peter Svenonius 06-Sep-2001
Discourse Segmentation of Spoken Dialogue: An empirical approach Giovanni Flammia 01-Aug-2001
Discourse Analysis of Legal Discourse with Reference to Dickens, Cozzens, Kafka, Lee, and Melville Heba Enein 30-Jul-2001